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Holiday Party Pictures


 Holiday Party

Fun was had by all!

The Holiday Gathering in December was a great success. We enjoyed renewing friendships and meeting new members. The lyrics put together by "Creative Paula" Mims were sung with zest by all there.

Mary Jo Jarrett, President, recognized with engraved LWV Voter Service Pens many of our members who provided Leadership and Dedication throughout the Fall activities of Voter Registration, Speaker's Bureau and TV Production, and Candidates Forums. The tremendous number of volunteer hours proved to be a successful outreach to the community.
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Mon, Jan 21
Martin Luther King Day

Wed, Jan 23, noon
LWV Polk Co Board Meeting & Workshop
1524 Easton Dr, Lakeland

* * * * *

Wed, Feb 12, noon

LWV Polk Co Board Meeting
1524 Easton Dr, Lakeland

Mon, Feb 18

Presidents' Day

* * * * *

Wed, Mar 13, noon

LWV Polk Co Board Meeting
( Place TBA)

* * * * *

Tue, Apr 2
Municipal Election Day

April 24:
Annual Membership Meeting
(Details TBA)

April 10 - 13:
Legislative Summit & Convention in

President's Message

A special Thank You to Paula Mims, V.P. and past Co-President of the LWV Polk. Paula served as the LWV Representative on the Nominating Committee for Polk's 2nd Efficiency Commission (see article below). We are delighted that the following league members were selected to be members of the Efficiency Commission: Barbara Stampfl, Sandra Sheets, Lillian Lima, Karen Welzel, and Salma Nawlo. Congratulations.

February is a special time for League friendships. The League of Women Voters was founded on February 14, 1920 in Chicago by Carrie Chapman Catt. It has grown into the nationally known and locally engaged non-partisan political organization for men and woman that it is Today.

The League of Women Voters of Florida was formed in 1939 out of 3 local leagues - the Winter Haven League, St Petersburg League, and Winter Park League. Our League has a rich tradition to celebrate. The Winter Haven League was organized in 1938.

Lakeland became a provisional league in 1948. In 1964 the League was renamed League of Women Voters of Polk County. The members of the League have an interest in the civic responsibilities of our representative democracy at all levels of government and advocate for good public policy.
In celebration of our founding I would like to ask you to send in a brief special memory you would enjoy sharing. For example: 1) Why I joined the League; 2) What the League has meant to me; 3) A special league memory you would like to share; or 4) What is special about the League to me.

Send your memory for sharing to our Voter Editor and Looking forward to hearing from you.

Let us celebrate the League of Women Voters this month, the friendships we have made, and the difference we are making in our community.
In League,
Mary Jo

Annual Meeting Planned for April

Stay tuned.
The Board is planning the Annual Membership Meeting of the League of Women Voters of Polk County for Aprli.  The Board Meeting on February 12 will finalize the plans.

If you have any suggestions for changes to the By-Laws or anyone you would like to see nominated for any position on the Board, please contact me or any member of the Board..

Annual Meeting Materials will be sent separately to all League of Women Voters of Polk County members in preparation for the Annual Membership Meeting.

Updating Information for Membership Directory

Those of you with email will soon be receiving a request from me to update your information for the Membership Directory which will be printed for the Annual Meeting.

I will enclose the current information that I have and request that you update it for use in the directory. Those without email will receive a snail mail request.

Thank You for helping maintain its accuracy.

Mary Jo, President

Florida Districts and Legislators

The Fall Elections are over and new districts drawn. Polk League of Women Voters has members living throughout the county. Even members living in the same city may find that they have different representatives based on the new lines and districts.

Get to know your legislators...there are some ones new to serving Polk County or your area. All those who will represent Polk County are listed. A good source of information is always

For information on Florida legislators. website: and Both sites can tell you more about your representatives and committees they serve on.


District 2- Denise Grimsley

District 14 -   Darren Soto

District 15 -  Kelli Stargel

District 39 -   Neil Combee

District 40 -   Seth McKeel

District 41 -   John Wood

District 42 -   Mike LaRosa

District 56 -  Ben Albritton

District 9  -  Alan Grayson

District 10- Daniel Webster

District 15 -   Dennis Ross

District 17 -  Tom Rooney

US Senators:

Senator Bill Nelson

Senator Marco Rubio


Legislative Interviews

Legislative interviews are an important and fascinating way to get to know your legislators, find out what their priorities are, and let them know what our issues are.  It also allows us to collect their stands on the issues important to us. 

At least two League members should be present at each interview.


Local opportunities for face-to face contact:

- To acquaint your legislators with your local League and members in their district.
- To inform your legislators of and about the LWVF 2013 legislative priorities.
- To obtain information for the LWVF professional and volunteer lobbyists.
If you are interested in interviewing any of our local legislators,  please contact
Mary Jo or Sue Schultz.

