Obubu's Return to Europe in September and Useful Tips for Tea
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Tips for Tea
You probably know to be careful about water temperature when brewing green tea and in last edition you learned, how to find the right temperature. Water, though, holds a few more secrets in tea preparation. Such simple things as pouring water in and out of a tea pot can make a big difference to your tea experience.

When you have placed tea leaves in a tea pot (ideally Japanese tea pot Kyusu), try pouring water in a circular motion. This way all tea leaves get soaked and flavour elements can get released into water more evenly for a more powerful cup.

When you pour tea from a tea pot into a cup, instead of pouring it all at once do so in a rocking motion. Tea flavour elements tend to rest at the bottom of a tea pot, so by swinging your tea pot back and forth as a boat does in a rocking sea, you can more easily collect them into your cup.

And if you are making tea for several people, instead of filling one cup first and then the next, keep pouring a little in each cup, back and forth. Not only it distributes flavour more evenly across all cups, but it is also entertaining for your guests. Why don’t you try these tips with the teas below?
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Tea of the Month
Sakura Tea
Experience Japanese spring in your cup! Subtle floral tea, that unfolds beautifully in a cup.
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Having survived though the winter cold, this tea is picked in March. Naturally sweet and lightly woody with almost no caffeine!
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A fun and playful tea with roasted rice, that bring in buttery flavour and pleasant roasted aroma.
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What's new? - Obubu is Returning to Europe this September!
With a mission to bring Japanese tea to the world, last year Obubu went to Europe, and held 9 Japanese tea tasting events in 4 countries. Having met so much enthusiasm and passion for Japanese green tea Obubu is returning to Europe this September! And this time we may even receive a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to bring you more authentic Japanese green tea. Being at the very beginning of planning the tour there are only 2 stops confirmed in Germany and the Netherlands, so if you would like to co-organize an event with Obubu, or help through the Europe tour, we would love to hear from you at
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Meet Obubu's Friends: Slavka
Who are you and what do you do? Slavka Dimitrova Simeonova, Assistant Professor in Criminal Law at the Burgas Free University in Bulgaria. I am a tea lover with passion for everything about tea.
How did you get to know Obubu? I love learning and expanding my knowledge of tea.
What is Obubu to you? A great experience and excellent supplier of green tea.
What is your favorite way to make tea? In Japan I learned cooking with tea not only drinking it. Matcha noodles, ice cream and shortbread are favourite for me and my family.
Match shortbread cookiesIngredients: 50 gr. sugar, 100 gr. softened butter, 1 egg yolk, 90 gr. flour, 2 teaspoons matcha. Directions: Mix the butter, egg yolk and sugar. In another bowl combine the flour and matcha. Add to the first bowl and stir until the mixture comes together to form a ball. Roll into a log, wrap in cling film and place in the freezer up for 40 minutes. Using a sharp knife cut into 1 cm. slices and bake in preheated oven to 180 C (360 F) for 12 min.

What message would you like to pass to Obubu readers and friends? Keep calm and drink green tea ;))
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Events of the Past Month - Ocha Kabuki in Uji
Ocha Kabuki - a traditional Japanese game with the aim to fully engage with tea so that to taste and correctly recognize 5 different Japanese teas. Obubu team joined Ocha Kabuki organised by the Japanese Tea Instructors' Association in Uji last February. After 5 rounds of tasting sencha and gyokuro, our team members were among the top three in both groups: certified tea instructors and general tea enthusiasts, and got to bring two bags of the very tea, we were trying. Read more about Ocha Kabuki and be well prepared when you get to take part in.
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