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What's New With TQ?
We're Getting a New Agent Portal!

We are very excited about the new portal. It will have a fresh, clean look with ultra easy navigation and some amazing features....

Advanced Site Search 
Type in a word to search through the whole site - the forum posts, rolodex, articles, and even inside of documents that have been posted! It also starts showing results as you type which is handy if you're not sure what you're looking for.

Interactive Forum 
With the new forum agents will be able to 'Ask a Question', 'Start a Discussion',  or 'Ask for Advice'. Agents can then choose the best answer(s), which pins them under the question making it easier for agents to find the answers quickly!

Earn Points and Status 
Agents can earn points by contributing to the forum, writing comments, and adding ratings. The more points an agent has, the higher their status! 

Control Alerts 
Agents can sign up for instant, daily, weekly, or monthly updates for only the topics they want to hear about!

Total Privacy Control 
We understand that not everyone wants to put up a photo or their thoughts. No problem.
Agents will have complete control on what they want to show and to whom. 

Welcome to the Office
We're Moving!

We are extremely excited to announce that TQ Headquarters will be moving to a new location August 1st! We will still be in Albertville, MN (otherwise known as 'Paradise on Earth') but will  have a new address and building.

TQ's CFO, Walt Lee, renovated the former bank to suit our needs! That's right, in his spare time, he is pretty much single handedly renovating the new building. Taking out walls, windows, redoing the floors, rewiring, putting up a new ceiling... you name it, he did it! 
Check out our pictures of the process!

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Industry FAQs
We talk to a lot of agents that are just starting out in the travel industry. We've decided to take some of our most frequently asked questions, and answer a few of them in each newsletter!

How can I sell a place I haven't been to?

This is a common question (sometimes even fear) that new agents have. No need to fear, Travel 42 is here! Thousands of agents rely on it every day for an unbiased review on destinations, hotels, cruises, and more! 
For more information on Travel 42, check out this article.


How do I protect my travel agency from credit card fraud?

This question is often brought up by new and seasoned agents alike. Knowing what the red flags look like is half the battle. Here is a great article on what to look for, and how to protect your agency.
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