Newsletter # 66 January 2015
Touch The Soul

Weekend Workshops

Usui Level I
Saturday 7 February
9h00 to 17h30

Usui Level II
Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 March
9h00 to 17h00

Advanced Reiki Training

Saturday 4 April
8h30 to 17h30

Usui / Tibetan Residential Reiki Master Training 
Venue: Mabula Private Game Reserve
Friday 11 to Monday 14 September
Only 6 places available

To book you place and for more information email: 

If the above dates do not suit you and you would like to lean Reiki, please contact us and we will schedule a day that suits you.


TAG- REIKI Level I and II
Reserved for TAG grads)
23 - 24- 25 January
TAG-REIKI is a combination of TAG Consciousness; Japanese Usui; Tibetan and Western Reiki  read more...


A Magical Year
Course Schedule
Christine Recommends

Dear Friends,
One week into the New Year already! My wish for 2015 is to immerse myself deeper in life, to feel, think, dream, create, see the perfection in everything and fall in love with the wonder of it all. Life is a magical creative adventure let’s make 2015 our best year ever, choose to laugh and love a lot, Enjoy!

NEWS:  I am looking forward to working alongside David on our TAG REIKI workshop this month and TAG II in February. Touch the Soul is now located at Growthpoint Centre in the Rhenostespruit Nature reserve near Lanseria only a few minutes away from the city.   Offering a healing sanctuary cocooned amidst the beautiful energy of giant pine trees, the soothing sound of the river and abundant bird life

REIKI: Weather permitting you may choose to have your Reiki sessions outdoors overlooking the river.  You also have the option of receiving Reiki from two practitioners working simultaneously as was instituted and practiced in Dr Hyashi’s clinic in Japan.  Christine and David combine feminine and masculine energy, creating balance and harmony for enhanced healing effect. 
Chromo-Therapy:  Crystal Light Therapy®  a unique healing tool from the Spiritual hospital of John of God in Brazil is known as an advanced colour therapy machine.  Colours are vibrations of spiritual forces; they are able to help in healing our deepest and most subtle maladies. Together with music, which is kindred spiritual forces and the amplifying effect of the specially cut quartz crystals the combination of the three offers a unique and powerful therapy.
A session on the crystal bed is highly effective for cell rejuvenation, alignment of our subtle energy bodies and strengthening of our electromagnetic field. Crystal Light Therapy is recommended for any physical, emotional, energetic healing and for higher state of awareness.

Walking the Labyrinth: A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness; combining the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own centre and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Walking the labyrinth enhances right brain activity helping us to reconnect to our intuition and creativity.
In the midst of the turmoil of life on planet earth our spiritual connection is always our lifeline, and is now perhaps more important than ever to our well-being.  Book your Reiki session and or Crystal Light Therapy, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spend a morning or afternoon soaking in the beautiful surroundings,  sit in quiet contemplation or walk the labyrinth and reconnect with your true nature. 
I wish you a magical and inspiring year and look forward to seeing you soon.
May love light your way always
Christine Recommends

TAG II  Seminar 
Self Management for Exceptional Performance
A two phase intensive residential 3 day workshop 
Phase I  - 13 to 15 February 2015
Phase II - 13 to 15 March 2015

About TAG II
This workshop is never experienced the same way by any two students or by students who have taken advantage of the opportunity to repeat this dynamic adventure into self-discovery.
TAG II is designed to take you from where you are, your current perceptions, values, thinking, skills and ability, and allows you make a quantum leap into vastly enhanced possibilities. It is a life enhancing experience!

Who should attend ?
People who want to turn knowledge into Know-how and then working ability.
Anyone who is serious about proving to themselves that they have far more potential, skill and ability than they are currently utilizing.
People who know that one changed perception, newly acquired skill or understanding of the true potential will have immeasurable impact on their ability, and every aspect of the lives.
Anyone in the process of preparation for, or going though, major change in any aspect of their life.

To book your seat Contact David on 082 414 7434
 Click here for more information

Thank You for allowing me to share with you.
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