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   "Toast 2017!"
Dear subscriber,
Welcome to Term 1, commencing Monday 30 January 2017 in the Meehan Room at Dee Why RSL. We are very happy to announce first off the blocks an iPad session facilitated by Anne Matthews, Training Coordinator and John Peachey, Trainer. They will be demonstrating fun features new to iOS 10.2 and in addition introducing us to new apps. The full session details are featured in this newsletter.
From left to right: Delphines and Portulaca's
Be gobsmacked! The talent in our club is outstanding. Clare Benson, botanical watercolour artist extraordinaire (and CPNB student) has humbly shared these summer flowers for us to showcase. We could not ask for a more fitting welcome to 2017.
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The Gossip
Firstly, Happy New Year. I am sure many of you are still in holiday mode and wondering what day of the week it is! January 2017 has quickly and not too silently surfaced and I hope all your New Year's resolutions are still in tack.

CompalsNB are starting the New Year with a planned session at the end of February “Having even more fun with your iPad”. For more info please take a look at the promo in this newsletter.

We have many sessions in the pipeline and are hoping to consolidate our calendar of sessions once everyone is back from leave towards the end of January 2017.

It seems old news now, but we thank all our guests who made our Christmas Party Luncheon at Limani Restaurant so enjoyable. We are so spoilt having such a marvellous lakeside restaurant on our doorstep. Please see the video in this newsletter.

We also would like to thank the Manly Daily for a wonderful article about our IoT event held in December 2016. Please see a copy in our current newsletter.

The talent we have among our members is staggering. Recently, I was fortunate to be invited to a casual lunch at Dee Why RSL with a couple of CompalsNB members. To my amazement I was offered a collection of the most beautiful cards all with botanical paintings. To cut a long story short we can now all enjoy these magnificent paintings by our CompalsNB student, Clare Benson. We have showcased a couple of her summer flowers at the head of this newsletter. I encourage you to read our interview. Clare is an extremely accomplished artist.

A regular feature in our newsletter “A French Letter from Condom” will not appear this month as Victoria Brien is holidaying from France back here in Sydney. Victoria and her husband and I caught up last week at Bridgid McLeans house (CompalsNB member) for a morning tea. We all had sooo much to talk about with their new adventure in Condom France. Hopefully when they arrive back home to Condom at the end of this month we will receive the first “French Letter from Condom” in 2017!

Technology, technology, technology, what will we all be experiencing at the end of 2017? Gosh, social media has so changed my life. I now have Donald Trump tweeting me regularly. This would have been unimaginable a couple of years ago … the President of the USA expressing his personal opinions in real time without any editing on my mobile device! Mind boggling. How things are changing.

It is also highly likely we will no longer need to experience those horrific driving tests to renew our drivers licences. We will all be chauffeured in autonomous cars. I truly am looking forward to that day. It will save us all a fortune in not having to maintain a motor vehicle. I wonder how soon this will happen? For me not soon enough.

What about all the advances in Health as far as sensors, smart phones and apps. With all our startups and innovations and of course not to mention the rush on IoE, the Internet of Everything it is an exciting time and very, very, unpredictable.

It will all be a game changer and it is wonderful to be apart of it all at CompalsNB. It is certainly easier to run with it rather than fight it as one way or another we will all adapt to this inevitable change. No choice!

What are your thoughts? Please email us or you may like to comment in posts on Facebook.

Talk soon.
Bye for now.
Kind regards,
Judy Elias - Editor in Chief
Dates for our diary

ASCCA Training Programs, 280 Pitt St, Sydney.
New program details to come starting Feb 2017

NBN Presentation at AVPALS
Newport Community Centre
11-13 The Boulevarde Newport
Tue 31 January 2017
1:30pm start
FREE, Bookings essential
Phone: Peter 8064 3574

ComPalsNB Trainers Meeting
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 1 February 2017
12:15pm to 1:15pm

Having even more fun with your iPad
Facilitators: Anne Matthews, John Peachey
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 22 February 2017
12:15pm to 1:45pm 
$5.00 per person
Bookings essential

2017 Seniors Festival - "Savvy Seniors - Keeping up with the grandkids in the digital age"
Dee Why RSL
Wed 8 March 2017
2:00pm to 4:30pm

ASCCA Notice Board
A list of many events and activities -
ASCCA newsletter Feb 2017 see page 2, details to come

