Summer Stress

The garden, the beach and the mountains are calling but rescue volunteers are on the road or glued to their computers because of all the dogs needing rescue.  Are summers worse than any other time in rescue?  That's the common wisdom and our experience as dogs mount up in shelters and fewer fosters are available because of vacations. Our volunteers are scrambling to carry  the additional load.  Some have even doubled-up on foster dogs. Requests for rescue to take owner surrenders are coming in daily.  It's DO or DIE in many cases.  If you don't want these dogs to die, please DO what you can by either fostering or donating towards boarding costs to alleviate the summer stress.

Calendar Contest Heats Up

There's an early front runner in National Pyr's 2012 calendar cover contest. The very handsome Bear from New Jersey has taken an early lead.  Bear has a small army of 33 supporters who have put him in first place with $363. The big guy had surgery recently and  his owner entered him in the contest as a gift to him. Right now there are 26 dogs in the contest lined up behind Bear, all vying to be top dog. 

 It costs $25 to submit a photo of your dog to the  2012 Happy Endings Calendar and cover contest.  If you enter the contest, you will be competing with the lovely Pyr Sisters from Colorado, Zsa  Zsa and Dakota
(left ), curently in second place. Every contest dollar equals one point; the dog with the highest number of points will be our calendar cover dog and the money raised goes to help rescue. 

The deadline for submitting photos for the contest and calendar is August 31 Although the magnificent Suleiman from Connecticut (right), now holds  third place in the contest, there's still time to compete. It should be some consolation, even if you don't win, that your dog's photo will be published in the calendar, you'll receive a copy of the calendar and help a worthy cause. The calendar is filling up quickly.  Half of the calendar spots are reserved  and July and January 2012 are filled. Don't wait and be left out in the cold! The information for entering your dog in the calendar and contest is here, so go get  a jump on 2012 now.

Akbash, Kuvasz, Mar-what?

We frequently get rescue calls for Akbash, Kuvasz and  Maremmas. We also see Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Komondors and everything in between.  We do our best to help since these breeds are all livestock guardian dogs. DNA tests can help identify many breeds but as these breeds are rare, the DNA markers are not in place to  identify all of  them. We notify the breed rescues for these dogs but the rarer the breed,  the less likely a breed-specific rescue can help.  We are looking for a foster for Lady (above) from Northern  Mississippi in cooperation with Akbash Rescue who will pay her transport.  Lady is spayed and vaccinated.  She can head north soon so please contact Kelly if you can foster  her or another dog.

Angel in Need

Luna  is an Akbash who traveled from Texas to Portland, OR to find a new home.  She found one with a caring family but now she has a serious medical issue.  It was thought that Luna had an old injury from being hit by a car but now it's been determined that  she may have an aggressive degenerative bone disease that is possibly cancer or fungal. She needs a biopsy of her leg and jaw and blood tests to determine what's wrong. Without treatment it could be anywhere from two weeks to a few months before she can no longer eat. Luna may already be in some pain and her lungs are also showing some potential disruption. Please help us diagnose her problem and get her on the road to recovery.  Luna's ChipIn and our Neediest Cases updates can be found here .

Fundraising Fun

NGPR and Three Scoops of Vanilla are teaming up for an online fundraiser on Friday, August 19. Three Scoops of Vanilla's President and artist, Erin Furman, creates unique, artisan bracelets with dog, cat, and horse-inspired themes; the pieces are stunning and not only make great gifts for yourself but also for upcoming holiday and birthday gifts.  The pieces (like the one above designed for National Pyr) are very affordable, ranging in price from $20 to $40 and many can be personalized.  On one day only, Friday, August 19, 25% of everything and anything that is purchased from Three Scoops of Vanilla will be donated to NGPR. Click here for details about August 19 and having fun shopping to benefit  rescue.
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