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2014 Calendars

The first copies of the new supersized Happy Endings calendar are rolling off the press and will start mailing early in November.

Kaiser is the Top Dog on our 2014 calendar cover. He was surrendered to a Massachusetts shelter at the age of four. His owner got him when he was six months old  from a farmer in North Carolina and brought him with her when she moved to Massachusetts. He was pulled from the MSPA by Diane, an NGPR volunteer who agreed to foster him. We didn’t have to look far to find Kaiser’s new home.  A Rhode Island couple applied for him and adopted  Kaiser, who came to live and thrive just a few hours away from where he was surrendered.

Don't wait. The calendar is a bigger and better  12 x 12 size  with 14 months of Pyr photos and thumbnails of many dogs rescued throughout the year.  Click
here to see a PDF of our best calendar ever and place an order in time for the holidays. 


Pups Drafted for Puppy Bowl X

We got an urgent call from a KY shelter  in late June. They thought but couldn't confirm that a female Pyr who was dropped off there was about to have puppies. We moved her from the shelter and sure enough, Sophie started giving birth in the car. She was brought to a vet office in Louisville where her puppies were born and stayed for two days while we searched for a foster for a Mom and eight newborn pups. Happily a volunteer, Karen, came forward and Sophie and her pups were fostered together in Kentucky for six weeks. Mom Sophie was then spayed and eventually moved to a foster home in MA where she is waiting for adoption.  Foster Mom Lindsay adopted one of the pups and in early September the other seven were ready to go to foster homes and adopters in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.
Coincidentally, right around that time we were asked to submit photos of puppies for Puppy Bowl X which is broadcast every year on Super Bowl Sunday.  Sophie's puppies would be exactly the right age—12 weeks—and two of them, Tobias (now Hudson) and Shyla, were accepted and invited to report to the Chelsea Studio in Manhattan October 3.  Over 70 puppies came to the taping. Hudson weighed in at 21 lbs and Shyla at a hefty 26 lbs. Jill Rappaport, a correspondent and animal advocate on the Today Show and the NBC Nightly News, really took a shine to Hudson and couldn't put him down.

Shyla (left), whose adoptive family lives in Ohio and Hudson (right) who was adopted by a family in Pennsylvania, had a brief reunion at the taping. We thought (of course) that they were the cutest of all the pups there.  Puppy Bowl X kicks off at 3 pm on Animal Planet, Sunday, February 2 and plays continually during the day.

Love Letters to Rescue

Angel was adopted by a family in New York in September. They write:
Angel is so unbelievably great!  Of course this is her biased parents speaking but she is the best dog.Our kids love Angel, they play with her all the time,  and she is already very protective of them.  She is so gentle and respectful towards our old dog. We think the old dog even appreciates the company. Angel spends her week days laying in Joe’s office watching him work. A lot of her time is spent on our patio off the back of our house. There are a couple of large steps that lead into the house, she loves to sit there and look out at the yard, we call it her perch. She has been chasing down the only neighborhood squirrel, fortunately for him Angel can’t fully climb a tree just yet, but not for lack of trying.  She loves to jump in the car; we learned quickly not to leave the door open because once in, it is hard to get her out. She loves the COUCH and when her father isn’t around we let her get away with it. We are all spoiling her rotten; we take her everywhere with us, we can’t go past the pet aisle in any store without bringing her home a new toy. We took Angel to our daughter’s soccer game and one of the mother’s summed it up best, she said you hit the JACKPOT with this dog. You know it is a success story when we are already talking about adopting another one!

Meet Our Halloween Hotties

We have some wonderful dogs in rescue who are on our must-meet short list. Check out our list of adoptable Hotties. They have made excellent adjustments to their foster families and are living in homes in New York, New Jersey and New England. Lady is a very happy dog who would do well in an active family.  If you like to hike or walk and are looking for a canine companion who can keep up, then Lady is your girl. General has been sharing a foster home with Lady and the two get along excellently.  This boy is a sweet guy who likes being with her but would also do well in a home of his own. The beautiful Princess lives up to her name and she is a girl who wants to share her life and love with her furever family. She has beautiful unique coloration that makes her a very attractive pet. These pups are easy to meet and their foster parents will be happy to talk to you and tell you more about them.  All of them will make excellent companion animals.    

Holiday Books

We are selling not one but two holiday books this year by Patricia MacLachlan,  a winner of the Newbery award for children's fiction. Our holiday books are about a Pyr and a Pyr mix rescue dog and the lives and lessons learned in the families they are adopted into. White Fur Flying is about  how a dog can help a child who has family problems adjust. Waiting for the Magic relates how rescue animals help save the family who adopted them. For more information or to order either or both, visit

Holiday Cards

We are clearing out our Christmas card inventory. All of our unique Pyr design cards are on sale now for $15/box plus shipping. There are three unique designs. Chose from our mellow Bella,  our Jolly Santa Paws or our winsome  Every Home Needs a Dog designs. All of these cards were created exclusively for NGPR and can't be found anywhere other than online line at
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