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Lean Yarn-Conserving Crochet Moves
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Happy New Year! You're reading issue #56. One-yard Color Trinkets: new pattern and yarn kit
I'm inspired lately by subtle changes I can make in my crocheting so that I can get more rainbows out of yarn. These coin-sized cuties each require 36" or less. (That's 91.4 cm, or nearly 1 meter.)

Would you expect to make buttons, flowers, and 1" squares from 36" lengths of yarn? I did, but kept running out of yarn too soon. I needed to stop wasting inches.Stitch Mileage! Same # of hdc, and of extended sc, from 1 yd

Maybe this sounds crazy, or not fun? Stay with me though. I'm surprised by how addicting it is. My fantasy is to have a "designing keychain" that is as charming as a bracelet. Each crocheted color "chip" can be held up to clothes in my closet, or other yarn colors. Each can be independently layered or tiled with other color chips (unlike, say, a striped scarf of 14 attached colors).

Color Combo TripletsI wouldn't have thought to put grey, magenta, and plum together, but that's what happened when I "let the chips fall where they may." (top left corner of photo)

Following are some ninja moves that squeeze more stitches from a yarn. We've probably all come up a bit short of yarn for a project so maybe you'll recognize some of these.

Crocheting Close to the Bone

One-yd flowers require lean centers

The first obvious strategy is to use the shortest possible beginning yarn end. (Normally my yarn ends are at least FOUR inches long, but for this newsletter topic I'm setting aside "normal.") A yarn end won't stay woven in if it's too short, or can't be woven in at all. For color chips I find I can work with a 1" yarn end instead of leaving it unwoven. Surprisingly, switching to an "Adjustable Slip Knot" gives me more control.

The one-yard flowers at right require lean centers; a chain-loop center takes too much yarn!

Somewhat common strategy: Omit the beginning slip knot altogether, or unknot it later when weaving in the end.

Include the yarn end in the foundation chs. I found a video of the way I do it: see the Youtube link at bottom of right column. 

Slip stitch to join or to fasten off? NOPE! Can't spare precious millimeters of yarn. Instead, I slip the slip - my name for when you remove the hook from your st and pull the lp through the place where you would have sl st'd it - like completing a classic popcorn. (Some antique sources called this a sl st...) See abbreviations at end of this column.
Pastel Tiles of Lotus: Fat-free picots used at the cornersLow-fat picots: I might slip the slip that closes a picot. Or, merely hinting at a picot can work: ch 1, sl st in the back bump of the ch just made. (You could also call this a tight love knot.) The pastel tiles at left have fat-free picots in the corners.
Abbrev's: ch=chain, lp=loop, sl st=slip stitch, st=stitch.

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One-Yard Rainbows
A Fun Kind of Yarn Inventory
One-Yard Yarn Snips Crocheted into Color Chips
These little color chips are coming in handy in my studio. I love that they double as jewelry charms!

I'M GIVING AWAY LOTUS COLOR CHIP KITS to the first 25 US residents who purchase a pattern with this coupon link! After that, the kits will be available for the actual cost of materials & shipping: $3.15. 
DesigningVashti News
Doris blogged about Lotus: "New Favorite Crochet Yarn for the New Year

"Corsair" collar by Doris Chan in Peachy Sheen Lotus yarn
Corsair Collar from her Convertible Crochet book shown in Peachy Sheen Lotus yarn. You can see pal Diane Moyer modeling this collar here.

DJC: Tank Girl (pattern in girls' sizes by Doris Chan)
Sweet Sapphire Lotus Sleep Set 
"DJC2: Tank Girl Top," shown with tap pants as lacy pajamas in Junior size S (32"). Isapphire blue Lotus yarn. Pattern for the tap pants is coming soon!
Vashti's Yarn Journaling in December: "How My Lotus Yarn Got its Name"

"Callisto" in Pearly Pearl Lotus yarn: pattern in Convertibel Crochet by Doris Chan
Doris' Callisto Top shown in Lotus yarn from her Convertible Crochet book.
Links I Enjoyed This Week
I found a video that shows how I crochet the starting yarn end into the first few foundation chains. It's in Portuguese and the crocheter (Sônia Maria of Falando de Crochet) is changing colors within a granny square. This link starts the video when she is about to chain 3 while including a yarn end in the chains: 

Omygoodness Look: Raveler LadyGryphon's Spirals Top in Lotus yarn!!
LadyGryphon's DJC Spirals Top in Teal Glimmer Lotus Yarn
DJC Spirals pattern
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