The DNA Update for United Methodists, Mid-May 2014

The DNA Update for United Methodists

Dr. Don Nations, Mid-May 2014

In This Issue:
  • Three Key Questions
  • Ask a Question

Three Key Questions

There are three key questions which need to be asked if an organization wants to perform better and be more effective.  Answering these with clarity and a commitment to change opens up great new possibilities.
  1. Where are we?  It is essential know the current conditions.  What are the key metrics?  Are they going up or down?  Pull the records and look at the real numbers.  Look at the demographics.  Often our perceptions are inaccurate.  Write down the real numbers over the past few years so they can be reviewed.
  2. Where do we want to go?  You will not arrive at your desired location unless you can describe it.  What goals do you want to accomplish?  How will you know when you have arrived at your destination?  Paint the picture with as much detail as possible.  Be specific and use metrics.
  3. How will we get there?  You need a clear plan which involves new actions.  Wishing is no substitute for doing the right things.  For organizations which are stagnant or declining, it is likely that they will need help creating the plan and executing it.  What they have been doing has not produced the desired results.  It shows wisdom to make an investment in a coach/consultant instead of continuing to struggle.
Ask a Question
You are invited to submit a question about ministry, the future of the church, ways to reach new people, etc.  If your question is selected, it and a response will appear in a future edition of the DNA Update.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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