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Reiki Share
Reiki share is a free event open to all schools and levels of Reiki.
It is an opportunity to be re-attuned to the energy, to give and receive Reiki and reconnect with like minded people. 

Saturday 15 October
14h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Centre Lanseria

Space is limited


The year is coming to an end,
 it is time to focus and set your intentions for the year ahead.
Who do you want to be
What do you want to do
What do you want to have

The old ways cannot work in our ever-changing world !!
Gain an in-depth understanding of the things that you can change
that will give you the freedom to create the life you aspire to.
“This workshop could not have come at a more critical time, the changes that occurred in my life because of this workshop are phenomenal. The principles and knowledge imparted are truly life transforming. Thank you so much, David.” SYM

Saturday 29 October
8h30 to 17h30
Growthpoint Centre Lanseria
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Early Bird Discounted fee expires Monday 3rd October

A seven week live zoom program designed to Evolve your thinking, Expand your consciousness, Uncover the gift of fear.
Move you beyond your limitations and take your life to a greater level of harmony and fulfilment. 

Starts October 31st to December 12th 2022
Weekly at 12pm EST | 5PM GMT | 7PM South Africa

Seating is Limited to 12 Participants

This program is for if you are serious about creating the life you desire and are prepared to accept the responsibility of integrating the knowledge imparted into your life. 

“Dear Christine and David,
I still do not have words to describe the Transcendence program or to thank you. What I do know, is that there is not a day that goes by where I do not think of something I learned from the course or use one of the tools. And what other course will give one that?
Thank you for changing lives and making a real difference. I can highly recommend the Transcendence program to anyone willing to face their fears and rising above what they thought is impossible.

With gratitude and lots of love” -C.M.

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Early Bird Discounted fees expires on the 15th of October


Usui Reiki Level I and II

Date: 19 - 20 November
Residential Workshop

Venue: Growthpoint Centre Lanseria

Everything that exist is energy vibrating at different frequencies, all humans possess the ability to give and receive energy from the Universe.  However, this innate ability is often dormant or forgotten. Taking a Reiki class will reactivate the ability to attune yourself to the Universal energy. 

You will be taught highly effective energy exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. This workshop is open to everyone, from those who are new to energy and  those wanting to become practitioners.  Reiki is not only a practical tool to assist others; one of the advantages of Reiki is that it works just a well on yourself and that whilst you give to others you also receive the benefit of the energy. It is simply wonderful!

" The workshop is taught with love, the teachers are very knowledgeable and the energy exchange is profound. It was a beautiful experience in an amazing setting. The wonderful energy of love that I can feel all the time touches the soul, thank you Christine and Dave, you have exceeded my expectations."  - Tara 

Christine is very knowledgeable, and shares her personal experiences with us. I loved every second of it.  - Ricky

"The workshop is life changing, a gift that I can use for the rest of my life. The breakthrough with my inner child and trauma was an amazing healing experience. I would not change anything, it was prepared well and done amazingly, thank you" - Michaela

" The workshop surpassed my expectations, it was absolutely life changing! Many 'A-ha' moments and useful tools."  -Veronique 

" A guided journey of self-healing, an authentic experience of peace and love not often enough felt in the world, thank you !"  -Dianne
Dear Friends,
I am filled with gratitude for the gift of Reiki and for the special group of students who allowed us to accompany them on their journey to becoming a Reiki Master. What an incredible healing weekend,, filled with love laughter, tears, and of course delicious food.  Thank you and congratulations to each of you. 
Sometimes we need a little help to interpret the language of the soul

My client came to me feeling excited and nervous about a life changing decision that she was making and trying hard to downplay her anxiety.  I asked her if we could explore the cause of the anxiety and see if she would be willing to release it; we identified a pattern of behavior that was not serving her and I asked her if she was willing to let it go, which she was excited to do. 😊

We located the energy block that held the fear in her field and with her permission I performed psychic surgery to dissipate the energy block, followed by a full Reiki session which revealed a closed throat chakra and solar plexus. Fortunately the Reiki energy promptly cleared and harmonized,  her chakras and after she woke up from her blissful hour, I enquired whether she was experiencing problems with her throat and her digestion.

She said that she was losing her voice for no apparent reason as she was not sick and was also experiencing problems with her digestion. I never cease to marvel at this divine communication system; our soul communicates through our body when we do not know how to listen to its gentle prompting. I asked my client: Why do you need a voice if you are not willing to express how you really feel and say what you think?  And said: Your stomach is having difficulty digesting what you are allowing in your life; start speaking your truth with love, and harmony will be restored.

You see, when we do not express how we feel in order to keep the peace, because we are afraid that if we rock the boat, we might lose a relationship or a job….. we are dismissing ourselves; we are losing ourselves in order to keep something that does not work. This is not a loving act and no matter how you cut it, what is not self-love is self-abuse and leads to abuse of the other, It is a vicious circle.

It is unreasonable and foolish to expect from others something that we are not prepared to give to ourselves, and then label those who do not give us what we need as difficult, abusive, selfish… those amazing people who volunteer to play these roles in our lives are our greatest teachers, they are simply treating us the way we treat ourselves; they are perfect mirrors.
We teach others how to treat us; have you considered that maybe, if we give them a break by treating ourselves with love and respect, we might be gifting them with the opportunity to play a more loving role in our lives as well as in their own.
Makes you think, doesn’t it?

This is the message I received from this client; such feedback fills me with joy and gratitude.

“Hi Christine, thank you so much for yesterday, I can’t tell you how much better I feel, I don’t have to force my voice out today.  After our meeting I went to see my partner, and spoke calmly, set my boundaries, and expressed how I felt about his behavior and it went very well, he even apologized for the first time ever!
I thank you for making me see that by allowing someone to disrespect me I was disrespecting myself and that accepting this behavior is self-abuse. Thank you very much for that, and thank you for giving me the strength to face my fear.”

I hope that sharing this story gives you the courage to do what is loving for you. If you do not face your fear and take action nothing can change. You must be willing to let go of what does not work to make space for your desires to manifest. Our upcoming online program is designed to support you to overcome your fears so you can live your best life. 
 Transcendence Overcoming Fear of the Unknown
Starts on the 31st of October,
We only take 12 students.

Life always rewards courage,
Take a leap of faith and book you seat.

The early bird special expires in 4 days


If you do not make time for your wellness
You will be forced to make time for your illness!

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