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Hot Topic:    

My Ride - Countywide Transit

When:     Wednesday, Sep 25, 11:30 am

Where:    Cleveland Heights Country Club
               2900 Buckingham Ave, Lakeland 

Who:        Tom Phillips, Executive Director,
                Citrus Connection & Polk Transit

LWV Polk, to help us understand and advocate for public policy in the transportation arena, is fortunate to have an expert on the Polk County transit as our speaker!

Tom Phillips is the Executive Director of both the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District and Polk Transit.  He will give us an update on what is happening in countywide transit as well as answer any questions we may have.  This is a great opportunity for us to get information straight from someone in the know!
Cost:  $11.50 for soup, salad, sandwich buffet

RSVP to Paula Mims, 258-1988 or 
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July 4, Thursday
Independence Day

 * * *
Aug 28, Wed, 11:00 am
Tour of Supervisor of Elections Office,
* * *
Sep 2, Monday
Labor Day

Sep 11, Wed, 12:30 pm
LWV Board Meeting
United Way, Highland
City  (bag lunch) 

Sep 24, Tuesday
National Voter
Registration Day

Sep 25, Wed, 11:30 am
Hot Topic: Transportation in Polk, Cleveland Heights Country Club, 2900 Buckingham Ave, Lakeland

* * *
Oct 9, Wed, 12:30 pm
LWV Board Meeting
United Way, Highland City (bag Lunch)

Oct 10, Thu, 5:00 pm
Back to League
Red Door
733 E Palmetto St

Oct 14, Monday
Columbus Day

Oct 30, Wed, 11:30 am
Hot  Topic:  Polk Schools Moving Forward, Super. Kathryn Leroy,
Cleveland Heights, 2900 Buckingham Ave, Lakeland
* * *
Nov 5, Tuesday
Municipal Election Day
Nov 11, Monday
Veterans Day

Nov 20, Wed, 6:30 pm
Hot Topic:  Women in Society
Florida Southern College, Lakeland

President's Message


It has been an exciting summer
for the League.  For those of you who
have been away, Welcome Back.

 The Charter School Committee is doing a great job. They met several times over the summer and are continuing in the fall to study Charter Schools.  For more information contact Nancy Simmons, Chair.

Hearing from Carolyn Bridges made all who attended that meeting understand the concept of charter, choice and magnet schools and how they are to meet standards in Polk County.

We also had a great time at the Supervisors of Elections Office. Lori Edwards as always explained all the new election laws in a clear and concise manner.  Judy Walker headed up the tour.

Polk League hosted a state meeting on Management Leadership Development held at the Terrace Hotel. League members from around the state attended the training. All were impressed with Lakeland and vowed to come back to visit. Thanks to Paula Mims, MaryJo Jarrett and Connie Prince for assisting. 

Coming up on Sept 25, we have an exciting program planned on transportation in the county at Cleveland Heights Country Club. Our speaker is Tom Phillips, the Executive Director of the Citrus Connection. Make your reservation soon. We hope everyone will attend.

The  League is also collecting petitions for the Land and Legacy initiative. If you have not signed the petition or can help getting your friends and family to sign one, just let me know and we will get some to you. 

Look at the Calendar on the left for a listing of all the exciting programs coming up. Put them on your calendar and be sure to attend.
Sue Schultz, President

Picture of Sue Schultz

National Voter Registration Day       


Rooted in the movement that secured the right to vote for women, the League of Women Voters has worked to foster civic engagement and enhance access to the vote since we were founded in 1920. Over time our work has evolved from efforts to gain and foster women’s suffrage to ensuring that all eligible voters – particularly those from traditionally underrepresented or underserved communities, including first-time voters, youth, new citizens, minorities, the elderly and low-income Americans – have the opportunity and the information to exercise their right to vote. 

Voter registration is a key element in this process.  On September 24, LWV Polk is partnering with the Supervisor of Elections Office to blanket the county with voter registration sites.

Become a part of National Voter Registration Day - If you would like to participate, please contact Ann Weeks at 648-4127 or


Your Vote Counts

Membership & Leadership Development
State Workshop Held in Polk County

The MLD (Membership & Leadership Development) Program is a program sponsored and funded by the LWVUS.  The Program is aimed at energizing and growing the League at all levels (local, state & national).  As part of the program, local Leagues employ best practices focused on strengthening and growing the League's impact, with the help of state and national coaches (Ruth Shur Fellows).

LWV Florida, in conjunction with the National League and the Shur Fellows, held a training workshop for League Coaches to assist the Florida Leagues teams with developing their Leadership and Membership Skills.   Polk County hosted the event in downtown Lakeland at the Terrace Hotel on  August 24 & 25.  Nineteen Leagues from as far away as Miami and Tallahassee and as near as Orange and Hillsborough participated.  Sue Schultz, President of Polk County LWV, personally greeted the registrants as they arrived.
Polk County League was represented by Sue Schultz and Board Member Connie Prince. They will meet monthly by phone with their MLD Coach, Pat Southward, from Seminole County on ideas to develop the leadership skills and participation of our membership.  The Program focuses on fostering change through Appreciative Leadership.
Mary Jo Jarrett, past president and current membership chair, is one of five Florida State MLD Coaches which includes: Pat Southward, Rebecca Sager, Caroline Emmons-Schramm and Amanda Patanow.   Mary Jo  is paired with Leadership of Orange County and Hillsborough County. She, along with the other MLD Coaches, attended an additional workshop to develop their coaching skills for the program and also had the opportunity to work with the league teams they will coach.  Kathe Thompson is the Coordinator for the Florida MLD Program.

