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Back-to-League Social

with Orientation to Speakers Bureau

Open to All Members!

When:    Wednesday, Sept 24, 11:30 am

Where:   Cleveland Heights Golf Course
           2900 Buckingham Ave, Lakeland

The League of Women Voters of Polk County is holding a social gathering to welcome everyone back from their summer activities

Come and learn about the exciting activities planned this year and figure out which ones you're interested in.  Learn more about the Speakers Bureau and observe a  practice session on Explaining the Amendments.

Refresh your League Knowledge, Make New Friends, and Get Involved.
You're All Invited!

Cost:  $12 for soup, salad, sandwich buffet

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Sep 1, Monday
Labor Day

Sep 10, Wed, 12:30 pm
LWV Board Meeting
United Way, Highland City (bag lunch)

Sep 17, Wednesday
Constitution Day
FSC  Celebration at 10 am

Sep 18, Thurs, 8 am - 5 pm
Sheriff's Leadership Council Tour, Faith Lutheran Church, 211 Easton Dr, Lakeland

Sep 23, Tuesday
National Voter 
Registration Day

LWV Voter Registration Events with SOE office

Sep 24, Wed, 11:30 am
Back-to-League Social
& Orientation to Speakers Bureau
Cleveland Heights, 2900 Buckingham Ave, Lakeland
Sep 27, Saturday
Voter Registration Event
* * *
Oct 3, Friday
Voter Registration Event

Oct 6, Monday
Last day to register for General Election
Oct 7, Tues
Forum: Amendments
& County Referendum

County Admin. Bldg.

Oct 8, Wed, 12:30 pm
LWV Board Meeting
United Way, Highland
City  (bag lunch) 
Oct 14, Tues
Candidate Forum
US Congress

County Admin. Bldg.

Oct 16, Thurs
Candidate Forum
Florida Representatives

County Admin. Bldg.
* * *
Nov 4, Tuesday
General Election Day
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Volunteers Needed for Candidate Forums
We need volunteers to serve as greeters, questioners, question gatherers and timekeepers. In addition to the August dates above, the tentative schedules for the General Election Forums are
October 7, 14  16
Help make the LWV of Polk County a thriving and energetic League.
Please call Sue Schultz to volunteer or with any questions at 646-4634.

President's Message


The League has been extremely busy this election season. The August forums are behind us and we are now preparing for three forums in October in preparation for the Nov. 4 election.

 On October 7, we will present the three state Constitutional Amendments and the My Rides/My Roads county referendum. There will be speakers for and against each of the issues presenting their view.

 On October 14, we have invited all Congressional Candidates who represent Polk County to participate in that forum. 

The last forum will take place on October 16. All State Senate and Representative candidates have been invited. all members are invited to assist. Please contact me at:

All forums take place at the County Commission Building in Bartow at 7:00 pm.

Ann Weeks is spearheading our voter registration efforts. She is also heading the Speakers Bureau to get information to voters about the amendments and the county referendum.

Please contact her if you have a group interested in the presentation, or if you would like to become certified to register voters. 

On September 24, we have a social with an orientation to the Speakers Bureau and a presentation of the amendments. See the article above.

The League has Voter Guides available. They have information about the amendments and statewide candidates. If anyone would like to help get them to any group, please contact me.

The League is thrilled to welcome two interns from Florida Southern College. They are Katie Widner and Quay Parks. They will be helpful in many ways including how to reach out to young people and get them interested in their government. 

The League is also inviting all candidates participating in the General Election to come to Lakeland's First Friday on October 3, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  We will also be doing voter registration that evening.  Come join us. 


Sue Schultz, President


Sheriff's Leadership Council Tour
Thursday, Sep 18, 9 am to 5 pm


This one-day training session allows community and business leaders the opportunity to view first-hand the Sheriff's Office operations.

Transportation is provided and our group will be picked up at  7:30 am at: 
Faith Lutheran Church, 211 Easton Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803
.  We will return by 5 pm to this location.  Lunch is provided as well as coffee/Danish/muffins for breakfast and cookies/water for afternoon snack.
Sheriff's Leadership Council Agenda

8:00am                             Participants arrive at Sheriff's Operation Center, small World Tours
11:40 am                          Central County Jail, Lunch with Senior Staff
12:20pm                          Central County Jail Tour       
1:10 pm                           Book-In Tour, Lawrence W. Crow Jr. Building
2:20 pm                           Hanger Tour, Bartow Airbase
3:30 pm                           Southwest District presentations and demonstrations
4:30 pm                           Return to Drop Off Location

Membership and Leadership Development
 August 23 - 24  In Lakeland
Florida In-State Training
 On August 23 & 24, the Third  Annual LWVFL Membership and Leadership Program Training was hosted by LWVPolk at the Terrace Hotel in Lakeland.  The program was developed by the National League to train state coaches and local league MLD teams to work with the local leagues to develop their leaders and members and GROW THE LEAGUES in their communities. Many local leagues  from throughout Florida sent their MLD Teams to receive the training.  New Coaches were also trained in the GROW ME Model.

