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Tea of the Month Obubu Shincha 
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Kabuse Sencha
The highest grade and most popular Obubu tea with a rich naturally sweet flavor
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Sencha of the Spring Sun
Perfectly balanced spring tea with a fresh aroma of young tea buds
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Sencha of the Wind
Tea from high mountains with spring breeze-like sweetness
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Sencha of the Earth
Spring tea with the power of the Earth coming from 30 year old trees
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Tips for Tea
It is almost the time for a spring tea season. But just how to tell whether the tea you will be receiving is from a spring season?

There are a few ways such as looking at dry tea leaves and at tea liquid in your cup after steeping. Spring tea leaves are the most delicate and soft, that makes them easy to roll and so they get rolled really tightly into very thin dry leaves. If you can spot these thin dry leaves, you have a first clue that tea is from spring season.

Another way is to look at the surface of your tea liquid in your cup. Can you see any small dust glittering in light? You washed the cup so it shouldn't be dusty, right? So what is that? It is baby tea hair (look at the photo of this section above, can you see it?), that only young tea buds have. If these small particles sneak into your cup they are giving you a hint that the tea you are enjoying comes from spring season. 

Try fresh spring teas above and see if you can spot thin dried leaves and baby tea hair!
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What's new? - Wazuka Shincha 2014
Handmade tea is extremely rare in Japan. To celebrate the beginning of the spring tea season and preserve long-lasting traditions, once every spring Wazuka tea farmers and supporting community get together to handmake one of a kind – Wazuka Shincha!

The tea participates in the opening of Kyoto tea spring auction, and it has received the highest bid in Japan for 8 consecutive years.  This year the auction price for this unique tea was 140,041yen (or about $1400) for a kilogram!

It took 12kg of raw leaves, 12 hours of handling by more than 30 people to make this one of a kind tea with the end result of 2.5kg. You can see a video by Obubu friend David of how this tea was made last year below. This tea is so rare and because of a limited amount only a selected few will get to try it.

Since Obubu team helped in picking young fresh tea leaves and our president Akky-san in rolling them into tea, we got to receive 450g (!) of this tea and for the first time in history this one of a kind tea is available internationally.  Can you afford to miss a truly unique chance to try the best sencha in Japan?

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Meet Obubu's Friends: Ambrus
Who are you and what do you do? I’m Ambrus Huszár. Hungarian, Japanese interpreter, and enthusiastic tea lover. I have got the Obubu’s tea farm ownership since 2010.
How did you get to know Obubu? Via internet, when I temporary move to London. I searched in Japanese language for small tea suppliers then I found the first Obubu website and I decided to register. 
What is Obubu to you? Best Japanese origin tea supplier.  Honestly Obubu’s high quality teas are one of the best in Japan. Opportunity to know more about Japanese tea, and the tea plant cultivation.
What is your favorite way to make tea? The umamidashi, and the mizudashi. 
What message would you like to pass to Obubu readers and friends? Keep gathering and support Obubu :) Don’t get your tea sight become narrow, try other countries teas as well, because the world tea culture is worth to discover. And finally let's build a community or a teakingdom. 
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Events of the Past Month - Hand Picking & Rolling Event 
Spring is in full power, which means that tea harvesting is about to begin. Before it does, Obubu invites tea enthusiasts to a tea making event.

This year the event took place on the 29th April and gathered a big crowd of tea enthusiasts eager to pick and make spring tea. The start of the day did not look so promising, as the rain clouds were taking over the morning sky. Miraculously the rain stopped and everyone got to spend an afternoon picking fresh tea leaves and rolling them into tea.

The next tea experience is on the 17th May! The event is a little bit more special, as the tea picked on the day will take part in the Japanese National Tea Competition. Come for a unique Japanese tea experience and spend a beautiful morning in a refreshing countryside!

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