Newsletter # 158 -  Just for today I will let go of worry!
Touch The Soul

Transform yourselves from within, move beyond your limitations and take your life to a higher level of harmony and fulfilment. Are you ready to live from a higher perspective?

TRANSCENDENCE is an intimate, profound live 7-week Zoom program 

In the comfort of your home

Dates: August 15th  to September 26th 2022

Weekly 7PM South Africa  



Only a few spots available.

Usui Reiki Level I and II

Date: 20 -21 August
Residential Workshop

Venue: Growthpoint Centre Lanseria

Everything that exist is energy vibrating at different frequencies, all humans possess the ability to give and receive energy from the Universe.  However, this innate ability is often dormant or forgotten. Taking a Reiki class will reactivate the ability to attune yourself to the Universal energy. 

You will be taught highly effective energy exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. This workshop is open to everyone, from those who are new to energy and  those wanting to become practitioners.  Reiki is not only a practical tool to assist others; one of the advantages of Reiki is that it works just a well on yourself and that whilst you give to others you also receive the benefit of the energy. It is simply wonderful!

" The workshop surpassed my expectations, it was absolutely life changing! Many 'A-ha' moments and useful tools."  -Veronique 

" A guided journey of self-healing, an authentic experience of peace and love not often enough felt in the world, thank you !"  -Dianne
If you do not make time for your wellness
You will be forced to make time for your illness!

Crystal Light Therapy
TAG Consciousness Coaching

Combo packages and Price List

To book your appointment

WhatsApp 083 334 6509
“Christine I am not sure that thank you is a big enough word, you helped me see the wood for the trees and expand my perspectives. I feel so safe around you, your insightful feedback helped me carve a way forward that is so exciting. Life is responding to the changes and my friends and family are noticing the transformation. Thank you for your love and care, your unwavering belief in me gave me wings. I feel so inspired.” -Dee  
Dear Friends,
July has been one of our busiest months for a while, it seems that life exploded into action, we’ve had workshops every week planned and unplanned and loved every minute of it, thank you everyone for allowing us to express and share who we are. Happiness is the byproduct of the fulfillment of our purpose. We look forward to accompanying you on our upcoming 7 week journey exploring the unknown. 

Wayne Dyer articulated the essence of our work succinctly when he said the following: “When Herman Melville was writing Moby Dick he was not writing about a man looking for a whale, he was writing about a man trying to find his higher self, he said these words:
“For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of the half-lived life.”

- Have you considered what your life would be like if your fears were not in control?
- Are you ready to experience life from a higher perspective?
- Are you willing to accept the responsibility of creating a more harmonious and fulfilling life?

TRANSCENDENCE Overcoming Fear of the Unknown is designed to help you approach life from a higher perspective, release subconscious blocks and face your challenges with more ease, grace and resilience. The workshop will take you on a soulful journey to assist you to free yourself from the crippling impact of stress, fear, worry, anger, resentment, guilt, and procrastination so you may live a fulfilling life.

This seven week live zoom program is an intimate transformative journey into self. We have a few spots still available if you are ready to transform your life from within book your spot now we start on the 15th of August. 

This is what one of the participants had to say:

“Dear Christine and David,
I still do not have words to describe the Transcendence program or to thank you. What I do know, is that there is not a day that goes by where I do not think of something I learned from the course or use one of the tools. And what other course will give one that?
Thank you for changing lives and making a real difference. I can highly recommend the Transcendence program to anyone willing to face their fears and rising above what they thought is impossible.
With gratitude and lots of love”  - C. Murphy

The Children Reiki Workshop was a delightful experience, it is so refreshing to witness the simplicity, curiosity, and enthusiasm that children display, as well as their boundless energy and appetite for adventure.  Although words cannot describe their experience, their artwork speaks volumes. 

The adults planned and unplanned Reiki workshop were less animated in comparison, yet just as uplifting and profound. 

"The workshop was beautiful, enlightening, taught in such a positive, encouraging way. Christine and Dave relay the knowledge in such an easy to understand way. I felt absolute bliss and love throughout the course" TD

"The workshop was exceptional, informative, practical, easy to follow, fun. Gave me a higher understanding of Reiki. MS

As requested we will be doing another Level I and II workshop on the 20 -21 August see details on the left.

The Developing the Genius of imagination on Saturday was absolutely incredible, and the feedback that keeps coming in is super exciting. 

"The Developing the Genius of Imagination workshop was eye opening, at the same time I knew I would always come here, like the knowledge shared was meant to be shared with me at the exact moment and time in my journey. I want to be part of this for ever, did not want the day to end. I connected and linked with something inside me, it was absolutely fabulous. My No.1 training ever attended.
Thank you for the beautiful exploration and expansion of my imagination. It was truly profound in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your Genius with me, I look forward to the Transcendence workshop." 

"The seminar was life changing, I came expectant and got a whole lot more that I thought. I feel really privilege to have been here, I am honoured to have teacher like Dave and Christine, thank you both." RH
Last but not least, to my wonderment, I have been asked to address the Krugersdorp spiritualist church on Sunday the 14th. A first for me, and I am still undecided about the topic, awaiting Divine inspiration!  My life experience has taught me that I will never be given anything I cannot handle, all I know is that I will give it my best. 

I look forward to connecting with you in person and on Zoom this month.
May love light your way always
Happy early spring


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