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Climate Science as Culture War

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Andrew J Hoffman

After being evangelised at by a Heartland Institute supporter, business and environment academic Andrew Hoffman realised that the climate denier across the table from him had an internally coherent worldview, and that climate change represents an existential crisis to that, and other, worldviews. The climate debate is not about science; it's about values, culture and ideology. This spurred him down a new line of research, resulting in him proffering 3 ways to move the debate forward. more...  

Carbon Management takes more than databases and business intelligence tools to drive performance blog, Rob Nicholls

Now that even Microsoft has moved away from spreadsheets to manage their carbon data, it is clear that everyone else must follow suit. Investing in carbon management software is a waste of money, however, without trained staff who can take an organisation beyond compliance and reporting, and into generating value. more...  
Full disclosure: Carbon Training International funds this magazine. That said, we believe the blog is correct and makes a point that needs to be more widely understood.  

Nine Magic Tricks in Sustainability Reporting, Elaine Cohen

Elaine Cohen is one of the most prolific writers on the topic of CSR, and in this piece she looks at how looking at CSR reports through the lens of different categories of magic trick can show what an organisation is trying to hide, spin, or greenwash. more...
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