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Filet Net Textures, Rotated

This is issue #68 and all is well with your subscription. (Issue #67 was sent in February.) Thanks for your patience during several family-based delays.  Lots of news below!

Rotate a stitch pattern 45º for a fresh surface texture. Have a look: #1-3 are regular crochet, #4-6 are Tunisian. The goal was to design with them as diagonal meshes, so I simulated a bias.
3 regular filet crochet nets rotated 45 degrees.
In photos #1-3, I changed which top loops I crocheted into. In #3, treble stitches are crocheted into the usual top two loops. In #1-2 I used a 3rd lower loop. To me, the gaps in #3 interrupt a possible diagonal mesh look. Perhaps it's because it's too familiar – too iconic as a filet grid (net).

Rotate Tunisian crochet lace for a fresh 'spin'. 3 Tunisian filet nets rotated 45 degrees.

I really like the look of these. Maybe it's because all rows face the front, so nothing interrupts the diamond mesh illusion. The textures seem fresh.

If you didn't know these were crocheted filet-style, i.e. a tall stitch in the top of a tall stitch spaced evenly apart like a graph paper grid, might you think they are a diamond mesh lace?

Diamond Love

Designers know that a fabric set on a 45º bias acquires stylish stretchy drape for clothing. This works even with the classic-though-inelastic filet crochet. It's an inspiring way to bring out new looks in popular crochet stitch patterns. Also, filet net is practically a designing aid (like graph paper).

Aero vs Aery FaeryAs a crocheter I enjoy the process of making     Tunisian lace much more if I'm doing filet instead of diamond mesh. I see now that I've been going in this direction for years, from Aero to Aery Faery.

Aery (on the right) is draping on a full 45º bias. Notice that it has no solid blocks of stitches to indicate which direction the rows are going. Compare with this swatch in Flickr. Its solid blocks of Tunisian double crochets help you to recognize that I've rotated that image 45º. (Here is the original.)

What inspired this newsletter issue the most is finding out that I'm not the only one who enjoys this approach. My crochet friend, Terra, wrote this while making the Minuet Vest
I am so loving this!! I think because the top bars and vertical bars look the same (unlike in regular crochet). It's really neat (tidy) and attractive. I keep catching glimpses of it turned as diamonds! I'm definitely going to have to find something fun to do with that.

A similar thing happened in my Tunisian Lace 101 class last year. It was my first time making use of an overhead projector for a large class. I projected a Tunisian filet swatch onto the wall, rotated to look like diamond mesh. Then I slowly turned it 45º until it was recognizable as a filet net. I saw a startled inspiration on people's faces. I know that feeling!

What About Rotating Diamond Mesh?

Below are two Tunisian diagonal meshes (those small inset photos) that I rotated 45º. Here's what they look like as 'filet net.' See what I mean about new textures?
Two diagonal meshes in Tunisian crochet that are rotated so that they appear to be filet nets.

I've been entranced with filet lace on the bias for years, but haven't really pursued it at the level of a stitch pattern (It means altering how you begin and end rows, which is for another day.) Instead, I've used it in ways that drape in interesting angles from the shoulders. Or, I've started in a corner with it and add filet spaces on the edges, such as with Aery Faery.

Filet for Fashion

Since the 1970's, filet crochet net has been a favorite for summery layers that say "Looks like another beach day!" A chic biasing drape could take filet beyond casual daytime coverups. I'm thinking that this is especially the case with Tunisian filet.

The filet net look is having a hot trend moment in fine fashion yarns and new trendy looks. See what I mean at my Pinterest board: "Trend: Simple Crochet Mesh & Nets."

Note: I blogged filet crochet tips recently. Most tips focus on fine-tuning stitch or row gauge in both regular and Tunisian filet, but see Tips #4-5.

That's it for #68. If you know someone who would enjoy this kind of newsletter, please forward this to them so that they can subscribe. (Click here to subscribe: ) If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me. Thanks!      --Vashti         Helpful links:

Masquerading as a Mesh
A Tunisian hdc filet stitch pattern shown rotated 45ยบ to resemble a diamond mesh. Clicking on photo goes to its non-rotated image on my Pinterest board.
Hard to read these stitches? If so, it might be because they're Tunisian. Identifying the stitch tops would certainly help reveal the row direction. Click image to go to the original non-rotated image on my Pinterest board.

DesigningVashti News
Vashti and Doris
will have our first-ever BOOTH at CGOA's Chain Link conference July 22-25 in San Diego! (a.k.a. the Knit & Crochet Show Market.) We'll be doing demos and other fun stuff. Write it down: Booth #109. This is why Vashti's not on the teaching schedule, except...
Vashti's doing another Get Your Geek On
(With fresh stuff, of course.) Last year's was a hit!

Over the past year designers have been swatching with our Lotus yarn and submitting fabulous design ideas for publication. It's exciting to see these new crochet designs coming out in the pattern magazines! See the Lotus design gallery I created here: 

Filet Lacy Shrug designed by Mary Beth Temple for I Like Crochet magazine April 2015Mary Beth Temple's Filet Lacy Shrug  is in the April I Like Crochet magazine. It takes 2 balls of Lotus (3 for size Large) and a 4mm/G6 hook.
Jennifer E. Ryan's Feileacan Shawl in Lotus yarn for Crochet! Magazine Summer 2015

Jennifer E. Ryan used 3 Lotus balls and her Celtic knot crochet specialty to create this
Féileacán Shawl. It's in the Summer issue of Crochet! magazine.

NEW: The award-winning Minuet Vest is the newest pattern PDF in the shop. It's sized from Extra-XSmall (Teen) to 1X (Womens X-Large). The image below got the most votes in this forum threadNEW Minuet Vest pattern PDF for sizes XXSmall to X-Large.Speaking of Lotus yarn, I used the Cherry Red color for one of the Minuet Vests in the forum images.
Vashti's How to Crochet Book is my biggest news, folks! And get this, I'm blogging it. One or more posts by every Wednesday. 
A compound chain stitch braid for beginning crocheters.I've just started – it's not quite book-like yet. It goes deeply into a stitch, so it's not just for beginning crocheters. If you were in (or heard about) last year's "Get Your Geek On", you could say it's...geeky.
Motif Jacket designed by Doris Chan for WEBS
What's Doris Chan Up To? Doris tells me that her May design for WEBS, as their Designer in Residence, is the Motif Bolero. She built in some open rounds to add a lacy drape.

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Listen to the Underground Crafter, Marie Segares, interview Vashti for her Creative Yarn Entrepreneur podcast.

The Crochet Queen Herself, Gwen Blakley Kinsler, interviewed Vashti for her blog.

Links I Enjoyed This Week
Sue Perez published this free Spinnaker baby hat pattern at her blog. She used the Lotus Snacks (mini-balls) from the 2014 CGOA conference! Spinnaker Baby Hat, a free crochet pattern by Sue Perez using Lotus Snacks! (mini balls)
Sue said: "Just wanted to let you know that your gorgeous yarn worked perfectly for my new baby hat pattern."
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