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Crystal Light Therapy


  • Harmonizes the Chakras and subtle energy bodies
  • Re-balances frequencies in the electro magnetic field
  • Triggers healing processes in the psyche and the body
  • Rejuvenates physical systems to improve function
  • Stimulates the development of inner senses for spiritual awareness
  • Release of unhealthy attachments


Coaching for Clarity
and Perspective 

To help you unravel your issues,
Work through your challenges,
Expand your perspective,
Find a way forward.

“Christine’s insightful coaching made me feel heard and supported, she helped me identify what was important to me and what I had to offer.

She helped me overcome my self-doubt and fears and restore faith in life, myself and awaken my creativity.

Thank you for your candour and deep caring, I was nervous reaching out to you, my friend had warned me that you were very direct and did not beat around the bush, your ability cut though the nonsense and redirect my focus was so helpful ”
Kirstin April 2020


Hands on Healing and Distance Healing

Everything is energy, whether you are facing physical challenges or feeling overwhelmed, mentally tired; Reiki can help. Book your appointment and enjoy a blissful hour.
" Dear Christine, I felt so much better after our session, you helped me realise that I have choices and  that I am always supported. I slept soundly for the first time in months and my shoulder pain has eased off too. Thank you so much for the coaching and healing!"  - M. Clarke

A treat for the ladies

More than ever we need to restore ourselves, revitalize our minds, and rejuvenate our bodies. Why not do so through the gentle form of walking, supported by correct breathing and stretching techniques?All in the beautiful surrounding of nature; Your true self can be realized.

"Walking for Wellbeing"
Founded by Agi Takacs

Agi invites you to join like-minded ladies for a 4-day retreat in nature. We will share techniques for stilling your mind chatter, breathing through turmoil to find inner calm.

The Walking for Wellbeing programme is design to re-orient you from your usual routine and restore your natural resilience through healthy daily guided walks while helping you to build your self-discipline.

More than ever we need to restore ourselves, revitalize our minds, and rejuvenate our bodies. Why not do so through the gentle form of walking, supported by correct breathing and stretching techniques?All in the beautiful surrounding of nature; Your true self can be realized.
Date: 7 to 11 September
Crocodile Nature Reserve 

  • Rejuvenate your body with daily walks in the nature reserve
  • Replace unhealthy habits with gentle self-discipline
  • Restore vibrant health to body mind and spirit
  • Create an awareness of healthy eating and taking responsibility for one's own wellbeing
  • Provide a time away from the stress of the city life, walk off tension, unclog your energy and walk in health 
  • Make time for relaxation, reflection and some fun with like-minded people.
  • Perhaps shed  one or two kilograms. 
  • Revitalising the mind and soul through group discussions
Our retreats are limited to groups of no more than 8 ladies at a time, allowing for individual goals and intention setting to take priority. Through the gentle, non-invasive programme daily walks in the nature reserve at your own pace as well as breathing techniques and stretching we will help you release tension, unclog your energy and perhaps shed a few kilograms. Read more

Dear Friends,
It is so wonderful to see my clients in person again, I am incredibly grateful to those who have been coming back to see me and attend to their health and well-being.
The feedback from those who have come to for Crystal Light Therapy® sessions have been noteworthy. The most common statement is a sense lightness, a feeling of serenity and joy and for some the need to rest and recuperate which is a normal side effect of such extensive realignment.  For the people who have difficulty sleeping, the restoration of a restful night sleep is such a blessing.  

We are energy beings and our energy body has been severely affected by this pandemic and the surrounding hype, it is vital to take cognizance of how our environment, diet, and lifestyle impact our health, Fortunately, we are self-healers and when we support our natural healing process by creating the right environment our body’s innate intelligence automatically restores equilibrium.

Crystal light Therapy improves your ability to respond to unhealthy elements in your environment and help you to handle stress. By promoting the harmonious distribution of energy, it creates a field of energy that protects us externally; it is an excellent form of preventive medicine.

It is not specific to any disease or condition; because it works on the entire self: mind, body, and emotions it is recommended for any physical, emotional, and energetic healing. For millenniums Quartz has been used for its curative virtues of purification. It releases energy to bring about optimal state wherever the body needs it.

Crystal Light Therapy is non-invasive and has no contra-indications. A session on the crystal bed is often prescribed for cell rejuvenation, clearing and alignment of our energy centers, the strengthening of our electromagnetic field and its beneficial stimulation of the immune system The crystals radiate colour to the respective chakras to cleanse them and to balance their energies.

Our body never lies and is always communicating with us, we need to learn to pay attention to the messages we are receiving: aches and pain, restlessness and lack of energy are signaling us that we are out of harmony and need to bring back balance and restore wholeness.
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent
about things that matter."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

What could possibly matter more than our soul’s expression through a healthy vibrant body? Our soul sends subtle messages via our body signaling that we need to make some changes, when we do not listen the message becomes louder and louder until our quality of life is so compromised that we must attend to it or the body will perish. Just like a motor car which is not serviced will eventually breakdown, we also need regular maintenance.

Never forget that the most advanced technology on the planet is you, respect its magnificence. Take good care and be your best healer.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.
May love light your way always

Every thought and emotion we have experienced and action we have taken over the period of the lockdown has left its mark on our consciousness and consciousness is the foundation of our perception of reality.

This extraordinary global event has prevented many of us from earning a living and the stress and anxiety around financial insecurity coupled with all the social indoctrination that we have been bombarded with has played havoc with our minds.

It takes between twenty-one and thirty days to turn our thoughts, emotions, and actions into habits, which in turn become our natural response to life. If we want and need change in our life, we need to start dismantling all that we have been told will be the “New Normal” and consciously re-evaluate and redesign the future that we desire as our reality going forward. If we want success, we must make sure that we are not the obstacle to it, we need to develop our capabilities to match the frequency of our vision.

Life is always a personal responsibility and a matter of choice; we can choose mass conformity or embrace our uniqueness and envision and create the life we want. A meaningful life requires that we develop leadership qualities to manage our own lives. We are equipped with all the tools we will require to overcome every challenge that we will ever face.
“The universe is working for us not against us,
every challenge  is ripe with opportunities”
Attending this workshop will expand you perception of what you call reality, you will explore the immense value of your natural asset base and the possibilities that come with them;  dismantle limiting beliefs; reconnect with your Divine Self and tap into your creative power to work through your dilemmas and challenges and achieve greater fulfillment.

Some of the Topics include:
  • Understanding and exploring my true nature.
  • How to deal with conflicting vision, obtain clarity and align your thinking with your vision
  • Tools for relaxation and focused concentration.
  • How to outgrow stress.
  • A simple system for changing habits.
  • Putting my Divinity to work for the creation of well-being and prosperity in harmony with the laws of the Universe
And so much more...

"Dave is a phenomenal teacher. He has keen insight, sharp intuition and a wonderful ability to share openly and teach from a place of experience. He also has a wealth of knowledge on many different interesting topics. Above all, what I like best about Dave is his humility and his absolute respect for the process of each individual, I felt very safe and extremely well supported."   -VH

Date:  Saturday 18th July 2020
Time 8h30 to 17h30
Venue: Growthpoint Training Centre, Lanseria
Fees by donation
In order to adhere to covid 19 recommendations, we can only accommodate 
9 participants per workshop.
If you are interested in learning and committed to Self-evolution 

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