The DNA Update for Church Leaders, September 2012

The DNA Update for Church Leaders

Dr. Don Nations, September 2012

In This Issue:
  • What About Announcements?
  • Do You Love Your Web Site?
  • How Is Your Calendar?

What About Announcements?

I have attended six different churches in the last seven weeks.  All of the churches included announcements but my reaction to each was not the same.  In some churches the announcements emphasized that I was an outsider – they went on and on, announcements were made from the floor which I could not hear, people were referred to by their first name as if we all knew who they were, etc.  This was not true in all of the churches, however.  In some the announcement time helped me to better understand the church and the kinds of activities in which the people were involved.

When planning announcements in your church, consider the following guidelines to make them more effective and to help guests not feel like outsiders.
·       Limit announcements to the two or three most important items
·       Avoid reading announcements directly from the bulletin
·       Keep the announcement time to two or three minutes
·       Only make an announcement if it applies to most of the people in the room
·       Explain an announcement so that a guest understands it

Do You Love Your Web Site?

A great web site is an essential ingredient for churches which desire to grow.  It is here that potential guests discover the church and what to expect when they come.  It is their first visit to the church and determines whether or not they will ever come to the physical site.

If you love your web site, great!  That probably means you have made an investment in this ministry effort.  If you like your web site but know it needs a couple of tweaks, please consider making those today.  If you are not overly fond of your web site (a common thought among pastors and church leaders), you are invited to contact us today –  Our web site and digital design team are here to help you have a web site you love.

How Is Your Calendar?

Are you looking for a speaker for a conference, a personal coach, a church consultant or a trainer for an event?  Let us know your needs and we will work on scheduling a date that will work for you.  Don is already scheduled to be with dozens of clients in nine cities across several states between now and the end of the year.  Contact us today to get your dates on the calendar –

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