It’s undoubtedly been an unusual time lately — real estate and otherwise; from the Queen’s passing to this weekend’s too-early rainstorm and pesky inflation figures rising despite repeated interest rate hikes (with another .75 to 1 percent hike expected this week to stave off a seeming “vibe-session.”). Against this backdrop, we’ve started our fall selling season. The unusual circumstances and the larger amount of inventory around can be bewildering — good thing you have us alongside to help you figure it all out!
This week we saw a surge in the number of new listings debut on the market in San Francisco — 345 — for a total of 1513 listings, which may seem like a lot, but this is just about on par with what we saw in September and October 2021. What’s different, of course, are mortgage interest rates. But as we know it’s a matter of time when the economy at large will become healthier and rates will be expected to settle back down again. Until that point anyone looking to buy now with a mortgage should consider using an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) to keep monthly payments lower or until you upgrade to the next home!
Because of all this monetary policy, we have seen home prices come down to meet new affordability realities. For sellers this means median and average sale prices have declined, for buyers this means purchase prices are lower meaning less of a down payment and slightly lower property taxes going forward, but monthly payments may be the same or a bit higher than before.
New conforming rate loan limits for 2023 have been announced. Because San Francisco is considered a high-market area, our limits are higher.
  • $1.073 million - single-family/condo
  • $1,374 million - 2-unit
  • $1.667M - 3-unit 
  • $2.064M - 4-unit 
For many people these may not matter as much as most buyers getting mortgages will likely be using jumbo loan products but there are certain advantages that come from using a conforming loan versus a jumbo one. For those differences, check out our Mortgage 101 treatment here.


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The Bigger Picture 

Conflicting news reports about the real estate ‘market’ are concerning because they gloss over the fact that the housing market is very nuanced as each property is unique. Folks can lose sight that buying a home not only serves the very basic purpose of shelter but is also the main way folks can build wealth.
Some may sit on the sidelines thinking prices may decline more (which isn’t a given, especially in the Bay Area) only to miss out on a perfectly great home that won’t be back on the market for 10 years, unaware that monthly mortgage payments are the same now as they would have when rates were lower because prices have equalized somewhat to meet changed mortgage affordability.
We will often remind our buyers that there are mortgages that allow you to buy a property now and, when rates moderate again, the option of refinancing later. But you won’t ever have that option (and the deductions you can take) if you don’t own the property in the first place.
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You'll love the wonderful home we will be holding open today at 1811 Turk where we will be from 2 to 4 p.m. It's modern living in the middle of the storied NoPa neighborhood where you're close to the thriving Divisadero Corridor, USF, UCSF, Alamo Square and all the major thoroughfares to get you here and there. With 2 beds, 2 baths, 1-car parking and a large deeded outdoor patio in this 5-year old boutique building, you can't ask for much more. Check out if you can't see us in person, or check out the property video below. 
Take a watch of our listing at 1811 Turk, No. 102 in the NoPa/Divisadero Corridor, which is where we will be today from 2-4 or by private appointment. 


There’s a lot to see out there and you can’t be blamed if you can’t get out there to see it all, which is one of the reasons why days-on-market figures are going up as there is a lot for buyers and agents to go through. This is where we come in — as we’ve been out seeing properties and posting our walk-throughs on our YouTube Channel here (we’re up to 470+ recent ones but have almost 1,000 walk-throughs we’ve taken over the years).

Care to walk and talk?
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We’re proud to be a part of the largest locally owned real estate brokerage for San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. Founded, owned and operated with close ties to the LGBT community, development community and a civic minded spirit that has remained a compelling force in San Francisco’s housing market. 
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