Our Training Term Calendar for 2017 
Training takes place throughout the year from January to December, excluding school and public holidays. The duration of a term is typically 10 weeks.
Terms for 2017
Term 1: Mon 30 Jan - Fri 7 Apr
Term 2*: Mon 24 Apr - Fri 30 Jun
Term 3: Mon 17 Jul - Fri 22 Sep
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct - Fri 15 Dec 
for more detail about this
Get a Mac – Goodwill
"Dude, get a Mac"
Get a Mac - Goodwill
Having even more fun with your iPad
Facilitators: Anne Matthews, Training Coordinator and John Peachey, Trainer
This iPad session will demonstrate some of the fun things that are now available since the advent of iOS10.2. PLUS a couple of apps that make things even better - Enlight and Pic Collage.The session is designed to be a 'show and tell' followed by questions and answers running for approximately 90 minutes. Presentation notes in the form of a handout will be available. Wednesday 22 February 2017, 12:15pm to 1:45pm. Cost of the session is $5.00 per person. The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL. Bookings essential: anne.computerpals@gmail.com
Illustrated by John Peachey, Trainer
NBN Presentation at AVPALS
from David Bennett, ASCCA Director
We are pleased to be able to have a guest speaker from the NBN. Michael Tyler is the Community Affairs Manager for the Northern Beaches region. Michael will bring us all up to date with the NBN and have a Q&A session after his presentation. Tuesday 31 January 2017, 1:30pm FREE. Newport Community Centre, 11-13 The Boulevarde Newport. There will also be presentations on our term courses. Bookings essential. Phone Peter 80643574  
Facebook for Computer Pals for Seniors Northern Beaches
by Judy Elias, Trainer
2016 was the first full year of existence for us on both Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. With our Facebook Group we have enjoyed the hunt for posts of interest from sources globally. It is also a wonderful historical record of what we as a group get up to in realtime. We have aimed to focus the posts and comments on issues relating to what is happening in technology today and what the pundits forecast in technology for our future.
If you have noticed a bias with some posts, well you are very observant and totally correct. Yet, it has been mentioned in a recent post that the battle between platforms has become passé and “service” will be the key to the future success of the war of the opposing platforms. Let's see if this holds true this time next year.
To all who have accepted our invite to join our Facebook Group thank you so very much for your posts, comments, likes, shares and let's see where technology takes us in 2017. 


The Tramshed, Boxing Day 2016
Where we are at … “waiting”.
The Tramshed, Boxing Day 2016
CompalsNB Christmas Party Luncheon at Limani Restaurant, Thursday 22 December, 2016
It didn't take long before Limani restaurant was populated with the Christmas spirit of our CompalsNB members. The laughter and chatter at our three tables was testament to the Christmas cheer. The food was delicious and it proved to be one of our best summer days to highlight the wonderful view and setting for our Christmas luncheon. This venue is just magic. Thank you to Allan Burrowes our president for ordering such a perfect day and selecting the perfect venue.
Christmas Party Luncheon at Limani Restaurant 2016
Manly Daily, 21 December 2016
by Judy Elias, Trainer
Not front page news ... but nearly! All about our IoT event kindly sponsored by Go Digi at Dee Why RSL. We take this opportunity to thank all our guest speakers, Santa and his helpers, our local retailers who donated the lucky door prizes, Dee Why RSL, Go Digi our sponsor the Manly Daily and a BIG, BIG, BIG thank you to all our guests who came from every direction and from many clubs and organisations within the Peninsular.
The National Year of Digital Inclusion 2016 was rounded off with the Go Digi Awards
Jono Bredin, winner in the Learner category, shares his story of how technology can help to improve the lives of people living with a disability.
Nan Bosler, Go Digi Champion, said in her closing address at the Awards reception,“The achievements, the involvement, the gaining of new skills is not over. What has been accomplished during this year will continue to provide benefits to help more of those Australians who do not yet embrace the internet, to take a leap across the digital divide, reach out and grasp the potential that is digital inclusion.”
Jono Bredin how technology can improve the lifes of peoples with a disability
The National Year of Digital Inclusion 2016 - Go Digi Awards
Maldon locals share how they received help to be digitally literate. This is not dissimilar to how our one on one training is accomplished at CPNB
Go Digi working for digital inclusion in Maldon
ASCCA Training Programs - Designed for mature aged people
ASCCA located at 280 Pitt Street, Sydney, conducts a comprehensive number of training courses throughout the year. Our club members are offered course discounts
. ASCCA courses for February, March and April 2017 will be released early February. Many of the old favourites will be included. Please note the reply address for bookings has changed to: training@ascca.org.au
Please take a look and make your booking when available early February 2017.
Botanical works painted by Clare Benson
interviewed by Judy Elias
Before retiring I taught Visual Arts to high school students. By chance I joined a friend of mine (also an art teacher) in a botanic art class at Roseville. Some of the students in that class set up the Botanic Art Society of Australia and for a few years I was involved with that. My work is exhibited at Botanica in the Botanic Gardens and I generally enjoy this rewarding hobby.

