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Extended Stitch Magic for Tunisian Lace
A TEKS-perimentThis issue is about the power and potential of a single Tunisian crochet stitch, because the more I explore it, the more there is to discover. That’s why I have a “TEKSplorations” folder in my studio. The TEKS part is Tunisian talk for “Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch.” (Above left, a "Teksperiment.")

A crocheter named Sandra emailed me last week about swatches in a 2008 blog post. It turns out that these swatches were my earliest TEKSplorations. I thought this stitch already had its own newsletter issue to which I could refer her, but I've found only mentions of it over time.Tunisian Shakti Scarfythings at
It’s likely you’ve tried the Teks. It's also possible that you've breezed past it in crochet books, where it tends to look unglamorous. (You can see what I mean in my newsletter issue #26, Fun With Blocking.) 

The Teks is an easy stitch to crochet for creating fast gossamer lace and thick warm fabrics. Shakti Scarfythings (montage, upper right) is a tribute to warm Teks on the bias. Let’s add that "E" to TKS with a stitch how-to:

How to TEKS-tend & TEKS-plore

Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch (Teks): Insert hook from front to back between both vertical bars and under all horizontal bars of designated stitch (sometimes called "knitwise"), yarn over and pull loop through to front: this is a Tunisian Knit Stitch or "Tks"; then ch 1. The ch-1 turns a Tks into a Teks. 
Mesmer Tunisian Veils in Ravelry (no-fringe version shown)
Regarding its name, here’s how I introduced the Teks in A Powerful Tunisian Crochet Stitch to Love (Dec. 2011): "For all its power, this Tunisian stitch doesn't seem to be one of the basic stitches one learns after the Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss), even though it's easy to do. It has no standard name or description. I've seen it called Knitwise Extended Stitch, Corded Stitch, Tunisian Knit Single Crochet, Tunisian Shaker Stitch, and 'Tunisian Knit Stitch with a chain-1'."

Calling it “Teks” has been working well for me; it even hints at similar stitches to play with: TES (an extended TSS), TEES (TSS with ch 2), TEEKS (TKS with ch 2), etc.

The Tech of TEKS Effects
(see why I like the name?)

Fine mohair Tunisian Shakti Scarfythings close upThis simple, unique stitch is a wonderland of subtle and special effects. When I chain 1 to complete the stitch (i.e., turn a TKS into a TEKS), the loop that would have remained on the hook now behaves as if it’s “dropped” (to borrow a knit term). In crochet terms, even though the way you crochet it is like a non-Tunisian “extended” single crochet, it behaves as if you crocheted a slip stitch and then pulled up the loop to tighten it. (Using a big hook and blocking later reveals this.)

Teks Filet, FRONT: from Mesmer's photo setTeks Filet, BACK: Mesmer's Photo SetThese two beige filet-like Teks swatches show how the front (left photo) and back (right photo) look so nice that I think of it as reversible: rare for a Tunisian fabric!

Teks & Tyo playing weirdly together.
Surprise! The TES & TEKS play weirdly with other stitches. For example, I find that the two most essential stitches for lacy Tunisian crochet are the TEKS, and the TYO (Tunisian Yarn Over, which does have its own newsletter issue: #10, Breaking Out of Tunisian Ruts). Using them together should be amazing, right? Often more weird than amazing (see photo at left; Tyo + Teks are LESS lacy together).
Rows of Tes instead of Teks.The reason is that a TEKS causes the yarn to ride down low along the previous Return Pass (part of the "corded" effect), but the TYO tries to raise the yarn up high to melt into the new Return Pass. Both create gorgeous lacy holes if they don’t cancel each other out!
Another weird effectthe Return Pass floats within Tes but is anchored down by Teks. Compare this photo of Tes with the above red Teks photo.
Rivuline Tunisian Lace Shawl
When I'm not glamming up a Teks veil with sequins, I think of the stitch more as a design ninja for adding joints (i.e. DRAPE), spacers (i.e. DRAMA), and measuring out extra ease (i.e. STRETCH). The Rivuline border (last photo on left) Has Teks in it for all 3 ninja reasons.

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Glamour TEKS
It's the celebrity stitch of my imagined Crochet Hollywood.
Pink Sequined Silk Mesmer Veil
Mesmer Tunisian Veil of sequined pink silk and mohair.

The Ninja Side of Extended Stitches (see end of left column)
Tes - Yes! for Symmetrical Diamond edges.
The Symmetrical Tunisian Diamond 101 free pattern is brought to you by the letters T and E and S.

Links I Enjoyed This Week
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DesigningVashti News
I'm teaching six crochet classes at CGOA's Chain Link conference this October in Charlotte NC! First details here

My 2013 newsletter goal is to announce a new pattern in each issue! Two this time: Notch and Mesmer.

NEW pattern by Doris Chan is coming very soon!
First views below; also see her blog post.

Notch: slip stitch scarf
Notch: Slip Stitch Crochet Scarf
(Notch brought with it the mystical crochet-fu that finally took Thaxton Hooded Cowl out of beta!) or in Ravelry

Add your vote on three views of Notch in  Facebook

Mesmer Tunisian Veils
Mesmer Tunisian Veils: no fringe version
Fringed or not? Depends on the hook.
Mesmer Tunisian Veil

DORIS CHAN's NEW Cookie pattern is almost ready. (It will appear here:
First Look at Cookie Scarf:
Cookie Scarf: Filet Crochet by Doris Chan
First Look at Cookie Stole:
Doris Chan's newest pattern: Cookie Stole! Coming very soon.
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