Tea Picking & Rolling Events and useful Tips for Tea
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Tips for Tea
In earlier editions we have looked at how to know whether you can have another infusion of tea and what to do with tea leaves after that. But what about steeping tea in the first place?

You probably have heard the advice to steep green tea with a lower temperature. But how many of us keep thermometers at home to check it? There are a few secrets to help you out and let you enjoy high quality green tea at its best. 

First, through observation you can catch water at a right temperature before it even starts boiling. Just have a look at the water in your kettle, while it is being heated. You will notice some small round bubbles at first, a little bigger ones later and finally big bubbles bursting into boiling water waves. If you stop the heat when bubbles start getting bigger but before they burst, you will have water at 70-80C/158-176F, just right for high quality green tea. 

If the water has already boiled you should let it cool a bit. All you need to do is to use your sense of touch to know the right temperature. Place a tea pot/cup with hot water on your palm and see whether you can keep it. In Japan we say that if it is too hot and hurts your palm, than it is too hot for the delicate green tea leaves. When you can keep it for about 5 seconds the temperature will be just right (about 70C/158F). Don't you want to try it with one of the senchas below?
Tea of the Month
Sencha of the Wind
Grown high in the mountains and cuddled by the winds, the tea has a subtle air-light taste with some naturally sweet undertones.
Sencha of the Earth
Picked from tea trees of 40 years old, this sencha is ready to share the energy of the earth it has absorbed.
Organic Fukamushicha
A deep-steemed green tea, that comes with a mellow grassy flavor and and deep green color. What's better, it has been grown organically!
Greetings from Obubu!
When plums start blooming in Japan, you know that cold days are almost over. Thank you for choosing Obubu's tea to stay warm through the winter's cold. Let's invite spring with hot cups of tea! ;]
What's new? - Tea Picking & Rolling Event
Have you ever wanted to visit a tea farm and participate in tea harvesting? To celebrate Japanese tea harvesting seasons and provide you a unique green tea experience, every year Obubu organizes Tea Picking & Rolling Events. Spring season event will take place on 29th April and booking is open now. Whether you enjoy green tea as a hobby or work with it professionally, Tea Picking & Rolling Event is an ichi go ichi e (a.k.a. once in a life time) opportunity to hand-pick tea leaves in a famous tea producing area - Wazuka and roll them into tea! 
What's new? - Tea Contest Award
National tea contest is held every year to uphold Japanese green tea standard. Many farmers all over Japan aspiring to reach or maintain the standard put a lot of effort to prepare their tea for the contest. We are happy to let you know, that Obubu's hand-picked sencha with a handful of sencha by other farmers was awarded second place in Kyoto Prefecture! We always do all we can to provide you the best Japanese green tea.
Meet Obubu's Friends: Michelle
Who are you and what do you do? Michelle Smith. I live in St.Louis, Missouri. I am an engineer who designs heating and cooling and other mechanical systems for buildings.
How did you get to know Obubu? After visiting Japan in 2009 I fell in love with sencha tea. I wanted to buy directly from Japan so I could get the best quality. I am glad I found Obubu and I really appreciate that I am buying directly from the farmer. No middle men, no blended tea from several regions.
What is Obubu to you? Obubu is passionate about tea and dedicated to quality.
What is your favorite way to make tea? I drink sencha every morning. I have a basket strainer that sits on top of my cup so it is very quick and easy. Kirameki no Sencha is my personal favorite.
What message would you like to pass to Obubu readers and friends? Everyone at Obubu is so excited about tea! You have to go visit the fields if you can. It was a highlight of my trip to Japan this summer.
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Events of the Past Month - Arashiyama Tea Experience
If you follow us on social media, you may have seen that January was a month of Obubu tea in Wazuka Jazz Cafe in Arashiyama. To celebrate this occasion our team went to Arashiyama station and gave out hundreds of cups of hot tea to freezing bypassers. There's nothing better than seeing hot tea (or maybe our president Akky-san?) make tea lovers smile.
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