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Masterpieces by Win and Thea using Enlight!  Inspired by our last session Having Even More Fun With Your iPad, Thea Hall student and Win Nielsen trainer, experimented with the app Enlight for the iPad. Thea's image (left) is a composite of her Mum and a designer background. Win's image (right) “Reaching for the Sky” is a composite of three images achieved by placing one image over another and erasing the parts not wanted, such as rooftops, buildings etc . Win marvelled saying “It is really easy to use!!” Please click on the video arrow above to view more

Dear subscriber,
Can you believe we are already talking about enrolments and dates for second term. I thought the year had just started! This is a great opportunity, as a reminder, that we have decided that the start of our term 2 will be Wednesday 26 April 2017 the day after Anzac Day and NOT Monday 24 April as previously communicated. See you at our one-on-one's, sessions or events. Enjoy!
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The Gossip
“Rain, rain go away come again another day!” Flash flooding, roofs leaking, trees down, drains blocked, gutters overflowing, puddles, puddles everywhere. Our gardens are no longer parched they are simply "over" celebrating the rain. Guess what, we have just been informed the Wakehurst Parkway has been closed. How unusual!

ComplasNB were full to the brim with events this month with the NSW Seniors Festival 2017. We successfully delivered two events in the Luana Room at Dee Why RSL. “Savvy Seniors – Keeping up with the Grandkids” and “Travel Home and Away” which are both showcased in this newsletter.

There seems to be endless talk about the NBN in our area on the Northern Beaches. Fortunately AVPALS at Newport (our sister Computer Pals) has educated us with free presentations from two perspectives with an NBN representative and a Telstra executive. When you are no longer time poor, it is well worth a visit to one of AVPALS informative couple of hour sessions, you can always find a topic of interest. See their details in this publication.

In this newsletter you will read about many members achievements; Nan Bosler, Win Nielson, Thea Hall, Daphne Challoner, Ida Greenway, Anne Matthews, John Peachey and Allan Burrowes. We also make mention of non members who with their contribution we are able to showcase successful informative events; Michael Regan, Matt Kelson, Mona Vale Public school children and Alex Chesser.

We have a wealth of club members with skill sets undiscovered. If you or your neighbour in this club would like to share these talents, skills or achievements this newsletter is your forum. Please let us know in the first instant by contacting Judy Elias at info@compalsnb.org.au

How lucky we are to have the publication Peninsular Living in our area. Last month they produced an Education supplement lift-out and we were fortunate enough to have an article about our club, mentioning our student waiting list necessitating the need to enrol more volunteer trainers. You would not believe it, Anne Matthews our training co ordinator was flat chat interviewing the many applicants as a result of this article. At last count we now welcome eight new trainers to our club this month.

Stay dry, safe, interested and informed.

Talk soon.
Bye for now.
Kind regards,
Judy Elias - Editor in Chief
Dates for our diary

ASCCA Training Programs, 280 Pitt St, Sydney.
February to March 2017

AVPALS Courses, Newport Community Centre,
11 -13 The Boulevarde, Newport.
7 February to 4 April 2017

Term 2 will start Wed 26 April
the day after Anzac Day
NOT Monday 24 April as previously communicated

ComPalsNB Trainers Meeting
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 5 April 2017
12:15pm to 1:15pm

ComPalsNB Trainers Lunch
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 5 April 2017
1:15pm to 2:15pm

Facebook Refresher
Facilitator: Judy Elias
The Meehan Room, Dee Why RSL
Wed 3 May 2017
12:15pm to 1:45pm 
$5.00 per person
Bookings essential

ASCCA Notice Board
A list of many events and activities -
ASCCA newsletter March 2017 see page 2

Our Training Term Calendar for 2017 
Training takes place throughout the year from January to December, excluding school and public holidays. The duration of a term is typically 10 weeks.
Terms for 2017
Term 1: Mon 30 Jan - Fri 7 Apr
Term 2*: Wed 26 Apr - Fri 30 Jun
Term 3: Mon 17 Jul - Fri 22 Sep
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct - Fri 15 Dec 
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A BIG welcome to our new trainers
Anne Matthews, Training Co-ordinator

Welcome to all our new trainers this month who have an amazingly diverse range of digital skills and backgrounds. All our members are always very keen to assist our newbies. Orientation is on the job! The new trainers are Paul Robins, Judy Schey and Robert Vogler who train on a Monday. Caroline Francis, Tim White and Greg Richardson who train on a Tuesday. Together with Lilia Hutchinson and Paul Stokes who joined us last month we now have 8 new trainers comfortably settling in. All are very welcome!

