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Meet Max

MaxNificent, a rescued Pyr, is the main character in a new children's book by authors Dianne Burch and Michael Frederick. Max has his coat shaved and is terrified by what he discovers underneath. With the help of his friends, based on real-life rescue animals, Max is able to overcome  his fear.  

The hard cover  book  is beautifully illustrated by  Gerald Kelley  and is on sale through December  for $24, which includes shipping. 
Books are autographed and their sale benefits Pyr Rescue.  To learn more about Max and friends or order copies click here .

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Good Night, Dear Friend

Louis was one of the first dogs placed by National Great Pyrenees Rescue.  He found a home with David Enlow, the organist and choir master at Church of the Resurrection on East 74th Street in New York City, who wrote this tribute. 

In the winter of 2006-2007, I had decided to look into giant breed dog rescue. I had always wanted a dog of my own, having cared for several, and judged that the time was right. I looked up and down the rescue websites, and saw there were not many Newfoundlands available, not many St Bernards, but dozens upon dozens of Great Pyrenees needing homes! It was a total mystery. Why were these gentle, beautiful, big white dogs in such widespread need? Many of the rescue sites mentioned the frequent barking, territorial nature, quick growth over 100 pounds, and determined, some would say stubborn, character of the breed coupled with their mass as reasons why people turned them over to rescue in such large numbers. This is why it's important for prospective dog owners to do their homework, and choose a breed carefully. The rescue groups also mentioned the loyalty, affection, protectiveness, and intelligence of the Great Pyrenees.

 I saw what I thought was an opportunity to help a wonderful animal, and made arrangements to adopt a dog named 'Louie' from the Buffalo area, but after his transport the rescue decided he would not make a great city dog, and sent me to Bethel, CT to meet 'Dude' who was turned in to a shelter in Connecticut. People at the shelter recognized that he was a purebred Great Pyrenees, and turned him over to the wonderful care of the National Great Pyrenees Rescue, a network of volunteers and foster homes made up of some of the most selfless and caring people you'll meet. Dude was placed with a loving foster family in Bethel where Tom and Kris and their kids took great care in welcoming him to their pack. Driving up Interstate 684, I was apprehensive and wondered what Dude would be like.  (Continued)

Love Letters to Rescue

I just wanted to send you a very big THANK YOU from Mattie, me and my family.  She has settled in beautifully, has a content smile on her face and has found the perfect "spot" to sit in the living room, in the center of everything.  She has the most wonderful, gentle personality and is friendly to everyone she meets. She hasn't even barked yet although I'm sure she will at some point.  She walks great on a leash and we have a harness and retractable leash to give her as much space as possible as she explores our acre plus of property.  It's easy to see that she loves to walk and explore.  She also loves to be brushed so keeping her coat beautiful will be a pleasure for both her and I.  -- Jane, Mattie's Mom
Mattie is a 5-year old owner surrender from Indiana, adopted by a family in NY in November.

HOME for the Holidays

This year we are having a "Countdown to Christmas ~ A HOME for the Holidays”, featuring a different rescue Pyr on our Facebook Fan page each evening. Marley's family no longer has any time for her so they are surrendering her to rescue.  She has been waiting for a foster home or adopter since June. She is one of many dogs who, because they are not urgent, have been overlooked while waiting with open hearts to have their one wish, to start the journey to their forever HOME to a place of comfort, peace, and love where they are wanted. This month it’s their time to shine their best and brightest to make their one and only wish of HOME a reality.  We urge you to visit our Facebook page or our Fosters Needed page  if you are looking for a companion or can foster Marley or one of our other dogs and start them on the road home.
Please volunteer to foster and save a life.

Our Pyr Appeal

This year we have instituted a popular rescue tradition and created our own virtual holiday tree. Click on the link and the tree comes to life with lights and packages, representing different levels of giving. We have gone all out this year for shelter dogs, owner surrenders and neediest cases. We've boarded dogs when there weren't enough fosters to take them. We've seen several rescues fold for lack of funds this year and this is something we would never allow to happen. We've held steadfast in our commitment to the breed in these difficult economic times. Our expenses are high--flea/tick and heartworm medication, medical procedures and boarding all cost more for the extra large size. We need your help to care for our Pyrs. Great Pyrenees are a breed apart and they need the services of our dedicated breed rescuers. Please give as generously as you can to our holiday tree.
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