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Summer 2018 Newsletter
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Newsletter Summer 2018
Economic Implications of CMV in the UK. York Health Economics Consortium, who were commissioned by CMV Action to research the economic implications of CMV in the UK, have now delivered their report.  Work is progressing in order to launch the report in the media and in academic and professional journals in the Autumn.  More information to come.
We were delighted to give an advance presentation of the findings of the report to international medics at the ECCI Conference in Brussels in May.

National Awareness Month.  Because of the financial commitment CMV Action have made in commissioning the first ever research to count the costs of CMV, NAM 2018 was relatively low key.  However, we are pleased to announce that we achieved radio interviews on Birmingham Free Radio and Radio Aire.  Results of the Parents’ Survey, conducted to capture further information for the economic analysis work were regularly published on Facebook during NAM with excellent results – we saw a 40% increase in visits and use of our website during June.  Additionally, an article submitted for inclusion on the NCT website has been accepted, which is great news and will enable us to spread information on CMV to a very large audience.
CMV Public Health and Policy Conference, Vermont USA.  CMV Action plan to give a presentation at the forthcoming CMV Public Health and Policy Conference being held in Burlington, Vermont, USA in September.  This is a fantastic opportunity to not only share our research findings with colleagues around the world, but also to network and learn from their issues and achievements.  Obviously, travelling this far for an event is a fairly costly business and we have launched a fundraising appeal to raise £1000 to help us to attend.
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