ASCCA Training Programs - Designed for mature aged people
ASCCA located at 280 Pitt Street, Sydney, conducts a comprehensive number of training courses throughout the year. Our club members are offered course discounts. ASCCA courses for the next 2 months, November and December 2016 have now been released. Many of the old favourites are included. Please note the reply address for bookings has changed to: training@ascca.org.au
Please take a look and make your booking.
Kidding around!
When you think you have lost your marbles just do a search! In the Meehan room at Dee Why RSL at our usual one-on-one Wednesday afternoons, Win Nielson, trainer and Daphne Challoner, wearing her student hat (could be literally?) just could not believe their luck realising how easily and quickly all was found. Hey, it can be fun!  
Kidding around!

International Womens Day 2017 - Nan Bosler is an inspiration

Nan Bosler (top left) is working “harder than ever” in retirement - and most importantly loving every moment of it. The inspirational 82-year-old, who presides over the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association (ASCCA) she set up 20 years ago when she retired, is now in demand worldwide as a guest speaker about why technology is necessary for seniors.

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International Womens Day 2017

Savvy Seniors - Keeping up with the Grandkids in the Digital Age
 by Judy Elias, Trainer
In line with the NSW Seniors Festival 2017, Computer Pals for Seniors Northern Beaches are delighted with the success of our event which was held Wednesday 8 March in the Luana Room at Dee Why RSL, 2pm to 4:30pm. The highlight for us all were the Mona Vale Public School 11 and 12 year old school children giving us hands-on instructions on how to use our devices and apps. We thank Matt Kelson their IT teacher for his wonderful presence and we all wish we had been educated by him at school! Rumour has it that Matt's students and their parents strongly appreciate his full-on professional commitment and sincere dedication.
Our thanks also to Alex Chesser from the NSW Rural Fire Service, Terrey Hills. We feel comfortable in the knowledge that there are many useful new apps to assist us all in dangerous situations such as fire and flood.
Well, let us never forget our patron Michael Regan, Northern Beaches Councillor, who we always warmly welcome with his wonderful humour to open our events.
Afternoon tea catered by Dee Why RSL was unquestionably to standard with all our guests in agreement, particularly the school kids with their copious mouthfuls.
Lastly, our appreciation to all our guests who attended. Without notice we happily were able to accommodate another two rows of seating at the back of the room. We look forward to another successful Seniors Festival this time next year.
Keeping up with the Grandkids in the Digital Age


Why not place an order for ASCCA's new publication Let's COMMUNICATE!
Learn about the popular mobile messaging apps and social media. Instagram, Twitter, Apple Messages, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, and other aspects like emojis, hashtags, photo sharing and enhancement. Email with Windows 10 Mail.
ISBN(s): 9780648036500, 35 pages, saddle stitched, A4 booklet, $15.00 each.
Contact: Judy Elias 0418 288 005 or  judy_elias@optusnet.com.au 