Interviews are conducted in person by two League Members.  You will be provided a packet for the interview containing:

- Instructions
- Form for Legislative Interview Completed Questions
- LWVF Statement of 2013 Legislative Priorities
     (Handout fo Legislators)
- Background information for each 2013 Priority
- Legislative Interview Questions for each Priority


FSC Lecture Series attended by League Members

On January 10, many LWV Members attended the Lecture Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S. given by journalist Cynthia Barnett as part of the Florida Lecture Series of the Chiles History Center at Florida Southern College, Lakeland.Blue Revolution
There was standing room only as it was a full auditorium.  Mrs. Barnett's latest book "Blue Revolution" calls for a water ethic for America.
Past President Ruby Stinson was able to capture some of the questions asked by the audience at the close of the presentation and answered by the speaker Cynthia Barnett.

Q. Can we pump the Mississippi River for water source?
A. MS River also low. And transporting water is very expensive.

Q. Aren't leaking toilets also a problem?
A. Yes, and pipes underground are also leaking.

Q. Is recovering flood waters feasible?
A. Yes.

Q. Is bottled water a problem?
A. Yes, but only a drop in the bucket. The plastic bottles are worse problem.

Q. Is climate change effecting water?
A. Scientists are uncertain.

Q. Will fresh water again flow free.
A. Yes, I hope so, but it will take a long time.

Q. How can we deal with bad land use decisions of the past?
A. Florida land buying has been successful.


Ruby Stinson

League Members among Nominees for Efficiency Commission

Under Polk County's charter, an Efficiency Commission is required to be appointed every eight years. The commission's job is to "conduct a comprehensive study of government in Polk County."

Specifically, the panel is supposed to examine everything from the organizational structure to the effectiveness of any part of county government.

In addition, the members are also supposed to look for ways to improve and to reduce the cost of providing services "in a responsible and effective manner," which could include looking at privatizing some services or the consolidation of services among various levels of local government within Polk County.

The following League members were nominated:

Lillian Lima, Lakeland, public relations.
Salma Nawlo, Lakeland, Bank of Central Florida marketing specialist.
Sandra Graham Sheets, Lakeland, lawyer, GrayRobinson.
Barbara Stampfl, Lakeland, librarian..
Karen Welzel, Winter Haven, retired human resource director.

We are delighted that the above league members were selected.

Congratulations to all of them.

FL state capitol
Legislative Summit
Convention 2013

Ethics reform.

Election reform.

The implementation of federal health care reform.

And who knows what else the Florida Legislature will come up with.

You tell us...can the state of Florida afford for League members to miss this year's Legislative Summit & Convention?

We don't think so.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 4:00 PM EST
Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM EST


The Governors Inn Hotel
209 South Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301


Jessica Lowe-Minor
League of Women Voters of Florida

From the Treasurer

Thanks to the following for their generous donations made during Nov.15 to Feb. 3.


$100 from Jo Ann Holmes

*These are not tax deductible

All donations to the local League benefit our programs and are greatly appreciated.

Polk Educational Fund

Tax deductible contributions made out to “LWV of FL educational fund” and on memo “Polk Education Fund”. These funds can be used by Polk County for Educational purposes and for part of our State and National dues.

Currently this fund has $590.44

Firearm Violence
LWVPolk Position

Did You Know ?

In 2002, the local Polk League of Women Voters completed a comprehensive study of Firearm Violence Prevention.

The Consensus of the Study was that the League of Women Voters of Polk County will:

1. Support public education to prevent firearm injuries and deaths.
2. Work with professionals to identify persons at risk and develop effective intervention methods.
3. Support efforts to reduce injuries and deaths from domestic violence using firearms.
4. Support legislation to ensure that in Polk County handguns are sold only to legally qualified buyers and can be traced if used in crime.
5. Support law enforcement efforts to prevent and reduce the incidence of firearm violence.
6. Support continued research on gun violence issues in Polk County.


Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, has been named Central Floridian of the Year 2012 by the Orlando Sentinel. Congratulations! Deirdre. LWV Polk appreciates your League Leadership!

The Speaker's Bureau

Ann speaking    Janet Speaking
The Speaker's Bureau will be having additional training on Affordable Health Care and Election Reform in Florida. If you have an interest in being trained and being part of the Speaker's Bureau please contact Janet Stevens, Coordinator of the Speaker's Bureau and let her know of your interest.

Contact Us
Board of Directors:

Mary Jo Jarrett, President

Paula Mims, Vice President

Ann Weeks, Secretary

Janet Stevens, Treasurer

Sandra Sheets

Sue Schultz, Voter Service

Lynn Mawhinney

Nancy Simmons

Jerry Weeks

Off-Board Specialists:

Judy Walker, Voter Service

Fundraising & Government
Paula McKay Mims

Library, Barbara Stampfl

Speakers Bureau, Janet S

Voter Editor / Webmaster
Jerry Weeks


Super Leaguer Tee-shirts Order Form
(for members only)

Tee Shirts are $18 each and will be shipped to one location. We will distribute to those who order via our events, a central pick-up location and home delivery if needed. Payment is due when you receive the shirt! Please circle the cut you want and your size. The Ladies cuts are more tailored and run one size small!

Ladies’s sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL

General sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL, (XXXL – can be special ordered)



Phone #:___________________________________________

Please send the above to Treasurer, LWV of Polk, PO Box 934, Lakeland, Fl 33802-0934 or email this information to
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