Vashti's Crochet Inspirations Newsletter issue #97 (Feb 2019)
Wire bookmark crocheted of love knots.

Crochet “Life Lists” 

For 2019 I'm taking stock of all the meaningful crochet experiences I've had—and plan to have. I'm working on a life list item right now: I'm writing my first full-length crochet book! (Almost done with the text for chapter four. Details in a future newsletter.) 

To make a crocheter's life list, one needs to be aware of all the possible crochet experiences! A list of them would be too long, though. I've listed the best of some I've experienced, in five short groupings. By "best" I mean they stand out as especially rewarding.

People use life lists differently so I hope mine are useful. A life list is ultimately about meaning, which is a personal thing. Meaningful could be peak fun, mastery, creative rejuvenation, discovery, improves health/quality of life, fulfilling work, changed outlook, and more.

Some crocheters use them as lists of patterns to try. Ravelry and Pinterest are great for this kind of list. Others use them as a way to keep themselves on track toward long-range goals. A crochet example of mine is, I want to experience crocheting every kind of natural fiber. This would be an easy list to make for buying new yarn tracking one's progress.


Zegue Wrap is a lacy Tunisian crochet ripple pattern in four imported fashion yarns.

This is Zegue, a lacy crochet ripple in four elegant yarns that I've always wanted to do—specifically in Tunisian crochet. Finished it in time for my birthday last week! (It even looks like the symbol for Aquarius.)

I used the Ziggy Vest pattern in Sharon Silverman's new Delicate Crochet book for Zegue and blogged about it here.

NEWS: Comment on the blog post and you might win the book!


Day-Dreamy Life Lists

Others use life lists for grand dreams and wishes. What are yours? Three of mine are rather grand: 

  1. To experience crocheting with solid 24k gold wire
  2. To see one of my crochet designs used in a movie or TV series
  3. To be the featured teacher of a crochet cruise or train trip

Here's another grand crochet goal and I'm making good progress on it: I wish to understand the deeper, broader reality of crochet to my satisfaction. (I'll know it and you'll hear all about it when I get there.) It drives most of the crochet I do. 


Some Crochet Life List Suggestions

I've grouped them into five short categories: Materials (fibers & yarns, tools, etc.); Construction Methods; Projects/Items; Occasions (Events); and Techniques/Stitches. Some fit into more than one group. These are only some of the stand out crochet experiences I've had. Many link to newsletter issues. Turns out I often write a newsletter about a meaningful crochet experience. (Please note that old issues may have broken links.)
* Starred ones have been life changing or mind-blowing! If you see [Pro: ], it's more relevant for professional crocheters.

1. Experiences with MATERIALS

Fiber, Yarn, Color

Tools & Gauge, Patterns, Miscellaneous


2. Experiences with CONSTRUCTION METHODS

I joined each color panel to the previously completed one as I crocheted each row. This is Yvelino, a lace weight Icelandic wool version of Yveline Wrap (in Delicate Crochet).
I used corner-to-corner construction recently for Flowerfall.


3. Experiences with PROJECTS/ITEMS

  • * Convertible & 'origami' garments to wear multiple ways.
  • * True moebius.
  • * Making jewelry, pretty cords, snowflakes.
  • Structured things with hardware such as fancy handbags.
  • Crocheting a secret code (such as a birthdate) into a gift.
  • Trendy fashion styles, for example, grunge style, steampunk, hippie/boho. 

4. Experiences with OCCASIONS

  • * Attending and volunteering at national and regional crochet conferences.
  • * Taking classes with prominent crochet teachers.
  • * Teaching children and other beginners.
  • CAL (crochet alongs).
  • Local crochet & knit groups.
  • Crochet for my son's school plays and fundraisers.
  • * [Pro:] Crochet booth, freelance designs and crochet articles, production crochet, teaching locally & nationally.


5. Experiences with TECHNIQUES, STITCHES

How can we know what is going to be a meaningful experience until we have it? We can help inspire each other. Is there something I should have listed here? I'd love to know about it. Please post it at this Facebook page, in my Ravelry group, or email me.

Would you like this in a PDF form with PDF with boxes to check off? If enough people think so, I'll create it and link to it in the next newsletter.

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