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April 6th, 2012
  The Paul Gertner

Super Session Workshop
In the Super Session Workshop Paul Gertner will teach four of his favorite routines straight from his professional close-up show and his corporate speaking program. These are routines that are audience tested that Paul has NEVER taught before. At the Workshop you will be learning routines that Paul has used to make a living as one of the world’s leading corporate magicians for the past 35 years. These routines are not part of Paul’s standard magic lecture and are featured only as part of his Super Session Workshop Series. The only thing we ask is that you keep the routines you learn in this workshop for your use only.

1. Poker Face. An ingenious effect from the mind of Doc Daley that ties in perfectly with today’s world of Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments. You actually give a demonstration of how professional gamblers Know When to Hold Them & Know When to Fold Them. Funny, interactive, dramatic, and it fools them bad. This is the routine that Paul goes to when he has a difficult or challenging spectator, because it stops them dead in their tracks.

2. The Mind-Reading Audience. If you are looking for the perfect way to introduce the CEO or President of a company without that embarrassing image of having them jump out of a box, this is it. It’s an intelligent, funny introduction that delivers a great message, and it makes your client the star of the show. Best of all it is very easy to do and audience tested over 30 years.

3. The Houdini Card Trick. This is Paul’s version of an obscure Ed Marlo routine that is buried in an old publication and we hope it stays buried. Paul has been using it as part of his stage and speaking programs for 30 years and has shared his work on it with just a handful of performers. The only skill required is presentation but the impact of the effect causes the audience to gasp. How many card tricks do you know that can make that claim? Learn it only at the workshop.

4. You’ve Got My Number! This is the one trick we really had to twist Paul’s arm to add to the Super Session. Paul has been secretly using this routine since cell phones became popular. Without giving too much away it has a great story, it’s intelligent, funny and involves the entire audience. Best of all the presentation is designed to deliver a motivational message about sales and creativity while it liter- ally generates repeat business for you. (Paul just booked two more shows last week with this trick.)
It demonstrates Paul Gertner’s unique ability to weave together magic and marketing and shows the thinking that that has kept Paul Gertner working consistently in the competitive corporate magic market for over 35 years. It’s Magic that Means Business.

In addition to the routines above if time permits Paul often goes into depth on the cups & balls, classic force, top change, one-handed top palm and Faro Shuffle depending on the interests of the participants. He also will teach his theory of how to win a magic competition, having won numerous first place awards in his career at conventions ranging from FISM, IBM, SAM and the very first Siegfried and Roy Gold Lion Award ever presented. Workshop attendees should bring a pack of cards and a few half or silver dollars. Also it is very important to bring a note pad and pen. You will be encouraged to take notes as part of the workshop. Seating is limited. Make your Reservation today.

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