Calendar and Contest Close Sunday!

Kaiser  from Rhode Island was our 2014 cover dog.

Gypsy from Washington was our 2013 calendar cover girl.
Luke in 2012 was our first cover dog from the West Coast.
Woody in New York had an entire company rooting for him in 2011.

We're Celebrating!!

With a just over half of 2014 gone, we are thrilled to announce that with everyone's help and commitment of time and effort, over 500 dogs have found their forever homes through NGPR and our affiliated rescues. This number is amazing when you consider that in 2013, just over 700 dogs found their forever homes.  As you can tell by the numbers, we will probably surpass that number in 2014!.  
This number is significant in that it represents 500-plus dogs given a second chance at life and finding their happily-ever-after endings.   It is also significant as it represents the time and commitment of all of our volunteers and supporters,,people like you, who validate our mission each and every day by joining as members, becoming volunteers, liking us on Facebook and the many other ways each and every one of you show us you care.

We can't thank you enough for everything and encourage you to check out our Facebook page, and our website  for updates and important information about National Great Pyrenees Rescue and the pups we support.  For example, you can read all about Job and our other neediest cases here; you can read about Geyser, one of our senior adoptable dogs here; you can view all our adoptable dogs here; you can watch a fantastic video that describes all that is involved in the rescue, foster, transport and adoption of our beautiful Pyrs here, and last but certainly not least, you can become a member of our Pyr Pack here.

2014 is going to be our best year yet!  We can't slow down though as there are many, many dogs who still need our support. These dogs are real-life examples of the loving personality and gentleness of the breed.  Even though many of them have had a rough start, they are still ready to give and receive lots of love and attention.   There is nothing like a Pyr!
Zoe and Willis from Rhode Island were on the cover of the first calendar in 2010.

Who's gonna be Top Dog in 2015?  We have a lot of  pawsome participants in this year’s Calendar Cover Contest.  Photos are still rolling in for the calendar and contest and they are all  wonderful; but we can only have one Top Dog.   Please  VOTE to help decide!   If you  haven't entered your dog's photo in the contest, there's still time.  Go to to submit your dog's photo.
Scroll through the calendar  entries and you will find so many wonderful Pyrs and Pyr mixes–many of whom found their forever homes through National Great Pyrenees Rescue and many of whom have made an annual appearance in the calendar.  These pups’ lives were touched by the generosity of our volunteers and supporters whose commitment to the breed enables us to continue our mission–to rescue and rehome Great Pyrenees and  Pyr mixes nationwide.

vote not only determines the Top Dog but also gives us the resources to provide veterinary care, transport and boarding for these magnificent dogs. Every contest dollar equals one point and the dog with the highest number of points will be our calendar cover dog. Calendar contest donations to the dogs are tax-deductible.

deadline for submitting photos for the calendar and voting for Top Dog is midnight EDT August 31.  But don't wait. You'll be doggone unhappy if you miss it! 


Adapting to Autumn

Fall is on its way and with that come falling leaves and cooler temperatures.   This time of year also brings about seasonal allergies for humans but they can also occur for dogs.  The most common seasonal allergy for pups is skin allergies but they can also suffer from allergic rhinitis.  If you see your pup sneezing, snorting or snoring more loudly than normal, and/or having a clear discharge from the nose, they could be suffering from seasonal allergies. If the symptoms don’t go away, it may be a good idea to make a visit to the veterinarian who can diagnose and prescribe the appropriate antihistamines or other therapies designed to make your pet more comfortable. You can find more information about canine allergic rhinitis here

Also, with the cooler temperatures approaching, remember to continue your pups on their flea/tick  and heartworm preventative.  Even though it seems like your pup may be no longer susceptible, those pesky mosquitoes are still buzzing around potentially carrying "infective stage" larvae that could be transferred  when they bite your healthy dog. Once deposited through the bite, it takes approximately 6 months for the larvae to develop into mature worms. 

Heartworm is a disease that can cause serious illness and death in your dog.  It is easily preventable with routine monthly medication.  Medications have evolved in the past few years, so this chart from Drs. Fosters & Smith is a convenient guide to what is now available. The medication is a whole lot easier on your pet than having heart worm treatment.  You can read all about heartworm disease, its symptoms, cure and most importantly, its prevention here.

Fostering Saves Lives!

This month, we're celebrating the successful adoption of over 500 pups since January 1st, and we couldn't do it without the assistance of our many, many foster families.  Fosters are the linchpin to our success; the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can pull from the high-kill shelters giving them the second chance they so deserve. 

Many people inquire why foster dogs, why not board them?  Excellent question!  Fostering is very beneficial to the rescue dog.  It provides socialization, exercise, space and love required by mistreated and/or abandoned dogs. The human interaction and  foster sibling interaction avoids many of the behaviors that can arise from a dog being isolated in a shelter or boarding environment.  Decreasing these unwanted behaviors increases the likelihood of successful adoptions.

If you aren't already a foster, please consider opening your heart and home to one of our Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix pups.  We will work closely with you to determine what dog best fits your current household, and we provide assistance and support; flea, tick and heartworm meds and medical care if the dog needs it.  Fostering is a hugely rewarding experience.  Knowing that you've not only saved one life, the dog you fostered, as well as another life, with the space you created in a shelter, is priceless.  So is the smile of the adopting family and the wagging tail of the dog when he realizes that he's found his forever home!

To read more about our foster program, visit here.  To become a foster family, click here


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