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Touch The Soul

USUI Reiki Level I - II

Residential Workshop
Dates 17 - 18 July
Venue: Growthpoint Training Centre, Lanseria

"It was a phenomenal experience and most enjoyable, I treasure every magical moment. Thank you for making a difference in such a wonderful and dynamic way. I truly appreciate your loving hospitality, I am honoured to have met you."  


Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”  
~ Albert Einstein

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Dates Saturday 31 July
Growthpoint Training Centre
Limited seats available

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Coaching with Christine

A holistic approach to Bridging the Gap between I Can't and I Can
Are you ready to take charge of your life?
Are you willing to own your nonsense and live consciously?

"Life Coaching was the wake up call I needed, it has been an exciting and rewarding experience which brought me to a new level of self-awareness and moved me to a different space in my life.
It has helped me take an honest look at what I am doing in my  life that is stopping me from achieving the results I want and make the necessary changes.
Thank you so much." CL
  • Deconstruct the myth that you are stuck or trapped in your life.
  • Replace your limiting beliefs
  • Remind you of who you truly are and what you are capable of.
  • Hold you accountable for your choices
  • Find clarity, purpose and meaning 
  • Restore harmony and wellness
  • Define what a successful life means to you
  • Exercise your power to choose and create the life you want.

Vibrational / Energy medicine is the medicine of the future; it is fast becoming the most popular alternative healing therapy

Affects us on all levels of matter and energy, having an inter-dimensional effect that benefits the healthy ordering of the individual. These sessions help balance, clear and restore the body’s energetic template.
  • Harmonizes the Chakras and subtle energy bodies
  • Cellular rejuvenation for improve health
  • Re-balances frequencies in the electro magnetic field
  • Triggers healing processes in the psyche and the body
  • Raises your vibrational frequency.
Highly recommended for any physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and as a preventative modality strengthening the immune system. 

S o u l  M a s s a g e

Hands on Healing and Distance Healing

Everything is energy, whether you are facing physical challenges or feeling overwhelmed, mentally tired; Reiki can help.

The following are some common experiences:

  • Balanced energy
  • Inner peace
  • Released emotions
  • Released stress
  • Increased awareness
  • Healing
  • Increased creativity
Book your appointment and enjoy a blissful hour

Dear Friends,

I was tagged on this beautiful message below by my dear friend Vee; I had to share with you: Grandma describes superbly what Reiki is and my romantic understanding that heaven and earth make love in my heart and my purpose is to share this love to alleviate pain and restore wholeness. 

I trust you are making your wellbeing a priority during these challenging times and hope you will apply Grandma’s advice.

“Grandma how do you deal with pain?”
“With your hands, dear. When you do it with your mind, the pain hardens even more.

With your hands Grandma?

Yes, yes. Our hands are the antennas of the Soul.

When you move them by sewing cooking painting, touching the earth, or sinking them into the earth they send signals of caring to the deepest part of you and your Soul calms down. This way she does not have to send paid anymore to show it.

Are hands really that important?

Yes, my girl. Think of babies they get to know the world thanks to their touch.

When you look at the hands of older people, they tell more about their lives than any other part of the body.

Everything that is made by hand, so it is said, is made with the heart because it is really like this: hands and heart are connected.

Think of lovers: when their hands touch, they love each other in the most sublime way.

My hands grandma…how long since I used them like that!

Move them my love, start creating with them and everything in you will move.
The pain will not pass away, but it will be the best masterpiece. And it won’t hurt as much anymore, because you managed to embroider your Essence.” 
~Elena Barnabé.

Be well and let love light your way always.


 Accessing Our Superhuman Abilities
Somewhere in the conditioning of my youth, I remember a schoolteacher who fancied himself as a preacher, doing his best to instil fear in a class full of young children. It is rather sad when adults resort to scaring the hell out of kids in a pitiful attempt to impose their views.

To prove his point, he called on his limited knowledge of the Old Testament citing the story of Lot's wife, and how our all loving, all-powerful Creator had resorted to turning a woman into a pillar of salt for disobeying Him. As a young man this story did not make any sense to me.

Years later I heard a rather convincing argument about a previously lost, super intelligent, technologically advanced civilizations on our planet. They argued that Lot's wife had looked back and witnessed a nuclear explosion and been turned into a pillar of salt. Even with my limited knowledge of nuclear physics, I figured that even if she didn't disobey her God, she would still have come horribly unstuck whether she looked back or not.
I also had to question how come the others who were with her escaped unharmed from such a fate just because they did not look back and wondered who looked back to see what had happened to Lot’s wife?

My questioning mind came up with another possibility, that has become one of the cornerstones of my teachings:
We cannot go forward while we are looking backwards!

Well, If I am right and why should my explanation be any less plausible than all the others? What was being delivered as truth to young children was just a parable to explain to thinking people a simple and sound principle:
Our past has no bearing on our future unless it is the focus of our attention.

What has mistakenly become known as education has become almost entirely historical schooling - we study the history of every subject - because we cannot be taught “facts” about future possibilities. We are socially stooped in tradition, the beliefs of the dead, and conditioned to resist change which is the only constant in the Universe. We use our vast intelligence to justify our past perceptions instead of using our imagination to create a better future.

As humans we are created to look and move forward, our eyes are in front of our head, our ears are cupped to hear from the front and our limbs are designed to reach in front and propel us forward.

Our most powerful tool is our imagination. It is a Divine gift that enables creation. I assume it became part of the package of being human in order that we might envisage an enhanced future and create the world of our dreams. It allows us to transcend all our perceived limitations and reveals to us that we are creators by default. However, if we choose to be past orientated, as society has set us up to be, we will use our thought and this incredible tool of imagination to keep creating what was - instead of what could be, and history will keep repeating itself.
“What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.”
~Napoleon Hill -Think and grow rich.

On Saturday the 31st July Christine and I will be repeating our experiential workshop “Developing The Genius of Imagination”

This workshop will prove to you your super-human abilities through personal experience. Demonstrating how your focused attention and imagination delivers tangible results.
You will take part in profound activities that demonstrates that Imagination is an energy field that when correctly used over-rides logic and reason and turns the seemingly impossible into reality.
You will be given tools to rekindle your imagination and enhance your creativity.

If you tired of repeating the same old pattern and are serious about expanding your mind and upgrading the quality of your life, come and play with us. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful experiences we can guide you through.

Limited Seat Available
We look forward to working with you.

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