The Workshop on "Fostering Change through Appreciative Leadership" was presented by Shur Fellows:  Kelly McFarland Stratman (Alabama); Lineah Davey (Colorado) and Myna Evans (LWVUS).  Lineah is the National Contact for the Florida State Coaches and will meet with them monthly.  All three Shur Fellows provided insight and opportunities for learning during the program.
Submitted by Mary Jo Jarrett

Sue, Mary Jo, Connie
Sue Schultz, Mary Jo Jarrett, Connie Prince
Sue, Connie, Pat Southward

From the Treasurer

Membership Renewals are Due!

Renew Your Dues Today for 2013-14!

Thanks to the members that have already paid their dues for 2013-14.  Our fiscal year starts April 1 and our dues run with our fiscal year. Individual membership dues are $60 annually.  This amount includes League membership in the Local ($15), State ($15) and National ($30).

 We also offer the Susan B. Anthony Membership level of $100 which helps support more local activities. One change this year is we have added the Carrie Chapman Catt Membership level of $250.


Individual Member         $60
Additional Household
               Member          $30
Susan B. Anthony
            Membership     $100
Carrie Chapman Catt 
             Membership     $250

 If you have not renewed your membership yet, please submit a check to “LWV of Polk County” and mail the check to:

   LWV of Polk County
   PO Box 934
   Lakeland, FL   33802
   Attention: Janet Stevens

Thank you
 Janet Stevens, Treasurer

Welcome New Member!

We have a new member who has valuable skills & experience to contribute.

Vanessa Hammill

Picture Gallery

June Board Meeting 

Pictures from June Hot Topic
on Charter Schools with Carolyn Bridges
at Fresco's Bistro

Red, White & Kaboom

 The League did a registration drive and collected petitions for the Land and Legacy Petition drive. The event was very well attended with many people stopping by. Twenty people registered to vote that evening and about 50 signed the petition.

The League's participation was the perfect collaboration with an event meant to honor the founding of our country! Thank you to the members who participated! 

Photos from August SoE Tour & Lunch

Central Florida Naturefest Coming Oct. 3- 6
Polk County tourism officials are sponsoring a four-day series of field trips Oct. 3-6 to show off Polk’s varied natural wonders.  It is called Central Florida Naturefest and it will have something for everyone interested in outdoor adventures, wildlife and Polk’s natural heritage.
There will be birdwatching, paddling, photography workshops, night tours, hikes, airboat and swamp buggy tours and more.  I will be leading one of the tours, which will highlight a little-visited scrub preserve on the outskirts of Auburndale.
Although the festival is being marketed to attract tourists to Polk County,  local folks can register, too.
There are some new events this year.  In addition to the scrub tour, there will be hikes on some of the properties owned and managed by Green Horizon Land Trust and an excursion for hard-core birdwatchers to see how many species they can find in a single day, an event known as a Big Day.

        Click to see website:

Natural Resources

 We have finally discovered the North West passage.  Of course it has been there all the time, hidden by ice which was then covered with snow.  All that’s gone.  Ships will now be zipping back and forth across the top of the world.  Russia, the US (courtesy of Alaska), the UK and Iceland are carving up drilling rights and planning shipping routes.  Icelandic fishermen are already stopping off to have their catches frozen in China where energy is cheaper.
You’ve got the picture.  Think one step farther.  That gleaming ice and snow which was reflecting sunlight is now deep dark water all year long –it is rapidly heated by all the sunlight it absorbs.  Not only is it getting warmer but all our winds and humidity which have been getting organized up north are changing their routes and they are still not and may never return to the usual patterns (until the water starts freezing again in about 2,000 years).
As natural resource people I think we have a big job ahead of us.  The clever mobile birds are already looking for places their prey have moved and they are moving too.  The red mangroves who have found their water too salty are dying off and new red mangroves from the floating pods are moving up the rivers.  The Black mangroves are not so well adapted and we may have to plant them further inland.  Maybe we need to find a place for the panther to move to higher ground.  Due to increased population and decreasing dry land the Big Cypress group needs to move above the Caloosahatchee.
I can remember when the environmental slogan was sustainability – then it started changing to adaptability and the move after that is resilience or bouncing back


Beverly Sidenstick

* * * * * * * *

Campaign for Florida's Water and Land Legacy

 Zita Stanley has petitions available for those wishing to assist in this effort.   Please contact her at 646-4739.  Click on logo below to view the website.


The League has “Defenders of Democracy” tee shirts for sale. 

Supply and sizes are limited.  The cost is $20.00 a shirt. 

To be a superwoman’s leaguer contact Ann Weeks
at (863) 648-4127
and get your tee shirt now!

Superintendent of Schools
Community Meetings


Superintendent Kathryn LeRoy is coming to a school near you.

Come hear the Superintendent’s plan to improve our schools! Find the location that is closest to you and show up! Great time to ask questions and hear the vision!


All meetings held 6:00 – 7:00pm

 August 26 - Spessard Holland Elementary School
 September 5 – Rochelle School of the Arts
September 9 – Spook Hill Elementary School
September 16 ‐ Highlands Grove Elementary School
September 23 – Winter Haven High School
October 1  – Ridge Community High School
October 7 – Tenoroc High School
October 14 – Frostproof Middle‐Senior High School


Sue Schultz, President

Nancy Simmons, Vice President

Paula Mims, VP Programs

Judy Walker, Secretary

Janet Stevens, Treasurer

Wanda Howard

Mary Jo Jarrett

Connie Prince

Sue Schultz, Voter Service


Off-Board Specialists:

Mary Jo Jarrett, Membership

Judy Walker, Voter Service

Ann Weeks, Voter Service
Voter Registration

Fundraising & Government
Paula McKay Mims

Library, Barbara Stampfl

Speakers Bureau, [OPEN]

Voter Editor / Webmaster
Jerry Weeks

LWV Websites:



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