New England volunteers are getting psyched for the 14th Annual Pet Rock Festival on Sunday, Sept. 9, noon to 5 p.m. in Worcester, MA. Pet Rock is the largest animal expo on the East Coast with live music, lots to do and more than 100 animal welfare organizations.Tickets: $13 adults, $5 kids. Contact Sue.   to volunteer at the NGPR booth.  In New York, NGPR is invited to a "Fall Craft & Vendor Fair" on Saturday, September 8th 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. featuring Rochester Artisan Crafters, a silent suction,  raffles, food, chocolates and pastries. The fair will take place at Trinity Emanuel Lutheran Church, 761 Elmgrove Road, Rochester, NY. On Saturday, September 29, there will be an AKC Responsible Dog Owner Day event at Sweden/Clarkson Community Center in Brockport, NY from 12-4 pm with Canine Good Citizen testing, demonstrations, costume contest for dogs, and a breed parade. Want to help at a Rochester event? Contact Suzanne.

Meet the Calendar Cuties

Hannah and Cooper  (right) took an early lead in National Pyr's 2013 calendar cover contest and are hanging on to it. This winsome twosome from New York, who came from Al and GA shelters respectively,  were adopted a year apart from NGPR.  Their quest for Top Dog has gotten them supporters from as far south as Florida.  Their Dad  stays active as a volunteer for rescue by doing home visits that are so critical to qualifying adopters for the next generation of dogs coming out of shelters.

Right now there are 77 entries in the contest lined up behind  Hannah and Cooper, all vying to be top dog. It costs $25 to submit a photo of your dog to the  2013 Happy Endings Calendar and cover contest.  If you enter the contest, you will be competing with Gypsy (left), who is currently in second place.  Gypsy came from the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society in Houston and was adopted by a family in Washington state.  Her Mom, who is visually-impaired, is raising money for the contest by baking cookies. Are you a GPRS adopter?  The money raised for Gypsy will benefit GPRS Rescue (see story below) which has just committed to rescuing 37 Texas Pyrs.  How does the contest work?   Every contest dollar equals one point; the dog with the highest number of points will be our calendar cover dog and the money raised goes to help rescue. 

The deadline for submitting photos for the contest and calendar is August 31 Third-place contestants, Willis, Duncan and Zoe from Rhode Island,  (below), were second place runners up in the contest last yearZoe came from Mid-South Great Pyrenees Rescue, Willis from GPRS and Duncan from NGPR. Their Mom volunteers for rescue in the Ocean State.  The calendar is filling up quickly. Don't wait to enter!  The information for entering your dog in the calendar and contest is here, so go get  a jump on 2013 now.

Bug Bites

It’s that time of year when bugs are aplenty.  Most stings and bites are not toxic for dogs but occasionally insect venom causes a dangerous allergic reaction warranting emergency treatment.   Lecka was about two when she was the victim of a sting while inside the house. When her human, Bridgette, got home from work  she found Lecka’s face was swollen and her breathing was shallow.  Something was definitely wrong.  Her gums were as white as her fur.  Bridgette brought her to the veterinarian immediately.  The vet said she was in anaphylactic shock from an insect bite and would have died within a half hour. Anaphylactic shock, caused by insufficient blood flow and oxygen to meet the body’s needs, can also occur from a reaction to medication or vaccinations. Noel had a severe reaction to a flea/tick medication and a dewomer given within minutes of each other.  Her face blew up and she panted heavily. Noel was brought to the vet and received an injection of  diphenhydramine (Bendryl). Learn the symptoms of anaphylactic shock , which can be fatal, and if  these signs appear suddenly in your dog, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Love Letters to Rescue

Teresa from NJ writes:  I was going through the list of Pyrs looking for homes on your site. I went to the Neediest Case section and there he was, our Jack Frost. I saw his picture and I knew instantly from his sad face that he was was meant to be with our family.  I found out Candi Bright was having him come to her rescue (Gentle Giants NJ) for surgery.  Since that is where we adopted Reba from, I knew it was an omen. What are the chances a dog in TN comes up to NJ, where we live and to the same rescue we rescued our previous dog?  All the pieces were coming together.  Jack is the sweetest dog in the world. His personality reminds me of my parent's labs.  He wants to play and be near us and make us happy.  At the dog park, he walks up to people looking to play! Sometimes they get scared at first due to his size but when I tell them he's friendly, Jack then has made a new friend!  Our family can't thank you enough for everything you did to help Jack. He is such a love and worked his way right into our family perfectly. It was all due to his picture on your Neediest Cases, love at first sight!  To read about Al, our latest Neediest Case, click here.

Texas Overload

Great Pyrenees Rescue Society (GPRS) got the call in mid-July that every rescue dreads...a plea for help with 37 Pyrs dumped by ONE person at a shelter in East Texas. There were 37 Pyrs including 21 pups--a situation of breeding gone out of control.  SPIN (Saving Pyrs in Need) volunteers from Dallas pitched in with the effort to vaccinate the dogs, remove the pups and get the adults triaged and sorted out. The costs involved in this rescue are staggering--flea prevention and the first round of shots alone cost $800. Many of these dogs are headed out to Portland, OR this week to find homes on the West Coast. Fosters and volunteers are needed on both ends.  In Texas, to help with the remaining dogs and the constant flow of new dogs coming in from shelters and in Oregon, to foster arriving dogs and get them situated. Transport,  food, and spaying and neutering costs are all part of the many expenses still to come in this Texas-size undertaking.  If you are not on the front lines in Texas or Oregon but want to help Pyr rescue overcome its newest hurdle, click here to help GPRS cover some of the costs for these dogs.
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