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A photo compilation from Win Nielsen

Win, our Photoshop guru has now turned her hand to using a great paint app for the iPad. Procreate, an Australian app, produced in Tasmania. Win says “It does a very good job, using layers and heaps of cool brushes, colour mixer, pretty close to Photoshop, but unfortunately no text tool. But used in conjunction with Enlight, you can achieve quite a good result on the iPad.”

Dear subscriber,
Just a thought about this Easter break. You may be the “lucky” grandparent designated to babysit over the school holidays. What an opportunity to pick up a few tips from the kids while they use their mobiles, tablets, computers and apps ... Enjoy! 😃
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The Gossip
Can you believe we are now holidaying in Easter 2017? Well, Win Nielsen our Photoshop talent has launched us into the Easter holiday spirit with her cutest illustration featured at the head of this April newsletter. Win's illustration also reminds me of how lucky we all are as members of CompalsNB having the Northern Beaches Council renovating our clubhouse at the Tramshed so we will very soon enjoy our backyard with a raft of ducks and ducklings on Narrabeen Lake.

So where are we at with the Tramshed renovations? The council has commenced the electrical works in our clubhouse. Next will be the fit-out with fold down benches attached to the walls. This was our design decision to maximise the space required to accommodate our needs when we convert the area for our regular sessions and events. We are in the process of asking our Trainers for their ideas on equipment such has hardware and software needed when we move back to the Tramshed. Brian Mackie, trainer will be happy to receive your emails with your suggestions at bmmackie@optusnet.com.au
We think we are still on target to move back to the Tramshed (in part) sometime in Term 3, 2017. We will keep you posted!

It is my great pleasure to announce the introduction of two regular newsletter features that will keep us Tech Savvy.
Corry Dancaster a longtime member with CompalsNB (ex trainer and ex editor of this very newsletter) has kindly agreed to introduce us to an App a Month. This month it is and explanation of “What is an App?” and Corrys' first selected app is “Gmail”.
Mark Young ASCCA's Technical Officer, regularly emails all ASCCA clubs monthly updates with his publication “Tech Info for Clubs”. It is always information packed and an absolute must read to keep us up-to-date with technical issues particular relevant to Senior members.
Please enjoy both these regular features included in this April 2017 newsletter.

Let's do Social! Many members over the past few months have bandied together with ideas of reintroducing a social component to our club. We are delighted to move forward with this suggestion and to start with a monthly or bi monthly lunch/breakfast. We see this as a regular social catch-up to chat and connect with members that you do not come in contact with or know because there is generally no time to connect during our normal daily one-on-one training sessions. This is by no means compulsory and it is only for those who are free and available. If unavailable one month you will be more than welcome the following month. For those interested in adding their names to our list please contact Judy Elias at judy_elias@optusnet.com.au or 0418 288 005.

Our members on occasions may start receiving an email about upcoming events, activities and sessions which may or may not have been included in our monthly newsletter. We think this will assist in keeping our members regularly updated on activities that might arise mid month and may miss our monthly newsletter.

We are most appreciative of the number of new trainers who joined our club in Term 1, 2017. All were welcomed at our recent monthly trainers meeting and trainers lunch held at Dee Why RSL. More about this can be read in this newsletter.

Hope you enjoy April's newsletter and please enjoy your Easter holiday break. This time of year is particularly busy with holiday makers leaving for warmer climates. Our volunteer trainers are part of this escapade as you will notice many are on leave.

See you back for the start of Term 2, Wednesday 26 April 2017.
Once again stay safe, healthy, motivated, informed and interested!

Talk soon.
Bye for now.
Kind regards,
Judy Elias - Editor in Chief
Dates for our diary

ASCCA Training Programs, 280 Pitt St, Sydney.
April, May, June 2017

AVPALS Courses, Newport Community Centre,
11 -13 The Boulevarde, Newport.
7 February to 4 April 2017

Term 2, 2017
Wed 26 April to Fri 30 June 2017

ComPalsNB Trainers Meeting
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 3 May 2017
12:15pm to 1:00pm

Facebook Refresher
Facilitator: Judy Elias
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 3 May 2017
1:15pm to 2:15pm 
$5.00 per person
Bookings essential

Northern Beaches Volunteer Expo
The Showroom, Dee Why RSL
Wed 10 May 2017
10:00am to 2:00pm 
Free event

ASCCA Notice Board
A list of many events and activities -
ASCCA newsletter April 2017 see page 2

