Newsletter # 156 - The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness Through Many Blessings
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Self-Mastery through Conscious Relationships
All relationships have their challenges, inviting us to develop the skills to navigate them effectively so we can come through, feeling uplifted

The Relationship workshop is a catalyst for birthing meaningful changes, through processes, energy release, and play, we will reconnect with the inner child and experience the miracle of healing.  You will gain access to tools and knowledge that will enhance your relationship with every aspect of life. Read More

Saturday 4 June
8h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Centre, Lanseria

Only 1 Seat available

Remembering Our Divine Self

A talk by David Wyllie

David is doing something he never thought he would do; addressing a church congregation! He has been invited to speak at the Krugersdorp Spiritualist church.

David has  been teaching about this topic  for four decades and he is a firm believer that when we remember who we are there is no force in the universe that can defeat us without our explicit permission.  If you are looking for a message of hope or an antidote to the negative news that we are being bombarded with, I invite you to join us.

Sunday 12 June 9h30 
Krugersdorp Spiritualist Church
1 Halse Street Krugersdorp
All Welcome!


Thursday 16 June
14h00 to 17h50

Reiki share is a free event open to every level of Reiki. Creating a space to reconnect with like minded people, to give and receive group healing and be re-attuned to the energy. 

Book your place, space is limited


Usui Reiki Level I and II
Date: 25 -26 June
Residential Workshop

Venue: Growthpoint Centre

Advance Reiki Training

Date: 23 -24 July
Residential Workshop
Pre-requisite Usui Level II

Venue: Growthpoint Centre

Reiki is very much a journey;  everyone always reports getting much more than they expected but find it hard to put into words, it is uniquely experiential.  We learn a technique but it is also a journey into self;  one that asks us to become the best we possibly can be at all time. Read more

Crystal Light Therapy
TAG Consciousness Coaching

Combo packages and Price List

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WhatsApp 083 334 6509
“Christine I am not sure that thank you is a big enough word, you helped me see the wood for the trees and expand my perspectives. I feel so safe around you, your insightful feedback helped me carve a way forward that is so exciting. Life is responding to the changes and my friends and family are noticing the transformation. Thank you for your love and care, your unwavering belief in me gave me wings. I feel so inspired.” -Dee  
The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness Through Many Blessings - The Spiritual Medicine for All Illness.

Dear friends,
The above may sound like bold claims but after two decades of practicing and teaching REIKI I share these with conviction. Today I write about how integrating the the first principle, has been a blessing in my life, a return to love. 

The Reiki principles capture the essence of Dr Usui‟s simple philosophy of life. These principles also point to real spiritual growth through Reiki. The secret medicine to invite happiness, the miracle medicine for all disease: This implies that Usui Sensei advocated that healing the consciousness through releasing negativity and increasing our vibration by integrating  these principles into our lives leads to fundamental healing and rediscovery of our unity with the divine. It is from this sacred place that the real power to heal and transform our lives flows.

“Spirituality means waking up. Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep.
They are born asleep, the live asleep, they marry in their sleep, they breed children in their sleep,
They die in their sleep without ever waking up.
They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing that we call human existence.”

~Anthony de Mello
Just for today I will let go of anger! 
The first Reiki principle was the toughest for me, anger had been my constant companion since early childhood, life did not make sense, I rebelled! After my first Reiki class, I started saying the Reiki Principles every morning intending to live accordingly, and, in the evening, I often had to admit defeat! I was grateful for the “just for today” part and “being kind and compassionate to myself” and resolved to do better the next day. Progress was slow, lifetime habits can be stubborn, and in truth I did not know how to let go because my life had marched to the tune of anger, and I did not know another way. I was at my wits end and asked my Reiki teacher: What would happen if I let go of anger, what would make things happen in my world? 

He looked at me with so much compassion and said: “What about all this love that is in your heart that you feel when you channel Reiki?”  I burst into tears and sobbed, allowing years of repressed pain to express, it was the beginning of a profound healing journey, understanding anger and getting to know and loving this angry child.

Anger is a powerful energy; it is a natural emotion and serves a purpose, it is our internal guidance system that indicates that something is not okay. It is neither good nor bad, it is what we do with it that determines whether it has a positive or negative effect on us and our environment.

