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Touch The Soul

This practical workshop creates a safe container for anyone interested in exploring how they relate to every aspect of their life. Whether you are in a relationship or generally wanting to understand the ways in which you relate to others; or looking to meet this elusive right partner. 

Saturday 17 September
8h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Centre Lanseria

"The teachers are both amazing, I could feel their passion and love for what they do. The workshop came at the perfect time, the content was engaging, interesting and well explained. In this world of “you can’t throw a stick without hitting a Life Coach” I can tell that there is a huge amount of experience behind the teachings. I will be back” ~N.M.


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29 August 2022

Usui Reiki Level I and II

Date: 19 - 20 November
Residential Workshop

Venue: Growthpoint Centre Lanseria

Everything that exist is energy vibrating at different frequencies, all humans possess the ability to give and receive energy from the Universe.  However, this innate ability is often dormant or forgotten. Taking a Reiki class will reactivate the ability to attune yourself to the Universal energy. 

You will be taught highly effective energy exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. This workshop is open to everyone, from those who are new to energy and  those wanting to become practitioners.  Reiki is not only a practical tool to assist others; one of the advantages of Reiki is that it works just a well on yourself and that whilst you give to others you also receive the benefit of the energy. It is simply wonderful!

" The workshop is taught with love, the teachers are very knowledgeable and the energy exchange is profound. It was a beautiful experience in an amazing setting. The wonderful energy of love that I can feel all the time touches the soul, thank you Christine and Dave, you have exceeded my expectations."  - Tara 

Christine is very knowledgeable, and shares her personal experiences with us. I loved every second of it.  - Ricky

"The workshop is life changing, a gift that I can use for the rest of my life. The breakthrough with my inner child and trauma was an amazing healing experience. I would not change anything, it was prepared well and done amazingly, thank you" - Michaela

" The workshop surpassed my expectations, it was absolutely life changing! Many 'A-ha' moments and useful tools."  -Veronique 

" A guided journey of self-healing, an authentic experience of peace and love not often enough felt in the world, thank you !"  -Dianne
If you do not make time for your wellness
You will be forced to make time for your illness!

Crystal Light Therapy
TAG Consciousness Coaching

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"Christine, you are so welcoming I feel like I have known you all my life; you hear me without judgement, it is so easy to talk to you,. What you reflected back to me gave me great insight in my behaviour, I haven't been angry at all this week. It is amazing that after just one session, I am sleeping well again, my appetite is back and I don't know what happened to my business, all of a sudden the bookings are coming in I can hardly cope with the demand. Thank you! I was so looking forward to our next session." K.S.
Dear Friends,
We started August with a beautiful Reiki share and our live zoom workshop TRANSCENDENCE, we look forward to an exciting 7-week journey of exploration with a fabulous group of people.

And I had the pleasure of sharing some of my journey and my understanding of healing at the Krugersdorp Spiritualist church. Telling my story reminded me how following my heart and listening to my intuition has brought incredible people and opportunities in my life, reviving a sense of wonder about what possibilities still lies ahead.
May the August winds bring us all vibrant health and a sense of adventure as we get ready for the newness of spring. 

By popular demand we will be repeating the Relationship Workshop on Saturday the 17th of September for those who could not attend the last one. Book your seat and spread the news. 
You are in relationship with everything you experience in life, and you are the one who creates the relationship. You are also the only one that can bring about changes in your experience of life irrespective of circumstances. How you relate to every aspect of life stems from your relationship with yourself. Read more

Every Tom Dick and Harry

I sometimes hear the following “When I first heard about Reiki I was interested but when I realised that every Tom Dick and Harry was a Reiki Master it lost its appeal.”

Without fail after having taken the course the student regrets having made that judgement and wasted so much time. Hindsight is a great science! Although we often wish we had done things differently or sooner; my take is that we were simply not ready and when we are not ready, we always find a way out.

