Can You Feel My Menstrual Pain?

Can You Feel My Menstrual Pain?


Introducing a New Music Video


I have always been a strong proponent of honesty in advertising. As a teenager, I was confused by the way Kotex commercials sugarcoated women's periods by using fake blue liquid. When I went through puberty, I could be heard yelling from a few bathroom stalls away, "Mine's not blue! It's red! Help!!!"


In high school, I got called into the principal's office for writing a column titled, "You Know You Have Your Period When..." in the newspaper. I went on to list a bunch of one-liners on why it sucks to be in school and get your period. I thought it was very sexist that a male principal would discipline me over this. I was merely expressing my feelings towards the burden we bear every month.  I left his office in a storm but not without leaving a spot on his chair.


In this new video, I aim to take you through a day in the life of one of our flows. 

See you next month,
Esther Ku

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