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Holiday Happiness!

Some of you will remember last year's holiday horror show. On Friday 12/21 2012, NGPR Upstate NY volunteers descended on the home of a Finger Lakes Great Pyrenees breeder. They found six frightened dogs who were kept in appalling conditions. Large adult dogs were imprisoned 24/7, some in crates where their backs touched the tops and they were unable to fully lift their heads. Kuma, an unspayed female who was bred every heat for profit, lived in a windowless cupboard. NGPR volunteers rescued them and all of these dogsKuma, adopted in PA; Pork Chop and Dreamer in NJ and Heart, Blue and Sugar Bear (above) in NY were rehabilitated and adopted out into happy furever homes by the Spring. 

Next weekend on Saturday, December 14 from 10-4 at the Garden Factory, 2126 Buffalo Rd in Rochester, NY you can meet some of the dogs who survived this nightmare. They will be with our volunteers at the Holiday Pet Expo Adopta-Palooza. Admission is free, so please join us from 10-4 to meet the hard-working volunteers and dogs who make rescue a reality.

Grinches Who Steal Holidays

Bad behavior is the number one reason dogs are surrendered back to shelters or rescues. The holidays offer numerous opportunities for dogs to act out for any number of reasons.  These can range from over excitement to boredom because they are being ignored. Separation anxiety can be triggered if dogs are left along for long periods. Here are some ideas to to keep the Grinch away from your house and keep canine holiday behavior under control. Planning ahead is key to having the holidays run smoothly.

Man the Garbage, Counter Tops and GiftsWe’re had more than one call about Pyrs getting into the garbage, retrieving a treasure and responding to human attempts to get it back with a snap or growl. You can avoid this problem by keeping the garbage out of sight and inaccessible to pets. A tight locking lid or child-proof locks on lower cabinets are indispensable.  If you dog succeeds in getting something, trade for a higher value item or distract him or her rather than making an overt challenge that can trigger more extreme behavior. Vow to work on resource guarding issues with your dog once company has left using some of the tips in this helpful article. Also, ask your guests in advance if there is food inside presents and keep them out of your dog’s reach. Your dog will know if a gift contains something edible, even if you don’t.

Get Up and Out—Leave time in your busy schedule to exercise your dog.  A brisk walk and more playtime in the yard will tire your dog out before guests arrive or before you leave. Holiday visits are not typical visits and may involve more heightened energy and the exchange of presents.Your dog is more likely to behave if he/she just has had a nice long walk. A tired puppy is a good puppy.  You may also want to try one of the new pheromone based products on the market for calming your dog.  Female dogs secrete special pheromones while nursing their offspring. These "appeasing pheromones" have been chemically replicated and are available in sprays, diffusers and collars under the names DAP or Comfort Zone and are available online or at pet retailers.

Set Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations—Refresh training basics.  Review your dog’s memory of sitting on command and keeping all four paws on the floor when someone comes in the door. Work with your dog if he/she has the tendency to bolt out the door. Practice in advance so your dog will obey no matter who comes in the house. If you have an older dog or a shy dog,  provide a refuge for them from company or excitable children.  Take some time beforehand so you can sit back and enjoy, knowing you have done everything possible for you and your pets to have a happy and safe holiday season. 
give her a refuge during parties, so she isn't freaked out by strangers trying to make friends with her. If you have an old dog, she may be achy and sore, and that can make her growl or snap if a playful kid bumps into her. Or she may be easily startled if she can't hear or see well. She needs a refuge, too, for everybody's sake. - See more at:

Love Letters to Rescue

From Bailey in RI -- I just wanted to give you  a Pyr-size THANK YOU! My new family loves me so much and even came with two crazy cats to keep me entertained. I bonded with my Mom and Dad right away which made my transition much easier. The cats took a little longer getting used to me, but that's o.k., they love me now and that's all that matters. As time passed I could not help but love my Mom and Dad more and more. They are always putting me first, giving me tons of love and making sure I am comfortable at all times. We go for walks every day and they take me everywhere. Sometimes just to Dunkin Donuts and sometimes on little road trips, but I don't mind either way because I just LOVE GOING FOR RIDES!!! The truth is though, I really think they needed me to be here with them. They show me the meaning of unconditional love every day and I will spend the rest of my life showing them the same. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me these two people to watch over and share my love and life with.

Santa Wants U!

The holidays are fast approaching and Santa needs everyone on their feet. Instead of sitting home watching the tinsel blow in the breeze, do something! Foster homes are needed desperately between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Furever homes take time to find and foster homes fill the gap between shelters and adopters. Please, please volunteer to foster this holiday season.

For Sale

If you haven't purchased a holiday book, calendar or cards to support rescue, please do.  We've produced the biggest, most Pyr-filled calendar you will find anywhere. Award-winning author Patricia MacLachlan's Pyr book, White Fur Flying is a good read and great gift.  We still have some cards and will ship priority to get them to you faster than Santa can harness up a reindeer!

Our Pyr Appeal

Our virtual holiday tree is back. Last year's tree was a big hit and we are hoping we can meet or exceed last year's success. Click on the link and the tree comes to life with lights and packages, representing different levels of giving. We have gone all out this year for shelter dogs, owner surrenders and neediest cases.  Intake and adoptions are up over 30% east of the Mississippi.  We've boarded dogs when there weren't enough fosters to take them. We've seen several rescues fold for lack of funds this year and this is something we would never want to happen. We've held steadfast in our commitment to the breed in these uncertain economic times. Like everything else health-related, veterinary costs have soared and we are struggling to keep up. Our expenses are high--flea/tick and heartworm medication, medical procedures and boarding all cost more for the extra large size. We need your help to care for our Pyrs. Great Pyrenees are a breed apart and they need the services of dedicated breed rescuers. Please give as generously as you can to our holiday tree.
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