Newsletter # 80 - Good Bye for Now
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Usui Reiki Level I

Saturday 28 May 
8h00 to 17h30

Usui Reiki Level II  

Saturday 25 - Sunday 26 June 
8h30 to 17h00

(ART) Advanced Reiki Training 

Saturday 23 July
8h00 to 17h30

TAG-REIKI Adventure in Higher Learning and Mastery

Part II  1-2-3 April
Part III 5-6-7 August

Life Transforming healing journey to John of God 
April - May 2016

Crystal Light Therapy®
Highly recommend for physical, mental and spiritual healing.

- Cell rejuvenation
- Rebalancing of the electromagnetic fields
- Harmonising the chakras and the subtle energy bodies
- Triggers healing process in the psyche and body
- Raising the frequency of the energy bodies
- Development of inner senses
Read about Gregg Prescott’s amazing experience with the Crystal Light Therapy 


Reiki Healing

Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Aura Clearing / Psychic Surgery
Healing Attunements

Benefits :
- Stress Reduction
- Energy nutrition
- Balance and Harmony
- Pain relief
- Boosts the immune system
- Addresses cause of problems
To schedule an appointment
Call 083 334 6509 or Email:
Dear Friends,
Dave and I are on our way to Brazil and looking forward to our visit with John of God and immersing ourselves in the loving healing energies of the Casa de Dom Inacio. The past month have been busy and rewarding with the Reiki courses and the last TAG Intensive workshops. Endings are not easy specially when the work has such positive results but we are looking forward to the seeing the new.... emerge.

"I just really wanted to say a huge thank you for all that you two have given me and helped me with. Thank you so much for my spot on the TAG II course, it honestly changed my life. As you know I was in a very dark place and after the first weekend away I was a changed person and it felt like my whole world shifted and there was finally a light where there was just previously darkness. Every single thing you said and did just resonated so strongly with me and completely changed my energy and outlook and opened up a new world and new perspective. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be there and learn from both of you. 
The Reiki I and II course was another life changing weekend. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful life tool and sharing your knowledge and experiences. 
As I head down this new path in a brand new world I only have you two to thank for helping me to get to 'the other side.' You are both such extraordinary and inspiring people and I am beyond grateful to have you in my life. Thank you so much for coming into my life and helping me when I needed it most.
I am very much looking forward to continuing this journey with both you and feel very lucky to have you in my life. " K.S.

I saw the following on FB: - What if after you die, God asks you: "So how was heaven?" -anon

What would your answer be? For me I would definitely have to tell him/her about my visits to John of God among all the multitude of amazing experiences.  

We are back on the 8th of May Dave will be doing a "Beyond Time Management" workshop on Saturday 21 May ( for more info email 
The next Reiki I workshop is on the 28th of May.

"After decades of often disputed validity, the effectiveness of Reiki, a holistic energy treatment is gaining new respect within the medical community. Not only are highly reputable medical facilities throughout the U.S. offering patients alternative healing programs such as Reiki, those facilities are analyzing the benefits of their programs and are submitting them for review and compilation. The results of these Reiki research studies are nothing short of remarkable. read more

Until we meet again, be well and stay blessed.
Thank you for allowing me to share  with you, may love light your way always
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