From left to right: Macadamia, Singapore Orchid, Lily
Meander from Manly to Palm Beach : The Newport Hotel and Wharf
the third in a series, from Nan Bosler 
Once safely aboard the paddle steamer the larrikins vowed to return the next week to get their revenge. However, a week later the weather was very rough and a southerly blew up making for a rough passage. By the time the vessel arrived at Newport most of the louts were quite sea sick. The few who ventured ashore were no match for the waiting defenders of Newport and the gangs were not seen again and family picnics became the order of the day again.
30 Most Popular Text Terms
shared by Dave Simons, Trainer
BRB = Be Right Back, B4N = Bye For Now, L8R = Later, LOL = Laughing Out Loud, TTYL = Talk To You Later, 2 = To or Too, 4 = For, B4 – Before, Y = Why, R = Are, UR = You Are or Your, G2G = Got To Go, K = Ok
Domestic MAGIC!
shared by Ron Smith, Trainer
Please click on image below to download the video

Comments made in 1955
shared by Ron Smith, Trainer
This is the fourth in a series of comments that will be shown each month. Thank you to Ron for the collection.
If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store.
When will you be connected to the NBN?
Check out your address to find out when. The National Broadband Network promised that we'd have a searchable rollout map, a way we can check when we can connect, available by the end of 2016. With a little over a week to spare, it's actually up and running - unless you're in a Hybrid Fibre Co-Axial area. HFC areas are due to be added sometime in the new year.
The cheapest unlimited NBN plans in each Australian city.
The following NBN plans are for metro areas in each Australian state and territory. The results below are for non-bundled, unlimited data plans on a 12-month contract. Bear in mind that you'll need to pay a separate line rental if you require a home phone number.
Netgear Orbi tri-band Wi-Fi 
Orbi is the world’s first tri-band mesh home wi-fi system that creates a network that can cover up to 370 square metres. The Orbi router is connected to the existing router provided by our ISP (internet service provider) The Netgear Orbi system is priced at $749 which includes the Orbi router and the Orbi Satellite. Netgear Orbi’s plug and play simplicity along with the attractive design and superior coverage and speed will make the system an irresistible choice for those looking to beef up the speed and range of their home’s wi-fi network.
Introducing the Orbi Tri-Band WiFi System from NETGEAR
True wireless networks
How it works.
This card computer will control everything you own 
It can be dropped in a pocket or forgotten in your backpack with ease. And as far as Intel and many of its partners are concerned, the Compute Card is the future of computing.
This Card Computer Will Control Everything You Own
Smart glasses apps
“We think long term that smart glasses will be the next platform. The devices we’re bringing out at CES are purpose driven. If I want to be in an airplane and do work or watch a video or movie, if i’m commuting, I want these glasses to be purposeful, very much like  you would use a laptop or tablet or phone today.”
5 things you need to know in Australian tech today
As we all limp along the first week of the year, check out these five must-read tech stories: Centrelink, Foxtel, Telstra, Samsung, BMW and Intel handed out vomit bags!
A look back at connected health in 2016
It’s foreseable to envision a future where people can 3D print their own tablets at home through their home 3D printer. 2016 has been a momentous year for health tech, across a range of fields, let’s take a look:
Are you the go-to for tech support with iOS and macOS?
See what they’re seeing and also have remote control access.
How to detect and prevent Botnet malware infections
How do I protect myself from becoming part of a botnet? And how can I tell if I’m already part of one?
Lego's new boost blocks
The kit includes a battery-powered core system that powers multiple motors as well as a colour and motion sensor.
The 'internet of things' is going to invade your home, whether you want it to or not
Manufacturers are going to put chips in absolutely everything.
How to find a lost Android or Apple Phone
Be aware that these methods all require you to have your location services turned on. Your phone will also need to be connected to the internet.
Safely delete private data forever
When you hit delete on a file, in most cases, those 1s and 0s aren't actually erased. The operating system just marks the space they're taking up as free for new stuff, so until something new shows up, that data can often be recovered.
Manually update to the latest version of Google Chrome.
If you leave Google Chrome open for days or even weeks with 50 tabs open, we miss the updates.
Move contacts from iOS to Android and Android to iOS
How to export your iOS contacts and migrate them to an Android phone. And for those who change their mind again and want to go back to iOS, we’ll show you how to migrate contacts from an Android device to an iOS device, too.
Amazon Echo Dot - 24 second video!
This 24-second video with an adorable kid and an Amazon Echo Dot escalates quickly. As more and more people buy into the Echo family, they’re also learning the nuances of owning these types of devices — specifically, that they can’t always understand you, and don’t always do exactly what you want them to do.
Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (ORIGINAL)
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is looking more stable than gold
What is Bitcoin? (v2)
Mac Photo projects: books, cards, and calendars.
You can make amazing looking photo books, calendars and cards from your Mac right from the application “Photos.” In this tutorial we’ll walk you through how to make each of these and show you a few tips and tricks along the way
Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards
Find and remove duplicate photos on your Mac
Duplicate photos can be a pain in the butt! There are so many pieces of software that claim to eliminate duplicate photos, but we had a hard time finding any that performed consistently and/or found all the photos we specifically imported twice into Photos Library.
Find And Remove Duplicate Photos On Your Mac
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