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Last week's quote was from Billy Elliot and four people guessed it correctly.

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WIT Secretary.

In other news


Cheers to our new treasurer, Phil!

This Week in WIT!

"Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the shrieking eels. If you don't believe me, just wait. They always grow louder..."
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WIT Playful Tuesdays

From 6.30 at Capital E, cost $5

Open to all who have completed WIT beginner's courses, or have equivalent training and experience (if you're not sure, contact

Any WIT people who're interested in running a Tuesday session email Ali with a suggestion of what and when you'd like to do. WIT Tuesday trainers are not paid (although guest trainers are).

Micetro at the Fringe

Watch out, you're up:
3 March - Ali (MC), Barry M, Brenton, Kate W, Lyndon (director), Nicola P, Sam Holmes, Sarah McCawe, Ann E, Phil A, Nicola H
10 March - Brenton (MC), Dale Burrell, Geoff, Hedy, Jen (director), Kate Z, Lyndon, Mary, Wiremu Tuhiwai, Chris House, Annika, Kate W

Blow smoke up Lyndon's skirt if there are any problems with the night you've been cast, if you haven't been cast but would like to be (there IS room for more people), or if you or a loved one would like to get into a show for free and would therefore like to sign up to do front-of-house.

If you're playing, try to be at Tuesday training (Capital E, 6.30) so we can all say hi and get on the same page. Call time on Sunday night is 6pm.

Do tell people to come to the show. Imagine it's all the publicity we have. There's a facebook event or links such as thisthis or this which can also be shared for info and booking.

Thrills & Swoon

Casting workshop: Thrills & Swoon - improvised romance in Comedy Festival
7pm, Tues 5 March at Capital E.
Inspired by the romance novels you pretend not to read, stories and scenes will be created on the spot, as fresh as an innocent flower waiting to be plucked. Exotic locations, dashing heroes, lonely heroines and more than a little sexual in-your-end-oh!
All welcome! Come play in this cheesy romance genre workshop led by Christine. The workshop will also be an input into casting decisions for the Comedy Festival show, for those interested.
If you wish to be considered for casting, please provide your availability here before next Tuesday so that Christine knows you are interested. At this stage, rehearsals will likely be Tuesday nights plus a couple of weekend days. Availability for the shows is critical (6:30pm Tuesday 7 May – Saturday 11 May).
Contact Christine on if you have any questions.

NZ Improv Festival

We're hoping to hear from heaps more WIT members about NZIF - click here and give us your thoughts.

Chris Werren Development Fund

The WIT Committee would like members to apply for the WIT 'scholarship', now known as the Chris Werren Development Fund. This is $1000 or so granted to a WIT member or members to develop themselves and their improv, and bring new skills back to serve WIT.

We're seeking proposals by mid-February, to make a decision by end February/early March. For background info, click here, and to submit an application use this form.



Level 1

Level 1 is off and running but not at full capacity (11 participants plus one handsome assistant). Late starters are welcome at the next lesson (on Thursday) and the CEC is offering a 10% discount (make sure they ask for it). While 11 is a good number, more people tends to mean more fun and can also ensure that a Level 2 happens as soon as the Level 1 finishes, and there is a high retention rate (100% in the case of the last Level 1 - 2 transition, not counting people who have left Wellington). Which then can lead to a high WITention rate. To book, go to the Wellington CEC page here.


Improvention is held every year in Canberra and attracts improvisers from all over Australia and increasingly NZ. WIT had a pretty big contingent at the last one. More details here - join if you just want to keep informed about what is happening in the improv world downunder or might be interested in attending.

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