Annual Meeting Materials

Annual Meeting

We look forward to seeing all our wonderful members and friends at this year's Annual Meeting

   Date:  Thursday, March 27

   Place:  Lakeland Yacht Club,
                929 Lake Hollingsworth, Lakeland

   Time:   11:30 am - Lunch followed by Meeting

   Price:    $25.00
Guests and prospective members are welcome.


See below for your Annual Meeting materials.

Annual Meeting Materials


Please review these materials before the meeting.


The LWV Polk County Board of Directors recommends one change to our local programs.  Click here to see the revised Charter Schools position based on the Consensus Meeting in January.


The LWV Polk County Board of Directors recommends no change to the current Bylaws.


The LWV Polk County Board of Directors recommends no change to the current Policy.

 See below or CLICK HERE



 Proposed Slate of Officers

League of Women Voters of Polk County
 Nominating Committee Report 2014-2015
President        Sue Schultz
Vice-Pres.       Nancy Simmons
VP Program    Sandra Sheets
Treasurer        Vanessa Hammill
Secretary        Mary Jo Jarrett
 Board Members
   Shannon Allen  2014-2016
   Paula Mims       2014-2015
   Connie Prince   2014-2016
   Jerry Weeks      2014-2015
( 2 board members filling remaining one year terms )
President Board Appointments for 2014-2015
   Jean Harden
   Salma Nawlo 
   Ann Weeks


 Submitted by  Barbara Stampfl
Chair of Nominating Committee
Other members:                        
   Mary Jo Jarrett
   Sandra Sheets


District Public Charter Schools        (Jan 2014)

Polk County LWV Local Consensus January 2014
  1.  The school grade assessed by the State of Florida shall take into consideration the type of student population of each public school including charter schools. Schools with entry/exit policies that dismiss students with low grades, poor FCAT test scores or academic retention at grade level shall be graded on a different scale than schools that do not have such entry/exit policies for student membership at the school.
  2. All charter school management companies and/or boards shall be required by law to be made up of a majority of people residing in the local (County) district and shall have the same transparency required of other public boards.         
  3. Each district and the charters within that district shall be required by law to meet at least once annually to share successful, innovative programs.      
  4. Federal and Florida State regulations for all public schools shall be as flexible as those for charter schools, providing the same opportunities for creativity and innovation that  are currently allowed only in charter schools

Budget 2014-2015

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