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The Foundation Star Stitch How-To

"Firewirbel" is a Starwirbel I crocheted with a new foundation star st, in Alchemy Yarns TweedyI developed a new foundation star and used it for the "Firewirbel" at left. It's fantastic for Starwirbels and plenty of other star stitch patterns.


-: Vashti's Foundation Star Stitch :-

Skill Level: Easy Intermediate.
Pattern Notes:

  • As usual with other foundation stitches, insert your hook under two loops, not just one of what counts as the foundation chain of each new stitch. This will give you a nicer, chain-like finished edge.
  • Pull up loops loosely enough that a second crochet hook could fit snugly.
  • See pattern abbreviations at the bottom.

First successful swatch of a foundation star stitch.


First fstar: Pull up a loop in each of the second and third chs (3 loops on hook so far), ch 1 (counts as first fch of first star), yo and pull up a loop in the two leftmost strands of the ch just made, ch 1 (counts as second fch of first star), pinch it while you yo and pull through all 5 loops on your hook so that last loop doesn't tighten, ch 1 for eye of this first star.

  • Two fchs must be created as you complete each star. Each star stitch takes up two stitches of a row because it's a compound stitch (a few variations take up three; never just one unless you're increasing).
  • Pinching also helps you know which loops are the new fch loops.

Next fstar: *Pull up a loop in each of these places: the eye, side of star, second fch of star; ch 1 (counts as first fch of first star), yo and pull up loop in ch just made, ch 1 (counts as second fch of first star) and pinch it, yo and pull through all 6 loops on hook, ch 1 for eye.

  • See photo #7 in this tutorial for help with identifying the "side of star".
Repeat from * for each new fstar. What do you think? Will you enjoy using it?

First foundation stars I attempted.
Here's what my very first attempt looked like!

I hope you don't mind if I do a free-pattern-and-run with this issue. I need to send this a.s.a.p. and go shopping :)

Abbrev's: ch(s)=chain(s), fch=Foundation chain, fstar=foundation star stitch, sc=single crochet, st(s)=stitch(es), yo=yarn over

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Lovelace Ring Scarf new crochet pattern (link goes to its blog post)
Pattern for the new Lovelace Ring Scarf is waiting for the editor's green light! Wearing mine daily. Love these textures near my face!

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More new patterns imminent:
- Valor Bracelets Kit
: Has enough Lotus yarn of all 20 colors to make 6-8 bracelets for only $10 including shipping in the US. Yarn ships immediately, PDF pattern follows the moment it's edited. 
Three Valor Bracelets in all colors of DesigningVashti Lotus yarn.

You can see the crochet clasp better here.

- Big Hook Bucket suddenly designed itself the other night!
Pattern (and the plastic ring base that I used) is free when you purchase a set of 5 super-sized crochet hooks. As with Valor Bracelets, the PDF pattern follows as soon as it's edited. 

- Seven-day series of free pattern tutorials
is uploaded to the Cut Out & Keep site, awaiting scheduling.
Our Lotus Yarn in the News!

Doris Chan's Nightshade Skirt: 4 balls of Black Gleam. Pattern is in the new Crochetscene issue (and singly). Five sizes, 4-6 balls.
Doris Chan's Nightshade Skirt pattern in the Interweave Store.
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Photo credits: Excerpted from Top-Down Crochet Sweaters © Dora Ohrenstein. Photography by © Melinda DiMauro.Isola by Dora Ohrenstein:
3 balls of Satin Grey
. Pattern is in her new book Top-Down Crochet Sweaters. 

Isola would look great in several other Lotus colors too! Sizes: Small to XL (3-5 balls).

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