When we stop labelling our emotions good and bad and start to acknowledge and get to know them, we open the magic door to self-awareness and self-validation. We all want to be seen, heard, and understood and our emotions are powerful expressions of the stories that we weave often unconsciously around our experiences.
Anger is viewed as a negative emotion, when it is excessive and remain unchecked giving expression to aggression, abuse, violence, and self-destructive behaviours or lashing out at others. It goes without saying that the above display of anger does enormous damage to our relationships as well as our mental and physical health

Another harmful aspect is suppressed anger, which gives rise to resentment  and passive aggression such as withdrawing love and ruminating thoughts about the person or situation. This powerful energy needs an outlet, bottled up anger festers and cankers. According to Louise Hay “Cancer is a dis-ease caused by deep resentment held for a long time until it literally eats away at the body.”

Anger has many triggers: feeling wronged, unappreciated, unheard, unwanted, misunderstood, unloved, not belonging, it can be due to stress, family problems,  financial problems, abuse, feeling overwhelmed, powerless, or disempowered, feeling victimized,
the lost of freedom and often deeply buried trauma. The list is endless… And in today’s world we have many reasons to experience anger but we have a choice on how we respond to this emotion and where we focus our attention.

Whatever our trigger, when we respond to anger’s invitation for self-inquiry, we come to the realization that at the root of most of our triggers lies three major causes:  pain, fear, and disappointment. Self-awareness means owning our story and taking responsibility for how we feel, act, and speak, accepting that the trigger is ours, that the circumstances and people have been called by our soul to unveil our triggers and help us heal. By developing a healthy relationship with anger, understanding its source and healing the cause, we reclaim wholeness our holiness.

The first Reiki ideal letting go of anger leans into the fifth ideal: “I will do my work honestly”  honest self-inquiry led to embracing my pain, fears, and disappointments and with the help of the Reiki energy which raises the frequency back to love,  the spontaneous release of anger naturally ensued. It does not mean that I do not experience anger, or that I do not indulge in a good venting moment from time to time, it simply means that anger does not run my life unchecked, I treat it as a friend the teacher that it is, and I have learned to transmute this powerful energy into constructive acts of self-love.

On the positive side this is what anger does for me:
  • It motivates me to find solutions to things that do not work for me.
  • Empowers me to take action, confront non-sense and speak my mind.
  • Helps me clarify my needs.
  • It guides  me to say no to that which does not honour my values and step over boundaries
  • Highlights my deep-seated beliefs.
  • Helps me remember who I am and why I am here.
And the greatest gifts:
  • It led me to be part in a coaching program in a high security prison; the most humbling, heart opening experience for which I am so very grateful.  A story for another time!
  • And most importantly anger sparked my desire for healing and ignited my passion for guiding others on this magical adventure within.  I love my work; I am so grateful to all the amazing people that I get to work with.
My  personal experience has shown me that when I say yes to life and choose to answer the call of my soul, to awaken to who I am, to explore and embrace the unheard and neglected in me and make the unconscious conscious, my life transformed into a sacred adventure within, an exciting journey back to love, a giant step towards the fulfilment of my destiny. 

People, and opportunities, appeared out of nowhere to nudge me along the way… When I look back on my life I am filled with awe and gratitude, although it was not always a walk in the park, I can see the perfection, of it all. The teachers that appeared and took me under their wings and guided me, my opponents who challenged me, the friends who cheered me, my family’s love, and support, despite our differences, and the list would not be complete without acknowledging the master and angels that guide and support my healing work from the other side of the veil, they all contributed to the rich tapestry of my life .  

I believe that transformation happens when I can see what is in front of me, for what it is… Every experience is a  gift,  wrapped up in opportunities often disguised as challenges, I know that Life has my back and is rooting for me, and always honours my free will; and from that perspective the impossible becomes possible.

These challenging times we are living in are an invitation to wake up, do you realise that every breath, every heartbeat that you take for granted is a is a miracle, and that every cell in your body contains the intelligence of the cosmos?  Come explore with me !

May love light your way always
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