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Hello Carbon Managers,

Did you see that QBotix robot that travels a little monorail around solar farms, nudging the panels to keep them in line with the sun? If not; Gizmag's article.

It's a perfect example of Carbon Management thinking. By taking the motor that drives the solar panel off of the solar frame and putting in onto a track, a solar farm goes from needing one robot per panel, to only needing one robot per farm. Well, they keep two; always pays to have a backup.

Below, we've curated a handful of the articles from the past week we think will help you keep ahead of the carbon curve.

Dean Hewson,

Transition to a fully sustainable global energy system

Energy Strategy Reviews

This in-depth paper takes an in depth look at ways we can successfully transition to a fully sustainable global energy system. Breaking the problem down sector by sector, the paper provides an insight into the forces that make up and the forces that can change our energy system. With a focus on the sustainability of the clean energy technologies utilised, rather than cost, is a must read for change agents that understand we live within the resource constraints of a finite planet.  

Interview with David Solsky, CEO of CarbonSystems


CarbonSystems have put together a carbon specific data management tool so useful even Microsoft have ditched their spreadsheets and started utlising it. Their CEO, David Solsky, had a long chat with us and shares insight into his company, their tool, and his take on the carbon sector and how it might change over the next decade.

"Good data in the hands of someone who is motivated around sustainability and wants to drive change, and has a mandate to do so and is incentivised to do so – in fact I would argue that even average data, in the hands of that kind of individual, is more likely to produce a good outcome than good data in the hands of someone who is only able to look at compliance and reporting to the government."  

Four Traits of Collaborative Leaders

Strategy & Business, Booz & Co

Even in a rapidly advancing technological age of wonder and wizardry, collaboration is still hard. Without leadership that provides adequate vision any attempt is doomed to fail. The four key principles that this article's authors believe crucial are;
  • Focus on authentic leadership and eschew passive aggressiveness
  • Relentlessly pursue transparent decision making
  • View resources as instruments of action, not as possessions
  • Codify the relationship between decision rights, accountability and rewards
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