Newsletter #116 -  April 2019 - Are you addicted to drama?
Touch The Soul
Residential Workshops
Crocodile Nature Reserve 
Advance Reiki Training
13 -14 July 2019

Residential training for those who are ready to take their application of energy to the next level.

What you will learn:

  • The Usui Master Symbol which strengthens your Reiki energy
  • Meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness
  • Advanced techniques to achieve goals and resolve life lessons
  • The use of crystals and stones with Reiki
  • How to make a Reiki grid with crystals
  • Psychic surgery / Aura clearing
  • The application of Ho'oponopono with Reiki
  • And so much more...

Pre requisite Usui Reiki Level II   
Limited to 10 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria  Gauteng

“The workshop far exceeded my expectations; the instructors are knowledgeable and deeply insightful. The Videos complemented the course material beautifully and the catering was excellent."  TM

"Absolutely awesome! Without a doubt the best, simplest and most effective, empowering Reiki Training I've received" LH

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Christine Recommends

" Wealth is not money; it is the energy of creation worked. Money is simply one aspect of the harvest of utilised creative energy. Creativity requires insight and wisdom"
David Pickard Wyllie

This residential workshop is for those who are serious about sustainable wealth creation as a holistic concept of affluence. 

The application of the knowledge obtained in this workshop puts wealth creation back in the hands of anyone who is willing to accept the responsibility of applying its simple, logical uncommon sense... Read more 

Saturday 25 -26 May 
Limited to 10 Participants
Venue: Growthpoint, Lanseria, Gauteng 



Life Transforming Healing Journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio - Brazil

28 Oct - 9 Nov  2019 
The Casa is a very strong energy vortex supported by the entities of light who attend to our needs. Everyone can feel the high vibrational energy that touches us, heals us and propels us to another level of consciousness.

Everyone who goes to the Casa feels the loving presence of the Entities, even in the absence of Medium Joao and is transformed in some way; often it is a subtle process that keeps unfolding months after their visit. 

Gail Thackray reveals the truth about John of God
Watch here

Wayne Dyer talks to Oprah about his healing experience with John of God.
Watch the moving testimonial

Dear friends, 

The insightful Unlocking Dormant DNA workshop on Saturday conveyed a clear powerful message that we do not have to be defined by our history, that our lack of Self-knowledge and understanding of our purpose and the blind acceptance of popular beliefs and perceptions of life are the main culprits standing in our way.  This manifests as low self-esteem, lack of self-love and self-respect; as a result of which we react to life from a space of fear feeling anxious, depressed, stressed… rather than respond from a space of love and feeling compassion, joy, gratitude, inspired, creative…

Science is finally proving what we have known but could not measure until recent years; that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself is greatly affected by our thoughts, emotions, feelings and intentions. That they have a profound vibrational effect upon our continually evolving genetic code. The buzz new word is that we are the programmers, that the DNA activation is our software upgrade.
Sounds wonderful doesn’t it and yet leaves me deep in thought on how the application of this knowledge in my life will support those who attended the workshop as well as those who could not, to integrate this knowledge and take the practical necessary steps to activate the software upgrade and consciously engage their evolution.

The insights come to me in the early hours of the morning in a half dream state and when I am driving, I hope to be able to capture the same clarity and put this into words here.

As a race, we human have become addicted to drama and are playing an unconscious game of victim and perpetrator which is soul destroying.  Yet deep down inside we all know there must be more to life and that we were destined for greatness. Sadly, for most of us our experience of life contradicts this understanding and the resulting inner conflict tugging at us is simply our soul yearning for expression.

How do I address this?
“Know thyself and thy shall know the universe and God” Could the great philosopher have been alluding to the fact that we are created in the image of God and are a holographic part of God/ Universe!

Do I have the courage to explore and embrace the immensity of who I am?  If the answer is yes, I must first choose to become a conscious creator, to resolve that the world does not dictate how I feel. When I am ready to accept that I create my reality, I am no longer the victim of circumstances and I always have a choice on how I relate to the world.

