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How to Design your Life for Continuous Cognitive Enhancment

Change requires learning. It's as simple as that; if we already had all the answers, change wouldn't be required. This 20 minute video comes from the recent Gamification Summit in San Fransisco, and the presenter's goal is to enhance your, 'fluid intelligence', or abiity to learn new things. You'll be smarter after watching the video than you were before it; not many links can offer that!

Deep Green Profit - Interview with Sustainability Coach Leigh Baker


We keep our emails short at The Carbon Manager, but our interviews long. Our aim is to go deep, and get an idea of what the people involved in Carbon Management are really thinking, what drives them and how they keep positive. This week, we sat down with Leigh Baker, who with an IT and Supply Chain background saw that the software for how we do change just wasn't there, and she wanted to be involved in helping people fix that.

Share or Die: Foreword by Cory Doctorow


People my age are, according to conventional (read: old people) wisdom, supposed to be the disconnected generation, stuck behind screens, unable to truly connect with our peers. In the foreword to a new book about collaborative consumption called, 'Share of Die', internaut Cory Doctorow briefly outlines why in fact this generation will end up the most connected and sharing generation we've had yet.
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