What's all this? Simply the latest derring-do in the life of a jazz clarinetist and upcoming opportunities for you to join the party, listen to some swell tunes, or cut a rug. Please remember you can always get the latest by visiting

Our Annual Gift to You....

Over the years this popular event has become a tradition: four hours of "pre-bop" swing smack-dab in the middle of the Season with nary a Holiday song to be found in the mix!
Come cleanse your ears!
Join us!

Coming Attractions

Join the trio for the nearly-longest-nite-of-the-year at Edwin Mills
* Wednesday, December 26th *
Boxing Day at Le Petit Paris means our vintage jazz trio! The trio's first gig of 2019! Pasadena's Edwin Mills hosts. Dine and dance with us at TOCA's Cabaret Series. Jack's Cats begins a high profile residency at a premier L.A. venue. Wowie-wow-wow!
...There's always more on our calendar! Check out our latest listings here: www.JacksCats/gigs

Joe's Knows

Just a little while back we were invited to debut at Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, a much-beloved haven for vintage music and dance in Burbank, CA. Our prize for the evening was many new friends and this shot with Joe's iconic marquee. They didn't know us when we walked in, but they know us now and have promised to have us back!
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See here! Hear what you'll hear here! At a recent rehearsal we put needle to wax. Experience the resulting groove for yourself....
Jack's Cats Sampler by Jack's Cats

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