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Yes, 7-Eleven’s celebrating yet another birthday – yet, we’re giving you the gifts.
It can be pretty much any flavour you can think of – as long as it’s being poured on
that day – it’s yours. If you’re unsure as to what Slurpee to choose to tickle your
mouth’s fancy, you could always try our newest Slurpee flavours – Mountain Dew
Code Red®, Mountain Dew White Out®, Mountain Dew Blue Shock® and Citrus
Charge Mountain Dew®. Or, try Crush Lite Cream Soda Slurpee - with 30% less
calories - but you'd never know it. Either way, you can't lose. Especially since
we're offering them FREE.
And what else goes great with summer besides Slurpee? Sound. As in music. And fittingly enough, we’ll be selling $25 iTunes & Apps Cards for only $20. Which is a pretty rockin’ deal if we do say so ourselves. So best to get on it early – as this deal ends on June 30th.