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This Week's Required Reading
Hello Carbon Managers,

Before we get to the meat of the newsletter, I wanted to share something we've been doing on our website for a while that might help you out.

It's called Useful Quotes and we've just put up our latest. It's come from the David Roberts' article in Grist below - it's a long piece, but ends so powerfully I wanted to make sure as many people read his words as possible.

Until next week,

Dean Hewson,

Discount rates: A boring thing you should know about (with otters!)


To figure out how much it is worth to spend to avoid carbon pollution now, you need some sense of how much it will cost us later; this is the 'social cost of carbon'. David Roberts saw how often people used the term, and realised they had no idea of the ethical and value discussions that need to take place to set the discount rate fairly. His article explains what discount rates are, why they're important for Carbon Managers, and what we're really arguing about when we try to set the social cost of carbon.

Turning The Lights On The Energy Industry

New Matilda

With Fairfax wracking itself in ever deeper death throes, progressive media voices become even more important; New Matilda is leading the vanguard of new media entities taking up this space, and are running a must read series at the moment called, 'Future Shock' that looks at how the energy industry will change, and how it will change us. This article links out to most of what has been written in the series so far.

Constraining World Trade Is Unlikely to Help the Climate, Study Finds

Science Daily

It's been assumed knowledge for many that when you bring in regulation to cover greenhouse emissions, that those energy intensive industries move overseas instead of paying their share. A new study from Nature Climate Change and profiled on Science Daily rejects that view, and instead finds that international trade has little to no effect on global emissions.
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