Travelling Home and Away
In line with the NSW Seniors Festival 2017 our 'Travelling Home and Away' event in the Luana room at Dee Why RSL, Friday 10 March proved to be a busy, information packed, question filled session. Many of our guests were happy to stay after the allocated close time for one-on-one advice. John Peachey presented star rated travel advise while Ida Greenway's presentation prepared us for travelling “independent no frills”. Added to the mix was Allan Burrowes' two page travel tips. We thank our keen travellers and hope our information will prepare you for a happier, more comfortable, safer and enjoyable trip either locally or internationally. 
Travelling Home & Away
The Tramshed Cafe opening soon!
It is a rest day today Saturday 18 February 2017
Tramshed  February 2017  New Cafe Opening SOON!
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MARCS Institute Study computer-based experiment examining speech perception in noise - Volunteers needed
shared by John Peachey, Trainer
The study needs people to participate so that they can get some good data that will help them understand the problem and do something about it. Can you help?
If so you can contact:-
Stephanie’s phone contact is 0420 557 658
MARCS has many different research studies up and running and say that we can always participate in more than one when we come in on the day if we wish!
A senior trying to set a password
more about this
A student who obtained 0% in an exam
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Better than a TV table
  • The deluxe model has 12" of a pool noodle so it doesn't cut in to the back of your neck. Sale price this week $24.95.
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Why we must keep newspapers alive
Best Laptops of 2017 - Overall
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 7 settings new iPad owners should change right now
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 7 splendid Chrome extensions
The most widely used browser in the world already comes with a load of features. But that doesn't stop smart developers from enhancing it even further with extensions to make it more versatile, more comfortable - just easier to use. You could spend days digging through the store but I'd like to present 7 extensions you might get used to quickly.
 How to force Firefox to retain your preferred search engine
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How to Enable and Use Emoji in Windows 10 and macOS
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How to Turn Your Android Smartphone into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
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The Difference Between Open & Private Groups on Facebook
As the administrator of a Facebook group, you set the tone for how it functions by choosing from a range of privacy settings. For an open, welcoming group that strives for more members, you can set the privacy to "Open." For a more private group where you want to keep the messages secret, you can set privacy to "Closed" or "Secret." The level you choose depends on the needs of the group.
What Is a Good Alternative to a Facebook Group?
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Touch ID a Fingerprint Login
I can create a long, complex password for 1Password – more complex than I've ever made before – because most of the time, I'll be using my fingerprint to log in instead. I love using Apple Pay on the web now. Sometimes, I even buy stuff from websites that support Apple Pay just because I can use Touch ID on my Mac to confirm. There is something special and elite about the process.
The ISPs called "BULLSHIT." Quite literally. NBN overhauls ISP pricing: Here's why it matters for speeds.
Last week, the CEO of NBN Bill Morrow weighed in, raising the ire of ISPs all over again. "We have roughly a million and a half homes that can have the technology to give a gigabit-per-second service capability today. We have a product that we can offer the retailers should they want to sell it," Morrow said on a company results call. "But they have chosen not to offer that to the consumers... I will presume it's because there isn't that big of a demand out there."
The ISPs called "bullshit." Quite literally. Newcomer to the Australian ISP scene MyRepublic issued the expletive against NBN, saying that while the wholesale product might be there to offer Australians crazy-fast gigabit speeds, it would be prohibitively expensive to buy off NBN.
Bigger display and more battery for next iPhone
Rumour has it that Apple is going to announce three new devices - two new versions of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, and a new high-end device that could cost more than $1,000. And it looks like the rumours around the display are for this mysterious “iPhone Pro” model.
Access Skype from virtually anywhere with the web version
When you think about doing a video call, Skype is usually the “go to” app users think of. But what if you use a different client and don’t want to create an account or install the app just for an occasional Skype call? The answer is you can just need a web browser.
iMessages Explained
What is the difference between an iMessage and a text message? Let's face it...iMessages is confusing as Hell! In this tutorial video, tech expert David A. Cox will explain all the common questions people have about iMessages so that you know when you're sending a text message vs. when it's an iMessage
iMessages Explained
Clean and Protect Your Mac
Want to clean and protect your Mac? We've got you covered. This class will cover several tricks to help clear out and make space on your Mac and also the only piece of software we recommend for keeping your Mac safe. 
Clean and Protect Your Mac
ASCCA March Newsletter 2017

Articles include:
  • ASCCA Notice Board
  • ASCCA Working for Seniors - Thanks David Num
  • Microsoft Seniors Week Workshops
  • ASCCA Let's Communicate Forum, Full Program
  • What else is on for NSW Seniors Festival
  • more about this
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