I remember how I too resisted learning Reiki despite all the convincing insights my Reiki practitioner shared with me, I simply did not believe that I could do this, I thought that it was something that only a few gifted people were able to do, and I certainly did not fit the profile, furthermore my upbringing did not allow for such a foreign practice.

Fortunately, all resistance proved futile as my curiosity got the better of me and good fortune has a way of guiding me to the right people at the right time, the perfect Reiki Master appeared when I was ready to dare take the first level. I immediately  knew then that I would become a Reiki Teacher because I wanted to share this amazing gift with everyone, I was enthralled by its simplicity and the ability to alleviate suffering; the feeling of joy, peace, love, and connectedness coupled with many AHA moments were far too wonderful to keep to myself.

Nonetheless the statement made about every Tom Dick and Harry being a Reiki Master raises two questions for me:
• Why do we resist simplicity and search for that exclusive and often convoluted je ne sais quoi?
• What is a Reiki Master?

Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, one of the many inspiring teacher and healer of our times stated the following in his series of lectures delivered in 1948:
“ Simplicity is the Essence of Perfection,
make this dominant in your mind.
It is the greatest truth outside truth itself.
The simpler we are the more perfect we are."
 "The necessary elements to health,
happiness and achievement lie hidden in our minds.
Most people do not understand the language of nature
because it is too simple.”

We live in a confused world where what is free and simple is too often devalued and abused or neglected at best; Consider the following: Every Tom Dick and Harry begins life with his first breath and ends it with his last breath; In between some learn to breathe deeply and consciously and in doing so improve the quality of their lives; others remain shallow breathers and only take in enough air to survive while others recklessly pollute the air they breathe. Makes you think doesn’t it?

If the essential element to sustain life is not exclusive and is freely available why not the profound and simple practice we call Reiki? After all healing is inherent to life just like breathing. Why is it then, that because of our need for exclusivity and complexity Reiki loses its value for many?
Could it be that we are searching for something unique out there because we haven’t acknowledged our own uniqueness? Because we haven’t allowed ourselves to live authentic lives and are too busy pleasing everyone else and complying to the do’s and don’ts dictated by our society, religions and governments etc…  And we go looking out there for something that we are hiding from ourselves.

The term Reiki Master simply means Reiki Teacher and taking a Master course does not make you a teacher although it passes on the ability to initiate others into Reiki. Not every Tom Dick and Harry is called to be a teacher many remain Master practitioners and for many others it is purely a personal healing journey, an adventure in the mystery of life a tool towards self-discovery. And every Reiki Master is a unique channel for the energy and on a soul level we attract the right people to us.

With practice the healing energy we call Reiki will teach itself to you, remember that the Japanese word Reiki means life force energy, it originally use to be called “soul energy” - its source is limitless and so is its wisdom; when we allow this loving energy to guide and teach us a meaningful and healthier life awaits us whatever that implies for each individual.

For me it is exciting that Reiki is available to all irrespective of age, colour, sex and education, teaching Reiki means awakening your inner teacher / healer  so you can become your own master.

Over the years I have initiated individuals from all walks of life to Reiki and it is such a privilege to accompany people while they uncover their innate abilities and come to the realisation that they are much more than they can begin to understand. I observe how each student is unique and how different their perception and approach are, and I learn from every one.
I am reminded of my own hesitations and self-doubts when I started and I know that in time with the practice of Reiki they will come to know their own beauty, magic, and power, and embrace their humanity with compassion. I feel deeply honoured that such gifted people have found their way to me and profoundly grateful to be one of the Tom Dick and Harry’s that allowed Reiki to master my life.

One of the most important things that I learned is that when we stop thinking that our life or our body is a problem to fix and start thinking that it is a miracle to discover, a grand adventure unfolds. 

Are you ready for an adventure? The last Residential Reiki Workshop for this year is on the 19 - 20 November, see left hand column for more information. 

May love light your way always


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