Newsletter # 77 January 2016 - The Courage to follow Your Dreams
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Usui Reiki Level I

Saturday 20 February 
8h00 to 17h30

Usui Reiki Level II  

Saturday 19 - Sunday 20 March 
8h30 to 17h00

TAG-REIKI Adventure in Higher Learning and Mastery

Part II  1-2-3 April
Part III 5-6-7 August

Guided Healing Journey to John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio - Brazil
25 April to 7 May  Fully booked
16 to 28 May

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Crystal Light Therapy®
Highly recommend for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

- Cell rejuvenation
- Rebalancing of the electromagnetic fields
- Harmonising the chakras and the subtle energy bodies
- Triggers healing process in the psyche and body
- Raising the frequency of the energy bodies
- Development of inner senses
Read about Gregg Prescott’s amazing experience with the Crystal Light Therapy 

Reiki Healing

Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Aura Clearing / Psychic Surgery
Healing Attunements

Benefits :
- Stress Reduction
- Energy nutrition
- Balance and Harmony
- Pain relief
- Boosts the immune system
- Addresses cause of problems

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Healing Circles
Christine Recommends

Dear Friends,
Welcome to another calendar year, they seem to happen quicker and quicker as I get older.  Although the predictions for this year seem to be focussed on the multiple challenges ahead; I intend to make mine an even more soulful, wondrous and exciting time and create a year filled with love’s many blessings and much laughter.

Those who have attended my workshops often comment on how much we laugh and although profound how light and relaxed the learning and healing experience is.  The ability to laugh at myself and find humour in any situation is my most treasured gift and I was delighted to find the following quote on FB the other day.

“Laughter is a symptom of spirituality. Laughter is the flow of love coursing through your body. Laughter is the nectar of present moment awareness. Invite more laughter into your life and relish the magic in every moment.”  – David Simon

You are cordially invited to join us on the most joyous year, may you soar to new heights as you realise the magic you hold in your hands.
I wish you the courage to follow your dreams, have a magical year.

May love light your way always

P.S. I leave you with a potato story; a healing gift from mother earth brought to you by David Wyllie read more   

Dave is a wise healer, alchemist, teacher; I am pleased that he has decided to take a sabbatical after the February March TAG II Intensive workshop to focus on healing.  Although sad that we won’t be doing more TAG II intensive in the near future as it is a most life enhancing process.
Every TAG workshop I attend I embrace some greater truth about myself and gain a deeper understanding of how to overcome the fears that hold me back and how rise to meet life’s challenges.  The questions that remain a constant for me are: What thoughts, habits and relationship that no longer serve me stand in the way of my fulfilling my chosen destiny?
Healing Circles
“There is a feeling that comes over us when we’re being cared for. A warmth that floods our senses when someone is devoting their complete attention to our health. A vibration that courses through the body. An inner sigh of relief." Nick Polizzi
The healing circles / Reiki share is open to all levels and schools of Reiki. It is a space for students and practitioners to give and receive Reiki.

Date: Saturday 23 January
From 14h00 to 17h30
Bring a little something to share for tea.
Booking essential as space is limited.

Christine Recommends
TAG II Residential Workshop
Phase I  5-6-7 February 2016
Phase II 4-5-6 March 2016

TAG II Intensive Workshop is for those who are serious about exceeding the human’s mind’s belief in what is possible and constantly evolve into a greater version of who they are. 
To book your place and for more information contact 

Thank you for allowing me to share with you
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