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This Is It!

The OFFICIAL® Jack's Catstm State of Swing©
CD Release Party

The one and only, no-cover-charge, OFFICIAL STATE OF SWING CD RELEASE PARTY featuring Jack’s Cats at its full-strength, all-seven player, biggest and best. It all happens at The Barkley Restaurant and Bar, 1400 Huntington Drive in South Pasadena at 9PM on Friday, June 21st.

Are you a fan, friend, relative, co-worker, fellow musician, past or present landlord, former — or future — spouse or lover, even casual acquaintance, who has EVER mumbled something supportive about our music? This is your chance to step up and prove the strength of your commitment. (And have a swell time in the process).

Yes, help us launch our fancy new album without spending a $0.00 on a cover charge. That's right — we've arranged it so you can invest your hard-earned music money on the good food and drink at the Barkley — while of course saving a little for one of our beautiful new, signed, limited edition letterpress encased CDs filled with 14 tracks of all-original Jack's Cats studio-perfect tunes (or a digital download if you're tech savvy).

  • Dance Floor!
  • Good cheap food and drink!
  • Efficient staff!
  • Friendly crowd!
  • Free parking!
  • Attractive musicians!
  • 4 hours of spectacular entertainment!
The thrills begin at 9PM; continue to 1AM! Read about the Barkley, then call (626) 799-0758 for reservations. Tell them you're a friend of the band and receive a free, "That's nice." from a staff member.

Or perhaps....
Feeling Fancy?
On Saturday, June 29th, we're excited to be joined by glamorous guest vocalist Courtney Lemmon — a gal with solid jazz/swing chops. (See for yourself!) Reserve early for discounted tickets to Los Angele's most beautiful dining and dancing palace, then see why famed impresario Maxwell DeMille has declared: "Jack's Cats is Paul McCartney's favorite swing band! ...or is it Lady Gaga's?" The swellness commences at 8:30PM.

More Upcoming Shows

July 13, 7PM - 11PM
Our trio returns to Edwin Mills
July 31, 7:30 - 9:30PM
Guest Courtney Lemmon joins us at Le Petit Paris
August 10, 7PM - 11PM
Our trio (with Marcus the singing bassist) returns to Edwin Mills

How We Did It.

We're offering The State of Swing encased with full liner notes in a signed, limited edition (only 500!), letterpress art sleeve. Get the whole story here. If you can't get to Los Angeles for one of our shows visit us on line.

E-commerce now a reality!

Sad 'cause you can't make it to our show? Perhaps you live on another continent, or are scheduled for surgery that night? Enduring a lengthy and unjust incarceration? At Jack's Cats we understand it can sometimes be challenging to support true musical genius. That's why we've set up this facebook store so you can enjoy our music in the privacy of your own home or cell.
Have you seen Jack's Cats' facebook page? It has the little day-to-day fun and updates that don't make it to our newsletter or website. Stop by and "Like" us: Jack's Cats on facebook. C'mon! Don't give us the air!
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