Our Training Term Calendar for 2017 
Training takes place throughout the year from January to December, excluding school and public holidays. The duration of a term is typically 10 weeks.
Terms for 2017
Term 1: Mon 30 Jan - Fri 7 Apr
Term 2*: Wed 26 Apr - Fri 30 Jun
Term 3: Mon 17 Jul - Fri 22 Sep
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct - Fri 15 Dec 
for more detail about this
Let's do SOCIAL!
Join us monthly or bi-monthly to catch-up socially. It could be for a casual coffee, breakfast, lunch, brunch, high tea, dinner, walk, show or even a planned trip away! We can make it happen for those who would like to get to know one another and who do not get the opportunity to have time to chat in class. It will also give members the opportunity to chat with students and trainers who do not see each other because they attend classes on different days. This is a wonderful chance just to be social with all students, trainers and members wanting a casual chat or a planned social activity. If you cannot make it one month you will always be welcomed the next. This can be as casual as your time permits. Please add your name to our list by contacting Judy Elias at judy_elias@optusnet.com.au or 0418 288 005
Facebook Refresher session
 Get back on track with Facebook
Ask the questions. Get the answers. What about Messenger? What about a post? What about a comment? What about a friend? What about live streaming? What about videos? What about private messages? What about keeping in contact with your grandkids? What about privacy? What about … ? Learn how to communicate with Facebook, a popular FREE social media app. Facilitator: Judy Elias, Wednesday 3 May, 1:15 to 2:15pm, The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL. $5.00 per person. Bookings: anne.computerpals@gmail.com

ASCCA Training Programs - Designed for mature aged people
ASCCA located at 280 Pitt Street, Sydney, conducts a comprehensive number of training courses throughout the year. Our club members are offered course discounts. ASCCA courses for the next 3 months, April, May, June 2017 have now been released. Many of the old favourites are included. Please note the reply address for bookings has changed to: training@ascca.org.au
Please take a look and make your booking.

Catalyst Call Out

ABC TV’s Catalyst is looking for a senior couple and potentially members of their family to be filmed in a virtual reality (VR) experiment. Ideally the couple are very close, the kind that still hold hands in public and are curious, lively and open to learning about new technologies. Please contact our researcher Siobhan Moylan for an informal obligation free chat at: moylan.siobhan@abc.net.au

Trainers Meeting and Trainers Lunch - End of Term 1, 2017

We gratefully welcomed all our new trainers to our trainers meeting and lunch held at Dee Why RSL, Wednesday 5 April, 2017. The Meehan Room was brimming over with CPNB trainers giving us all a chance to catch up on the activities of Term 1. Our lunch followed which was kindly paid by CompalsNB in appreciation for all the help of our volunteer trainers. Have a wonderful relaxing break and see you back for the start of Term 2, Wednesday 26 April 2017.
Please click on the video arrow to view more

Trainers Meeting and Lunch April 5, 2017

Even MORE fence surrounding the Tramshed

The Tramshed surrounded with even more fence. April 1, 2017 shows the Tramshed and the lawned pathway surrounds with additional fencing. It keeps us away from our home but not the ducks!
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Forest Computer Pals invitation to their Microsoft Event

We thank Forest Computer Pals, Colin Ward, President and Joe Mango, Vice President and Treasurer for inviting CPNB to an interesting Microsoft product event held at Forestville Memorial Hall, Thursday 30 March 2017. ldo Losurdo and Paulene Infante from Microsoft introduced a VR headset -HoloLens, for commercial use, a desktop – the Studio Surface, for the professional designer, architect, or engineer and an application - Quick Assist (Windows 10) similar to TeamViewer. Overcoming the rain Allan Burrowes and John Bell from CPNB enjoyed their warm welcome and cordial chat with Forest members.
Please click on the video arrow to view more

Care & Services for Seniors and What the Changes Mean for You
by Jane Elliott, Aged Services Development Officer, Northern Beaches Council - Community Services
On Thursday 23 March 50 seniors attended an informative seminar about the changes in aged care services. Jenny Bray, (a specialist in the industry) delivered an excellent presentation outlining the new reforms and urging people to sign up with My Aged Care.  Following this session, 13 seniors were guided through the relevant websites by Agnes Kemmerer (Regional Assessment Service) and supported by a wonderful team from NB Computer Pals led by Allan Burrowes.  The seniors (who ranged in computer skills abilities) seemed to enjoy their session on the iPads,  and we feel that this experience will encourage them on to gaining more confidence.
Please see (below) event photos but I somehow over-looked (our larger than life) John!!

Working together with Social Media -  where Twitter are stars!