 LWVUS Shur Fellows, Lineah Davey, Myra Evans, and Haley Richards presented the program.   Sue Schultz, president and Connie Prince, MLD Team Member, registered participants.  Paula Mims provided bags of goodies, coupons, and info on Lakeland.  Jerry Weeks, the newest member of our local MLD team, took photographs of the event for all Leagues to share with their membership. Sandra Sheets was welcomed to the MLD Coaches.   Sandy previously served as state mentor for development of Florida local leagues.  Mary Jo Jarrett,  Florida State MLD Coordinator  and planner of the event, was pleased with the participation.   Pat Southward of the Seminole League is the Coach of the Polk League's MLD Team.  All MLD teams meet monthly with their League Coach.


Submitted by Mary Jo Jarrett
Basic dues include dues to National, State, and local league.
Membership Levels

Individual Member                               $60
    Additional Household Member        $30
College Student                                   $40
Susan B. Anthony Membership          $100
Carrie Chapman Catt Membership     $250

If you have not renewed your membership yet, please submit a check to “LWV of Polk County” and mail the check to:

   LWV of Polk County
   PO Box 934
   Lakeland, FL   33802
   Attention: Vanessa Hammill

Thank you to the following for their support:

Susan B. Anthony Memberships
Connie Prince
Helen Sears
Jessie Thrasher
Judith Darby
Lisa Parks Abberger
Ruby Stinson
Sheryl Strang
Sue Schultz
Carrie Chapman Catt Memberships
Barbara Stampfl
Nancy Simmons
Beverly Sidenstick
Suzy Bromwell
Ann and Jerry Weeks
Paula and Tom Mims
 New Members!

Emily Crossfield

Andy Crossfield

Quay Parks


Katie Widner

Voter Registration Activities

National Voter Registration Day, Sept 23

National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 23rd.  We will be assisting the Supervisor of Elections Office in conducting voter registration events.  I am looking for 6 people to work half a day.  Passing the State League’s test is not required to help with this event because we are partnering with the SOE.

Please contact Ann Weeks at

Voter Registration in Eloise, Sept 27

Are you ready for some fun?  Then help with a voter registration drive on Saturday, September 27, noon to four, at the Hispanic Heritage Festival in Eloise.  You must have passed the LWV Florida’s test.  This takes about fifteen (15) minutes.  The web site is  Use the tab “For Members” and select the last item “Voter Registration”.

Please contact Ann Weeks at

 Voter Registration in Lakeland, Oct 3
On Friday, October, 3 the League is partnering with Downtown Lakeland Partnership (DLP).  Members that participate in a league sponsored voter registration drive must have passed the State League’s test.  This takes about fifteen (15) minutes.  The web site is  Use the tab “For Members” and select the last item “Voter Registration”.

Please contact Sue Schultz at

Submitted by Ann Weeks

Picture Gallery

New Member Orientation
 (June 26)

  The Membership Committee provided a league orientation to our membership welcoming our new members in late June.   Twenty-five members attended the event.  Sandra Sheets, Mary Jo Jarrett, Connie Prince, Jerry Weeks and Ann Weeks shared League information with our enthusiastic new members.  A future member orientation is in the plans.

Voter Registration Tables
Lakeland:  Red, White, Kaboom (July 3)
Winter Haven:  Wilfred Smith Center (Aug 9)

Candidate Forum Pictures
(August 5 & 14)

Board of Directors Meeting

(September 10)
Sue Schultz, President

Nancy Simmons, Vice President

Sandy Sheets, VP Programs

Mary Jo Jarrett, Secretary/Membership

Vanessa Hammill, Treasurer

Shannon Allen

Paula Mims

Connie Prince

Jerry Weeks

Jean Harden

Salma Nawlo, Marketing

Ann Weeks

Off-Board Specialists:

Natural Resources, Beverly Sidenstick,

Fundraising & Government
Paula McKay Mims

Library, Barbara Stampfl

Speakers Bureau, Ann Weeks

Voter Editor / Webmaster
Jerry Weeks

LWV Websites:




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