So, It’s 2021. 

Others have probably summed up 2020 more effectively than we can, but we can say that we are pleased that 2021 is here. It's set to be a time of renewal, excitement and, with time, the return so something resembling normal. We have been fortunate enough to have been able to help so many folks buy and sell San Francisco real estate for the past decade. The resilience we’ve seen displayed and that continues to endure throughout such calamitous year as 2020 is one that should propel all of us towards the brighter future ahead.

With warmest wishes for a healthy, safe, happy and prosperous 2021.

— Kevin, Jonathan and Raffi 


Just as the Harper’s Index is a thing, here’s Raffi’s take on 2020’s housing market in San Francisco:

Number of closed San Francisco property sales (houses, condos, TICS, co-ops, 2-4 unit buildings) as reported on the Multiple Listing Service in 2019: 5,470.

In 2020: 5,245.

Factor increase of canceled listings reported on the San Francisco MLS from 2019 to 2020: +1.78

Number of times the term “reduced,” (or similar variant) used in MLS agent or property marketing comments in 2019: 148.

In 2020: 222.

Number of times the word “mask,” appeared in the MLS for homes that sold in 2019: 1 (reference to a Castro district house with a Victorian façade that masked a modern house behind).

In 2020: 301.

Minimum number of times the term “PEAD,” (the disclosure form required to visit properties during the pandemic) appears in all agent comments for properties listed on the MLS in 2020: 2,394.

In days, median time a property on the market before an offer was accepted in 2019: 17.

In 2020: 22.

Decrease in volume of MLS-reported sales volume of existing property sales from 2019 to 2020: -$343,902,822 ($8.9 billion).

On a square foot basis, median sale price for properties reported sold in the MLS selling in 2020: $983. For properties selling in 2019: $986.

Difference between the two years: -$3.

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