Thursday 23 March to Saturday 25 March 2017, 160,000 websites went down (including ours at ComplasNB). Our host Webcity through their Twitter site, tweeted regular updates of all that was happening. Peter Whalan and I, the Webmasters of our website used Twitter to keep up-to-date in realtime with all the progressive news Webcity was tweeting. Using this information service with these regular updates, I guess, is another great example of how social media works at its best - “coming straight from the horses mouth”. We are back online.

Please LIKE us on Facebook
This will give you the opportunity to FOLLOW our posts in realtime and also comment and become involved with communicating with all members of CompalsNB. Please enjoy.
Our public Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/compalsnb/
What is an application?
from Corry Dancaster, member
Each month in this Newsletter we are going to discuss some favourite Apps.
You may have heard people talking about using a program, an application, or an app. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, an app is a type of software that allows you to perform specific tasks. Applications for desktop or laptop computers are sometimes called desktop applications, while those for mobile devices are called mobile apps.
Starting with Gmail
from Corry Dancaster, member
The official Gmail app brings the best of Gmail to your iPhone or iPad with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search that works across all your mail.
It is free and very easy to use. Download it from Google or Itunes, install it and it is ready to use.
Tech Info for Clubs – April 2017
shared by Mark Young, ASCCA Technical Officer
We have a wonderful monthly resource compiled by Mark Young the Technical Officer from ASCCA. It is without a doubt worth a read to bring us all up-to-date with technical issues Seniors can use as reference material.
Messaging: Is This the App to Rule Them All?
This talk was originally given at NSW Seniors Festival 2017 at ASCCA's Let's COMMUNICATE! Forum.
Messaging: Is This the App to Rule Them All?
Creating a Facebook Account
This video will step you through the process of creating a Facebook account.
Creating a Facebook Account
Why you should care about “EXPLOITS”
shared by Ron Smith, trainer
I found the article on Exploits a bit scary since these programs work on your computer without you doing anything at all. I encourage all of my students to subscribe to Stay Smart Online for immediate notification of updates to programs, rather than waiting for a notification to appear on their computer or device. I also encourage them to check manually that their major programs are up to date whenever they can. In doing this myself, I once found that 1 of my 3 Windows 10 computers had stopped updating itself, neither could I do it manually, and had to take it to a repair shop.
Best FREE photo editing apps for iPad 
The best of the best! Snapseed, A Color Story, VSCO, Prisma, Photoshop Fix.
Google's Android just overtook Windows to become the #1 platform for getting online
It’s the end of an era. “This is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era,” Statcounter CEO Aodhan Cullen said in a statement. “It marks the end of Microsoft’s leadership worldwide of the OS market which it has held since the 1980s. It also represents a major breakthrough for Android which held just 2.4% of global internet usage share only five years ago.”
Microsoft is crushing Apple in the PC race right now
Microsoft’s Windows business is growing, especially in the high-end market. More consumers are enticed by Microsoft’s high-end Surface laptop/tablet lineup, which lines up with the growing market for laptop/tablet hybrids.
SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad
Why do I like it? SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is fast and simple and solves a problem everyone has; importing photos from an iPhone to a Windows computer. Bonus, it’s a very handy way to transfer large amounts of photos or videos between phones without using up your mobile data.
Steve Jobs' perfect metaphor for the future of Apple's computers 
Last Tuesday, Apple reaffirmed its commitment to its oldest product line. It updated its trucks.
Things are going to get crazy when the smartphone eventually dies out
Augmented reality could flat-out replace the smartphone, the TV, and anything else with a screen. There’s not much use for a separate device sitting in your pocket or on your entertainment center, if all your calls, chats, movies, and games are beamed into your eyes and overlaid on the world around you. Also the idea of man/machine fusion is a terrifying one, with science fiction writers, technologists, and philosophers alike having very good cause to ask what even makes us human in the first place. At the same time, the idea is so new that nobody really knows what this world would look like in practice.
You probably didn't even notice - Apple just made a historic and risky change to all iPhones.
With last Monday’s update, Apple updated iPhones and iPads to its new “Apple File System,” upgrading from “HFS+,” which was first developed over 30 years ago. As part of the iOS 10.3 update, Apple changed a basic part of how every iPhone and iPad works — its file system, or, basically the way the computer stores data and knows where and how to find it.
Geez Grandma!

Most amazing intersection in the world
Meskel Square, the nerve centre of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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  • Technology for all ages at ARV Castle Hill
  • NSW Seniors Festival EXPO
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