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"The first act of awe; when man was struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature, was the first spiritual experience."    Hendryk Skolimowski

Customized Super Cleanse Amazon healing Retreat / Workshop 
With Indigenous Shipibo Shaman 2nd to 14th April 2017

Your Invitation
Join me in the Amazonian rain forest on a purposeful transformative journey of Self-Exploration; a Holistic Healing and Super Cleanse Retreat.  I invite you to embrace the wisdom and learn from the ancient culture  as you engage the way of the shamans and immerse yourself in nature. Awaken the aspect of yourself that is connected to the Earth and the realms of other worlds; respond to your feelings, and allow your emotions to fire your passion as you see clearly the beauty and potential of life. 

We have lost our connection to, and understanding of nature, instead of remaining a part of nature, we are attempting to be masters of nature. This denial of the soul this separation from nature has contributed to the destruction of our planet and the degradation of the human race.

There is a terrible disease that is eating at the human race it is the need to destroy or make fun of what we do not understand – to conquer and control everything, It stems from the world of fear and ignorance that we live in.

Sometimes we need an adventure to cleanse the bitter taste of life from our soul

The indigenous people have a lot to teach us about nature and the healing properties of plants. We have lost touch with the natural rhythm of life; a retreat in the jungle with the indigenous Shipibo Shamans addresses dis-connectedness, dis-harmony and dis-ease. 

"Nature is alive and talking to us. Listen to the plants and they will teach you all you need to know. Plants are not only the messengers of divinity, harmony and beauty. They are also the source of health and well-being, not just as medicines but by their innate ability to relax, refresh, or excite us. They tell us there is still a possibility for poetry in our souls, no matter how mundane our lives have become.

Our relationship with the plant world is embedded within our consciousness, but since we have become so caught up in the materialistic world, we are often no longer aware of the mythic and spiritual connection to nature that we feel." 

Super Cleanse
“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”  - Thomas Edison


The Amazon contains some of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. The fruits, vegetables that grow there are often described as “super-foods” – and list too many to count. In fact, it is likely that only a small fraction of the most beneficial plants and fruits have been discovered and commercialized.
The menu at Amaru Spirit consists of high quality, fresh organic produce and ‘Superfoods’ while limiting fats, salt, sugar spicy condiments; a prerequisite for working with Ayahuasaca and receiving the insights that the plants share. The delicious daily diet at Amaru Spirit forms part of your cleansing regimes; the expertly chosen plants have remarkable healing value for a wide range of illnesses.

This unique combination is one of the most powerful cleanses you can do for health and rejuvenation is this customized Super cleanse. The ultimate detox: Liver / Gallbladder / Kidney / Colon cleanse with top quality Western supplements; a customized program combining the use of Amazonian super food diet and native Peruvian plant remedies for cleansing the  energetic body.

The program is a must for those seeking to restore homeostasis; face serious self-realization and take a leap in the evolution of their consciousness.  As well as those recovering from surgery, serious illness and burnout, or detoxing from medication.  The modalities in use at Amaru Spirit includes:
- Detoxification with body clay.
- Cleansing and re-invigoration with plants and flower baths
- Detoxification and cleansing of the energetic body with herbs and master plants.
-Cleanses and flushes for detoxification and rejuvenation with top-quality Western supplements.
- Balancing the physical body with a healthy and nutritionally focused diet consisting of organic produce and ‘Superfoods.
- Clearing and healing of the soul with Ayahuasca and San Pedro. Working closely with each individual to ensure you receive the highest possible level of care.

Ayahuasca comes from a native Quechua word “aja-waska’ meaning literally “spirit vine” or “vine of the soul” also known as the vine of truth. 

Ayahuasca ceremonies have been used for thousands of years by indigenous groups in the Amazon regions spanning Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil for healing, insight and spiritual cleansing. Ayahuasca is an extraordinary healing force, perhaps the most powerful in the world. For answering the most important human questions – ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here?’ and ‘in what manner should I live?’.
As well as answering many important questions about the nature and truth of human life,

Introducing plant medicine shamanism into your life is a journey, a process that can accelerate your healing and personal growth. The experience is cathartic, but can be confronting and challenging.

Ayahuasca can cleanse the body physically and make it stronger, healthier and more resistant to disease. Ayahuasca can also make us aware of our addictions and unhealthy emotional patterns so we gain insights and the ability to choose differently in how we do our life and relationships.

Spirituality is at the centre of the Ayahusaca experience. Purification and cleansing of body, mind, and spirit in a shamanic ceremony can be the beginning of a process of profound personal and spiritual discovery and transformation. This process can continue indefinitely even if one never drinks Ayahuasca again. Everyone’s experience is unique and life enhancing.  

Ayahuasca is an integral part of the work at Amaru Spirit. However, it is not regarded it as a magic bullet, nor is the work solely focused around it. Ayahuasca is a master healer, and the greatest service we can do is to prepare our body so that Ayahuasca can enter and do its work as effectively as possible. This means careful preparation and physical cleansing. Also, the integration work afterwards is as important as the journeys themselves – i.e. ‘how do I bring this information into my life in practical terms?’. All these issues must be addressed to honor the work that Ayahuasca does for us.

All the Ayahuasca we work with is carefully prepared by our shaman at Amaru Spirit. It is served safely and respectfully in our cathedral style ceremony house (maloka) every night of the week (except Wednesday and Sunday).

The Amaru Spirit Centre

David ‘Slocum’ Hewson is the owner and founder of Amaru Spirit, a holistic healing center located in the Amazon jungle. He lives on the property with his wife Yolita and two children.

Having spent 20 years as an artist, Slocum moved to Iquitos, where he dedicated much of his time to painting subjects from the Peruvian Amazon. Following many years of study with traditional shaman and undergoing extensive plant diets and initiation, he designed and built Amaru Spirit. In addition to creative expression through art, which he feels is greatly enhanced through the use of plant medicines, Slocum believes that a modern understanding of nutrition and physical cleansing can be combined with the ancient shamanic art of healing the body and spirit through the use of Ayahuasca; and the two are necessary and synergistic.

In order to provide the highest quality of service to their guest’s, Amaru Spirit employs a large number of local staff to support the operation. The Amaru Spirit family includes the indigenous Shipibo live-in shaman and his wife, as well as kitchen, laundry, cleaning, maintenance, and grounds staff.

Amaru Spirit is based in the Amazon rain forest, accessible by boat from Iquitos. The accommodation is in comfortable traditional cabins or tambos. (mosquito netted jungle huts) with adjoining western style bathrooms. The beds benefit from comfortable mattresses and fly nets.

Journey leader: Christine Wyllie

My facination with the work of the Shamans began in 2002 after a past life regression when I reconnected with my life as a medicine woman.  My quest for healing and meaning lead me to the Amazon jungle and plant spirit shamanism in 2008. This profound experience brought union with a higher aspect of myself and a more conscious relationship with the wisdom of nature and the source of all life.  

It takes courage to step into the unknown it was a journey that I needed to take alone and at times in the solitude of my hut in the jungle I questioned my sanity for having embarked on such a journey. Only to discover that In Sanity at last, my life made perfect sense. The wisdom that was imparted to me by the plants with which I discovered a natural affinity untamed my life; a pricelss gift that I treasure.  I look forward to accompanying you on a wondrous journey. 

Please email for your itenerary, investment and application form. Space is limited  book now to sercure your place.

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