It requires the willingness to accept full responsibility for every aspect of my life and the courage to examine my beliefs and perceptions; to invest in the necessary time for deep, honest self-inquiry.  It necessitates the discipline and determination that comes with the understanding that the quality of my life depends on this.  And more importantly the recognition that I am worth it !

The questions that must remain in the forefront are:  Who am I?  Who do I choose to be? How do I relate to life?  What do I contribute to my life?  What emotion drives my feeling? What belief underpins this emotion? Is it based in truth?  If not, how can I replace this belief and change my perception from victim to creator.

When I dare to say YES to self-knowledge and understanding, life becomes an exciting adventure in wonderland, the wonder of who I am and how I fit in the universe; an endless exploration where change and challenges invite me to graduate to the next stage of my evolution.

On this adventure judgement and blame are replaced with understanding and compassion which leads to learning and wisdom.  My greatest assets are my ability be present, to laugh at myself, be candid and willing to choose discerningly and differently and to never give up on myself. It takes effort to remain conscious, only through diligent continuous practice can I become a loving, self-respecting human being adding my unique “flaws” and talents to the tapestry of life. (I believe that it is my perceived flaw that makes me unique)

I have been given a body as a vehicle for my soul expression on this plane of existence, how do I look after this sacred gift?  Do I treat it with love and respect, or do I abuse it?  I can exercise, eat the right food, drink plenty of water and take my vitamins but if I do not deal with my thoughts, emotions and feelings I am still going to be unhealthy, it is an inevitable consequence of my dis-ease with life.  A direct result of the dis-harmony between what I, at a soul level know and the way I unconsciously relate to and experience life.
Thank goodness for my body, it never lies, it is the tool my soul uses to communicate with me. Any manifestation of physical disease is a gift from my soul, a wake-up call, a reminder of who I truly am. And if I respond to this call with love and gratitude and embrace the learning, I open myself to profound inner wisdom and healing.

It is only my ignorance that leads to the arrogance that allows me to disrespect such a sophisticated vehicle and expect it to keep on functioning optimally. I say arrogance deliberately and you may not agree but if I believe that I am created in the image of God and then I tell God / the universe that I know better that he/she is wrong in assuming my greatness and brilliance, that I do not have time to explore and express my Divinity, that I am too busy doing life…  according to my belief this is the height of arrogance! 
“Death is the ultimate healer! We must allow our beliefs about who we think we are to die if we are to realise our Divine purpose on the earth.”

For me death is the ultimate healer, whether it is the death of my body, the death of my unconscious beliefs and perceptions, of who I think I am or the death of the disease. Something must die for the new to be born.  Acknowledging who I truly am sets me free.

The question I pose to you is are you worth the effort required? Do you need support?  If your answer is YES I would love to support you to stay present to your brilliance and create the life you choose to live.  Give me a call!
May love light your way always

Touch the Soul Services

Vibrational /Energy medicine is the medicine of the future and is fast becoming the most popular therapy.

We are made of pure energy it is our responsibility to keep the energy flowing freely if we want a optimum and vibrant health.

Reiki (Soul Massage) 
Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Psychic Surgery / aura clearing
Healing Attunement

Crystal Light Therapy (Advanced Chromotherapy)
A unique combination of Crystal, Colour and light Therapy from the Casa de Dom Inacio. Highly recommend for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

Benefits :
- Cell rejuvenation
- Development of inner senses
- Raising the frequency of the energy bodies
- Triggers healing process in the psyche and body
- Harmonising the chakras and the subtle energy bodies
- Strenghtening of the electromagnetic fields
- Boosts the immune system
- Expansion of Consciousness

Applied Life Coaching
A holistic approach to every aspect of life, to help you make the journey from where you are to where you want to be:
  • Think Act Grow
  • Deconstruct the myth that you are stuck or trapped in your life.
  • Remind you  of who you  truly are.
  • Explore different perspectives 
  • Find clarity, purpose and meaning 
  • Define your values and what a successful life means to you.
  • Exercise your power to choose and create the life you want.
  • Hold you accountable for your choices
  • Restore harmony and wellness 

Thank you for allowing me to share with you. Namaste!

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