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Holiday Safety Reminders!

This time of year is filled with lots of  festivities but it is also filled with potential dangers for your pups. Here are a few things that could possibly harm your pooch.

Christmas Decorations!
During this time of the year, a decorated tree can be the focal point in the home.  As pretty as it is to humans, it can also become the focal point to your pets
a new place to explore, not to mention a familiar place to do their business. Add ornaments, garland strings, tinsel and lights and it is now a disaster waiting to happen.

Although the strings, garlands, angel hair, and tinsel look great on the tree, they can be deadly inside your pet’s digestive system if swallowed. Along with these, Christmas lights and cords are perfect  for your pet to  chew on or get easily tangled in and injured. Be sure to keep all stockings high up, where they aren't easily reached. The dogs will see them as toys, try to get hold of them, and possibly chew them.

Holiday Edibles
By now you know not to feed your pets chocolate or any table scraps. Let's not forget anything with the sweetener xylitol which can cause severe hypoglycemia in dogs. Your holiday plants could also look tasty to your pup.  Mistletoe, holly, poinsettia and ivy all can cause vomiting, diarrhea and upset stomach. Some lilies can be a cause of kidney failure in pets.

We want the holidays to be a joyous time for everyone. Take a little extra care to make sure your pets come through them happy and healthy. 

Counting Our Blessings

As 2014 comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to stop and count the many blessings this year has brought us.  As an animal rescue, we witness many terrible things—we see the abuse, neglect, pain and suffering that countless dogs have endured. We cannot change this, so instead we  focus on their future and how we can make their lives happy. This year has been our busiest year yet, so we want to take a moment to reflect on and recognize our many blessings.

Blessing No. 1: Our Volunteer Fosters 
With no bricks-and-mortar shelter, NGPR's ability to rescue animals hinges on our fosters. We can only help as many dogs as we have room for, and  fosters open their hearts and homes daily to the many dogs who need them. Foster families provide the love and socialization needed by rescue dogs and give the time dogs require to make a smooth transition from shelter to home. Thank you to all our Fosters—you are a blessing!

Blessing No. 2: Our Volunteer Administrative Staff
NGPR is a volunteer organization. We have no paid staff or administration, and we do all we do for love of this breed. Our volunteer staff works long hours to arrange adoptions, put together our fundraising programs and annual calendar, send medications to our fosters and deal with the endless paperwork associated with being a non-profit. Our staff volunteers and adoption coordinators keep NGPR running so we can continue to give dogs a second chance at life. Thank you to all our Administrative Staff—you are a blessing!

Blessing No. 3: Our Coordinators and Transporters
Every week an average of 15 dogs are adopted. These dogs have been moved from shelters to fosters, from fosters to adopters and from one part of the country to another before they arrive at their forever homes. Coordinators network with shelters and then find fosters suitable for that particular dog. Dogs are transported via paid and volunteer transport and every move involves dedicated volunteer time to organize and track the outcome. No matter what the condition of the dog or how frightened, our volunteers offer smiles and lots of love. Thank you to all our volunteers—you are a blessing!

Blessing No. 4: Our Adopters
Thank you for having faith in us and the dogs. Rescue is a challenge and no dog arrives as "perfect" in his or her adoptive home.  Every adoption is a rescue  in progress and we thank our adopters for participating in the ongoing effort of placing and keeping these deserving dogs in their furever  homes. Thank you to all our adopters—where would all the dogs be without you!

Blessing No. 5: Our Supporters
Rescuing and rehoming hundreds of dogs takes money. The veterinary and boarding costs are large and we couldn't do what we do without the financial help of the many NGPR supporters who so generously donate to help our dogs. Your generosity gives us the ability to make quick decisions on the front lines of rescue and the flexibility to take dogs needing extensive medical care. Thank you to all our supporters—you are a blessing!

2014 has been a great year; we can't wait for 2015!! 

Mom, I Just
Ate the Quilt

I didn't mean to but....  Things happen in rescue and all we can do is sigh, then sit back and wait for the vet bills to come in. That's what happened with Teddy Bear early in December. As much as we learn to expect the unexpected, no one guessed that Teddy Bear was going to act more like a goat than a Pyr when he arrived at his foster home. He ate his bedding and then completely stopped eating at all. His worried foster parents brought him to the vet. Vomiting was induced and Teddy Bear brought up part of the quilt and some stuffing about the size of a baseball. Worried there could be more lodged in his small intestines, possibly causing a blockage, the vet performed a laparotomy or abdominal exploration. Teddy was found to be clear, so he was sewn back up,  is doing fine and is going to his furever home this weekend.  Rescue absorbed the $400 billone of many costs we could never anticipate.The Annual Pyr  Appeal helps meet the many unexpected expenses we will face next year. 

Appeal for
the Pyrs

As a non-profit, NGPR depends solely on our supporters to continue our mission. Our holiday giving tree is up and waiting for YOU to give it meaning. There are many levels of giving representedplease donate whatever you can. Every dollar counts when you are a rescue and every year brings increasing costs for transportation, boarding, veterinary bills and medication. Our expenses are highdogs spend an average of 2-3 months in rescue before adoption. Flea/tick and heartworm medication, medical procedures and boarding all cost more for the extra large size. We need your help to care for these dogs. Great Pyrenees are a breed apart and they need the services of dedicated breed rescuers. Please visit our Annual Pyr Appeal page and leave your message and gift under our holiday tree.  


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