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City Council Candidates Share Their Views on Important Issues Facing our Community

In conjunction with Fayette County Farm Bureau and Fayette County Neighborhood Council, we circulated a 2016 LFUCG City Council Election Questionnaire to the candidates running for City Council. These questionnaires are a cornerstone of our voter education efforts.

The questionnaires focus on important issues and land-use policies. The questionnaires address a wide range of local issues including expansion of the Urban Services Boundary, affordable housing, and local food initiatives.

The LFUCG City Council election is important because our elected officials have the power to shape our community’s future. Planning and Zoning laws are the building blocks of Lexington and are passed by Planning Commission and City Council. Planning Commission members are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the Council.
Help us grow our city and promote our farms by getting informed about our leaders and what they think about our work to sustainably grow our city and promote our farms in Lexington.
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Who We Are

We are a coalition of citizens dedicated to achieving sustainable growth in Lexington-Fayette County through land use advocacy, education, and promotion.

As the voice for sustainable growth, we believe that preserving our unique and productive Bluegrass farmland, advancing innovative development, and improving our infrastructure are essential to our collective success in Lexington.

Your support helps us achieve our mission of growing our city and promoting our farms.